Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy Sauce

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Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy Sauce


wild pigeon (pigeon) 1 PC.
lard for wrapping 50-100 gr.
vegetable oil 30 g
stew vegetables (carrots, parsley roots) 100 g
bulb onions 1 pc small
wheat flour 1-2 tsp
fresh mushrooms 50 gr.
egg 1 PC.
dry bun 30 gr.
salt pepper taste
Red wine 30 ml.
currant jam 1 tbsp. spoon without top
butter 10 gr.
parsley taste
sugar pinch

Cooking method

  • I also decided to indulge in participation in the competition. Yes, all hands do not reach. But now I begin.
  • I omit the step with hunting game, because they will be accused of promoting cruelty. But we got it all the same. In general, the opening of hunting for poultry was very successful with us and I hope to put up several recipes with game in the near future. Let's get started.
  • 1.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy Sauce We cook everything for minced meat. Let's get mushrooms. Riroy Archibaldovich and I picked some excellent boletus mushrooms in the morning
  • 2.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy Saucemy mushrooms, clean, cut into pieces
  • 3.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SaucePeel and cut onions into cubes
  • 4.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy Saucefry the onion with mushrooms in half the oil
  • 5.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceWe clean the pigeon carcass of all unnecessary things, remove the giblets separately, they will be useful to us for minced meat.
  • 6.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceGrind the giblet with a knife
  • 7.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceCombine softened butter with yolk and grind until smooth
  • 8.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceSoak the bun
  • 9.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceChop parsley
  • 10.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceMix together mushrooms, giblets, soaked, squeezed and pounded roll, greens, yolk with butter, add the whipped protein last. Salt and pepper.
  • 11.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceWe stuff the minced meat into the prepared carcass. If he didn't fit all the way, it doesn't matter. From the rest, you can roll small meatballs and then stew with a dove
  • 12.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceCut the layer into long strips and wrap our dove tightly. This is done to make the dry game meat more juicy and tender. To prevent the fat from creeping away, fix it with culinary thread.
  • 13.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceLightly fry the carcass in the remaining vegetable oil.
  • 14.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy Sauce We take out the dove. At the bottom of the pan (the same one where the pigeon was fried), put chopped vegetables, parsley and hoist the pigeon on top. Salt, pepper. Pour a couple of tablespoons of water and start stewing. I stewed in a slow cooker. In the process of extinguishing, we water the pigeon with the secreted juice, if necessary, add the evaporated water. Simmer until soft. And the softness depends on the age of this comrade and on gender. I had Samets and was not young. Therefore it was stewed for a long time
  • 15.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SaucePrepare jam, wine, sugar for the sauce
  • 16.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceWe take out the dove, free it from fat and thread. Add flour, wine, jam to the mass in which the pigeon was stewed. Stir thoroughly and adjust the sweetness, acidity, pepperiness to taste. Let it boil and rub through a sieve.
  • 17.Stuffed Wild Pigeon with Spicy SauceWe garnish this dove with boiled rice, generously pour over the sauce and voila!

The dish is designed for

2 servings

Time for preparing:

depends on the pigeon

Cooking program:

plate, hands, mv


Sweet and sour sauce goes well with meat. Try it. and naturally, no one bothers to replace a wild pigeon with a domestic one. But it will be a completely different pigeon.

Elena, thanks, I read the recipe like fiction. Very interesting. Good luck in the competition!
Thank you Galya!
tuskarora, Flax, but in general, how does the meat of a pigeon taste? Thanks for the recipe !!!!
Well .... like a dove. Wild. It is darker than that of a domestic one in color (this applies to all game, since the blood is more saturated with oxygen). Drier than home (that's why fat is wrapped or stuffed). But the taste is richer, alive or something. It also depends on what the pigeon fed on.If a pigeon or a turtledove feeds on a sunflower, then when boiling it, the broth will have a slight taste-smell of good sunflower oil. This particular pigeon was feeding on a wheat field, judging by the content of the goiter, therefore, such a companion is just tasty, rich. Well, in general, you need to try. You can't explain it that way.
Quote: olgea

but in general, how does the meat of a pigeon taste?
Like a sparrow. IMHO.
Titetz! This is the recipe!
Elena, and where is the very first point? Well, like: 1. Catching a pigeon ........... And videos, instead of photos, - a sensation!
Quote: DonnaRosa

Like a sparrow. IMHO.
Sparrows have never been hunted. Sorry, I can't compare.

Arka, I was afraid of it. I once put such a photo with a hare, and people felt sorry for him. Well, if you ask, I will clean it up for a second.
Cleaned up.
Well, just the goddess Diana!
tuskarora, in, and I think, why is it you have such a ... with a bow and arrow? And you are not only a culinary specialist, but also a hunter-hunter!
And what kind of dog do you have, also a hunter?
SvetaI, Yep, English setter. Ri-Roy Archibaldovich. For 9 years now, my faithful companion and assistant in the hunt. And this avka is because of the childish hobby for Indian studies, in fact, the nickname from there.

Arka, yes, that ischo is a goddess. Well Dian should be folded so that I can go out alone? The bandolier does not fit.
You know?! Diana was not a fragile girl either! How would she carry game on herself, eh? So there is nothing to slander yourself! She took it and jumped into the tunic quickly! What are you arguing about?
Aaaaa, flirting
Yeah, I'm like that ...

And in a tunic, and then in a swamp or in a field ............ well, I don’t know, I don’t know ......... I’m better in camouflage and boots.
: girl-swoon: it remains to get a pigeon !!!
Here are all the recipes - masterpieces! But this is something! I wish you victory!

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