Ala Dolmio sauce

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Ala Dolmio sauce


Tomatoes 8 kg
Bulb onions 1 kg
Vegetable oil 200 g
Garlic Fry 1 head \ 2 three
Brown sugar 200 g
Salt 2st. spoons
Grape vinegar 200 g
Basil 1 large bunch
Parsley 1 large bunch
Tomato paste 450gr

Cooking method

  • Ala Dolmio sauce
  • If you love Dolmio as I do, then this is for you. I bought this sauce in packages. But now the price for it, to put it mildly, is a bit biting. Have tried several recipes. Dismantled all the components on the bank. After experimenting, I found a recipe - the taste and color of this favorite sauce.
  • Go. We take cream tomatoes. Since the price is good, and the tomatoes themselves are not bad. We choose large ones, and we pass small ones through a blender. Pour large ones with boiling water and let stand for 2 minutes
  • Ala Dolmio sauce
  • peel off
  • Ala Dolmio sauce
  • and cut into small cubes.
  • Ala Dolmio sauce
  • We spread the tomatoes passed through a blender and the chopped tomatoes in a saucepan. Cook for 1 hour over low heat, stirring constantly. Meanwhile, three onions on a burner grater or setting into small cubes. Fry until golden brown. One head of garlic, also fry.
  • Ala Dolmio sauce
  • Then, after 1 hour, add a jar of paste to the tomatoes
  • Ala Dolmio sauce,
  • fried garlic and onion, salt, sugar and cook, stirring for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes add vinegar, finely chopped herbs, chopped garlic, hot pepper if desired.
  • Cook for 25 minutes and place in jars.
  • Roll up, turn over and wrap up.

The dish is designed for

12 cans of 500 gr

Time for preparing:

4 hours, with preparation.

Cooking program:

cooking, frying


The sauce turned out - you will lick your fingers. If you add fried mushrooms, you get Dolmio with mushrooms
The sauce contains Italian herbs, you can add as you wish. But they don't like me, so I added only dill

Fofochka, I wrote the recipe very appetizing, but I don't know such a sauce, I feel that it is delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
Gaby, Vika is such a sauce. Very tasty
Ala Dolmio sauce
LenaI really liked the sauce in terms of composition and appearance. : rose: Is brown sugar important in this recipe, or can you replace it with regular sugar?
While I'm taking away to bookmarks.
Quote: francevna
Is brown sugar important in this recipe, or can you substitute regular sugar?

francevna, Alla, I did both with this and with such sugar. I liked brown better. It's just less sweet and has some kind of caramel flavor. Try with white. But reduce the dose a little. Try it anyway. And I'll tell you straight away about the vinegar. If there is no grape, use apple cider. But just don't use the usual one. Taste changes a lot
Here is wine vinegar, I bought it and did not know where to attach it.
Fofochka, Lena, thanks for the recipe, I'll bookmark it for now. I will try to find time to make the sauce, they are in great demand with us. All components are there, except for time. Where can I get it so that everything - everything is in time?
Fofochka, Lena, thanks for the recipe for my favorite sauce!
Quote: Fofochka
Put the tomato puree and chopped tomatoes in a saucepan.
Helen, but at this stage, tomato puree. is it tomatoes passed through a blender or real tomato puree? Since you have added tomato puree there further according to the recipe
Quote: Fofochka
Then, after 1 hour, add a jar of paste to the tomatoes
I liked the recipe I want to try to make it tomorrow
Quote: Mila1
these are tomatoes passed through a blender
Yes. These are tomatoes passed through a blender.
I still closed today. But I don't have any mushrooms yet.So I added mushroom powder. The taste is amazing. I can imagine if mushrooms will come across in the sauce along with tomatoes.

Added on Monday 29 Aug 2016 10:22 PM

Masinen, Masha, I adore him. Especially in pasta.
Fofochka, Helen, thank you! And another question arose ... and from 8 kg of tomato, how much should you cut and how much to blender?
Mila1The meaning of this sauce is tomato slices. If you like it thicker, then cut it in half. I had different tomatoes. I chose the large ones. I probably cut 25-30 pieces.
Fofochka, Helen, OK ... got it
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Lena, with a medal to you!
Fofochka, with a medal
Fofochka, Lenochka, with your well-deserved medal
Chef and all bakers - thank you very much. This medal is very dear to me. I even shed a tear.
Fofochka, I want to clarify again!
In the middle, to the tomato slices, put tomato puree of fresh tomatoes, but at the end we add real tomato paste from a store jar, right?

Added Wednesday 31 Aug 2016 12:49 PM

Fofochka with VICTORY !!! 😃
Quote: Kokoschka
Fofochka, I want to clarify again!
Kokoschka, Yes, right. SKIPPED AND CUT TOMATOES. Finally, tomato paste.
I will definitely do it! I also love Dolmio very much. But tomatoes are not my cream, but I think it's not very important, right?
Gata, Yes, that's right. Tomatoes should be ground only. And what sort is not important.
Fofochka, I made a sauce today, delicious,: girl_love: and the tomato slices come in handy!
In general, it is super suitable for spaghetti!
Kokoschka, To your health. I just love the spaghetti.
Fofochka, Lena, With a medal!
Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
Fofochka, Lena, congratulations on the medal !!!
Fofochka, Lena, congratulations on the recipe award!
Fofochka, Lenochka with Victory and Myadalka !!!!

