Milk cocktail with ice cream from the USSR times

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Milk cocktail with ice cream from the USSR times


Per serving with a yield of 200 ml:
Ice milk (max 2.5%) 100 g
Syrup (chocolate, coffee, berry) 25 g
Creamy or dairy ice cream 25 g

Cooking method

  • According to the 1982 recipe, the products must be put into the container in the following order: milk, syrup, ice cream last.
  • Milk cocktail with ice cream from the USSR times
  • The milk must first be cooled in the freezer for 1.5-2 hours, until some of the milk turns into ice.
  • Ice cream should be of good quality, free of palm oil and other fat substitutes. The better it is, the thicker and more stable the foam will be.
  • Beat the cocktail for 1 minute. But! Speed ​​is very important. The best cocktail is obtained by whipping with a mixer (blender) with a rotation speed of 13,000 rpm. (According to the same 1982 recipe). In modern realities, blenders with a speed of 10,000 rpm are suitable.
  • Pour the finished cocktail into a glass immediately and drink through a straw.
  • Milk cocktail with ice cream of the USSR times
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

1 serving


I made a cocktail in a Vitek blender-soup maker. Beaten at maximum speed for 2 minutes. The power of this blender is a little lacking, the volume does not increase much. But it still comes out with a delicious milkshake. I only reduce the syrup (caramel in the photo) by half, that is, I pour 4 servings not 100 grams, but only 50 grams, for it is cloyingly sweet. Therefore, I recommend adjusting it to your taste.

Ksyusha! You are on time as always! We are hot and stuffy. Right on time with a cocktail!
lana light
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @, Ksyusha, thanks for reminding me!
We now have a recipe for the weather - the second day in a row in the shade of 30 * C! I have already muddied okroshka, tomorrow there will be a cocktail!

By the way, information on the fat content of milk is very important! And then I somehow decided to make a cocktail on homemade fatty milk! I whipped butter instead of a cocktail!
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Elena, Sveta, Thank you! I hope the recipe will help to feel nostalgic.

Quote: aprelinka
We're hot and stuffy
Quote: Lana's Light
second day in a row during the day in the shade 30 * C!
Wow, how cool. Today we had our first hot day, it was already + 25 ° С. How long!? ..

Quote: Lana's Light
information on the fat content of milk is important!
Yes, it is important. The maximum permissible fat content is 2.5% according to the 1982 recipe (year of my birth).
That's how I asked for the recipe in time, and there is no need to search, it's already here!
Ksyushik, thank you, she took it before the summer!
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Ksyushik, use it for health.
Quote: aprelinka
We are hot and stuffy.
and we are cold
but the recipe is in the bins))))))))
Plushie, thanks dear. boom to try!
Yuliya K
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @, Ksyusha, thanks, I'm taking it to your bookmarks! It will definitely come in handy!
Everything is covered with snow again, but the recipe will still come in handy ... in July. Thank you,Ksyusha.
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Irishkina, it will get warmer for you too. Actually, it's strange that it's not warmer yet. I hope the recipe comes in handy.

Yulia, thank you for your interest .

Ilmira, the main thing is that July does not pass by. We have ... .. worse than April ...
Quote: Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
We have ... .. worse than April ...
We are more stable in this regard, the summer in July will be ANYWAYS 2 weeks
Already burst into tears of nostalgia. Mast, you know, hev! I'm taking it into the bookmarks, summer may come.
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Dina, yes, yes, unexpectedly summer is coming with us, we must always be ready.
Yuliya K
Quote: Deana
Already wept from nostalgia.Mast, you know, hev!

Exactly! One of my favorite treats since childhood!
Oh, girls, how sentimental we are ... remembered a cocktail and ... in tears. Ksyushk @ -Plushk @, so she took all of us with one glass to tears
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Quote: Ilmirushka
took all of us with one glass to tears
And a woman always does when she drinks: either in tears, or call her ex.
Quote: Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
or cry, or call your ex
there is a third option: they saw me yesterday in this blanket in a restaurant and in two nightclubs
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Ilmira, could be so .
Quote: Yuliya K
One of my favorite treats since childhood!
And then! I never went past the store where this cocktail was made without going in and buying. And now at home, in comfort ... beauty!
Oh, Ksyushenka, she brought me nostalgia too!
Only here this milkshake appeared much earlier, and with exactly the same GOST recipe.
I immediately remembered my school years, and I graduated from school in 1972, as we all ran across the road to the Grocery store instead of the school cafeteria at the big break for a glass of lemonade and a bun for 14 kopecks. Usually they took one bun for two, it was very expensive for us whole, and even huge. But what a fragrant, aromatic and sweet taste, I have never tasted this taste anywhere else.
And then a cafeteria opens next to the grocery store, where there are magic machines that make an airy, delicious drink called Milkshake for just 18 kopecks.
And here the dilemma was where to run, or to the deli for citrus and a bun, or to the cafeteria for a cocktail.
Many could not afford both, because usually, and this is at best, my mother gave 20 kopecks for lunch in the canteen. And then this is already in the senior classes, the younger ones did not always receive a heel a day.
So they got out as best they could, usually they dined with citrus for a day, and the next day they ran to a cafe.
Quote: Ilmirushka
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @, here she took all of us with one glass to tears

We, girls, never have the question "who will go after the Klinsky", we have one bottle for all - how!
Xenia, thank you! How I love this cocktail!
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Nelya, recipe, I'm sure even older than 1972. I just came across a Collection of recipes for dishes and culinary products for public catering enterprises, 1982 edition.
Thank you for taking your time. Still, it's nice. Although you had a lot of things on the mainland, I did not see or rarely saw when they flew to Crimea in the summer.

Tatyana, no, you can't get through us with Klin. Give us a cocktail or some smoothie.

Nina, the secrets are all revealed. Enjoy!
Ksyushik, thanks for such a tasty treat! The house is full of syrups, it remains to buy milk and ice cream
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
Natusya, and on health! We are not sorry.

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