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Almost Brazilian meat (DeLonghi FH1394 multi-oven - cousin)

Almost Brazilian meat (DeLonghi FH1394 multi-oven - cousin)

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Almost Brazilian meat (DeLonghi FH1394 multi-oven - cousin)


Roe deer meat
Water 500-800ml
Salt 2-3 st. l.
Herbs spices (rosemary, marjoram, pepper) 1 sec. l.
Can dry white wine 100-200 ml
I used lemon juice 2 tbsp. l.
Cooking salt 500-1000g

Cooking method

  • I found the recipe for this meat on the Internet and, unfortunately, the author is not listed there.
  • The husband said that the meat is very juicy and tasty.
  • We need a good piece of pulp, preferably 1-1.5 kg
  • Pre-marinate the meat in salt brine for at least 3 days.
  • Then we wrap the meat in parchment paper and fill it with salt so that the meat in the parchment is completely covered with salt. I cooked in Kuzinka for 1 hour, in the oven you can also cook the same meat.
  • I had to cover the entire form on top of the salt with parchment paper, because the fan is working in Kuzinka and all the salt just flew over the bowl.
  • I recommend to everyone. I also tried to cook beef, it turned out the same very well!

Time for preparing:

1 hour and marinating for 3 days


I want a kosol !! Such!

And to her a leather jacket !!

Happy coming you, Tanyushenka! Happiness and peace, cool devices and health!
Olga, thank you very much !!!!
Health, happiness and PEACE are the most important thing for you and all your family !!!!
And myasko looks gorgeous!
Ty ... I am dancing, roe deer are not. Can I replace pork? I wanted to write about the chicken, so you can't eat chicken in the year of the chicken. Eliminated.
In general, great!
I'll try the thread with something.
Thank you, Tanyusik!
Ritus, veal or beef is better. I want to try horse meat.
Holiday greetings!!!!!
Tanyulya, Tan, the horse meat is cool! Only I am always worried that I ate bunnies ... But yes, delicious meat, and the steaks from it are super great! Especially if you then shift when serving with sprigs of myrtle!
I ordered horse meat flesh for our Bashkirs, maybe they will bring it. Most of us Muslims eat horse meat.
Well, I won't tell mine, they were bunks ... although of course I'm sorry for everyone.
Tatyana, didn't cook horse meat? I have a tenderloin, I think what to cook

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