Thank you very much.
Wild cat
Mmmm ... love dolmio. Yesterday I came to the store, I wanted to take it, but my toad knocked on my hands. So now I will do it myself.
Thank you.
I am reporting

Ala Dolmio sauce

Ala Dolmio sauce
Fofochka, Lena, thank you very much for sharing a wonderful recipe with us !! : rose: And I congratulate you on the medal - the recipe is super !! I made it! I got such a treat that my daughter and I pulled the saucepan out of each other's hands and smeared the leftovers (uhh ... That which did not fit into the jars). And the child offendedly said that I had done little. I had to open the jar. Well, we ate it. We definitely need to do more! (My daughters and I, lovers of pizza and pasta and Entoy sauce, the store, ate, it turns out! 20 jars, in which I closed the sauce). I will definitely post a photo report tomorrow.
Thanks again! This is delicious!
I report
It's better and tastier than what was in these jars before.
Ala Dolmio sauce
Kokoschka Lilywhat beautiful jars. For health.
Quote: Melalenka link = topic = 463965.0 [b
Melalenka [/ b], date = 1473103311] thank you so much for sharing a delicious recipe with us !!
... Do and have fun. It seems to me that the sauce becomes tastier when it stands.
Lenochka! And I thank you for the recipe (only without photos)! Delicious! Even my husband, who is still pretentious, said that it would be nice to do it! So what will I do! Thanks again!
Fofochka, Helen! I'm finishing up your sauce. I made one fourth, that is, from two kilograms of tomato. And now I try it out of the saucepan and think: I shouldn't have reduced the portion ..... Very tasty! This is the most delicious sauce I've made this summer! Tomorrow I'll buy mushrooms and have some more fun. Oh no wonder they gave you a medal. You are well done! Thanks for the recipe.

Added on Friday 09 Sep 2016 01:50 AM

Lena! Do you think the vinegar is mainly for flavor in this recipe? Or primarily for conservation? Before I put in the vinegar, I liked the sauce much more. So I think: can you do it for future use without vinegar? Here I do lecho without a drop of vinegar. And worth it. And very tasty. Maybe it will ride here too?
OromaIt's great to hear good reviews. Thank you for trusting and making the sauce.
Quote: Oroma
Lena! Do you think the vinegar is mainly for flavor in this recipe? Or primarily for conservation?
It seems to me that vinegar is more for preservation.You can try without it, but then pour it into small jars. To open and use immediately.
I use only apple cider vinegar or natural wine vinegar for preservation.
Fofochka, and what mushrooms are better to add? I have chanterelles and honey agarics, I turned all the mushrooms through a meat grinder on a large wire rack. Which one will work?
Quote: Sibiryachka38
what mushrooms are better to add?
also interested in how to fry them or add them fresh?
natushka, Natasha! I would fry first, you can immediately with onions. I haven't bought the mushrooms myself yet and I wonder if the sauce will be worse stored with mushrooms? Not dangerous?
Fofochka, and all the above mentioned vegetable oil goes to frying onions? I didn't find it anymore in the recipe when it was added, I already started doing it. Dolmio from the store never tried it, but she decided to do it, I liked the recipe.
Aunt Asya
Fofochka, Lena,Thank you very much for the recipe. I will do tomorrow. can you specify which basil? green or purple. and on mushrooms .. which mushrooms are better or?
Girls, I did it yesterday, delicious. At first, when I added basil and grape vinegar, I didn’t really like the smell, well, I don’t like the smell of anise and I didn’t like the grape vinegar, but then everything softened and now it’s delicious. I will do more. I also looked at the composition of the Bolognese in the store, there are carrots - is it worth trying to make with it or not, what do you think?
natushka, did you do it with or without mushrooms? if with mushrooms, how?
Sibiryachka38, No, I didn't. At first I tried everything according to the recipe, and the mushrooms are very expensive.
Fofochka, Lena, I came with a photo report and with gratitude for the sauce recipe. Thank you so much! The sauce turned out to be very tasty!
Here are my jars:
Ala Dolmio sauce

the last two cans are darker because I added dried mushrooms, ground in a coffee grinder.
If they start behaving treacherously, we will quickly reveal them.
I did not add vinegar, but sterilized the jars.
We bought tomatoes again, I will do the second batch!
Hello, I really want to make this sauce. All ingredients are present, except for wine vinegar. There is only balsamic. Will it spoil the taste of the sauce? Thank you .
Fofochka, thanks for the recipe. Very tasty sauce turned out. I put more basil, I liked dolmio at one time, with basil (in the title)
Fofochka I poured another 8 liters, now glad that we have a very tasty sauce for the winter. And I cooked a tomato from 12 kg.
Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!
My dear, I beg your pardon, dropped a little from the topic. I am very glad that you liked the recipe. I also made 50 liters of sauce. Made with different additives. I liked the classic one with parsley the most. I did it with carrots. Less sugar needs to be added. Instead of grape vinegar, I tried adding apple cider vinegar. Delicious too. If there are no mushrooms, then when you open the jar, add the Maggi-mushroom cube. I did this when I wanted mushroom flavor. And so I add the powder, which I have been preparing since autumn. In autumn there are a lot of mushrooms. Cook, eat and have fun. God bless you.

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