Zucchini roll with curd filling

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Zucchini roll with curd filling


grated zucchini 550 grams
flour 100g
egg C1 3 pieces
cream (sour cream) 60 grams
baking powder 1 tsp
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
parsley for decoration option
cream cheese (I have homemade ricotta) 350 grams
garlic 2-3 cloves
any greens taste
salt taste

Cooking method

  • Zucchini, if old, peel, remove seeds. If the zucchini is young, then just grate it on a medium grater.
  • Season with salt, stir and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Zucchini roll with curd filling Squeeze out the juice very well.
  • Divide the eggs into whites and yolks.
  • Mix baking powder with flour.
  • Sift into zucchini.
  • Add yolks, cream or sour cream, pepper and stir.
  • Zucchini roll with curd filling Whisk the whites until soft peaks.
  • Zucchini roll with curd filling Introduce proteins into the squash mass in two or three steps.
  • Zucchini roll with curd filling Cover the baking sheet with paper. Grease the paper even if you are sure of its quality. Arrange the parsley leaves (you can skip this point.
  • Zucchini roll with curd filling Carefully so as not to dislodge the parsley, spread the dough and flatten.
  • We bake in preheated to 180aboutFrom 15-20 minutes.
  • Take it out, put it on the table and leave to cool completely.
  • Filling
  • Finely chop the greens.
  • Grate the garlic on a fine grater or pass through a press.
  • Mix with cheese.
  • Assembly
  • Grease the roll with cheese mass.
  • Roll the roll with paper, gradually removing it.
  • Put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  • Get it, cut it and enjoy)
  • Zucchini roll with curd filling

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The recipe was spied on Olgastih's Cook website. Prepared with minor modifications. Very tasty and beautiful. Recommend!
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Angela, thank you HUGE for your work !!!

As beautiful as it will not work out for you ... well, let it be, but I will still cook a roll according to your recipe !!!

And I've been baking like this for many years squash roll with cottage cheese and bacon, delicious !!!
I'm just delighted!
And the recipe, and the presentation, and photos!
Following your recipes, I can say one thing - well, your loved ones are lucky ...
Here, many in their entire life will not taste so much, how many delicious things they get!
Innochka, I hope you cook it and everything will come out even more beautiful and appetizing for you.
Quote: Krosh
I've been baking like this for many years
Also an interesting option. Need to try) Thanks for sharing.

Added Thursday, August 11, 2016 3:45 PM

Quote: L-olga
Following your recipes
Olenka, Thank you. very nice))

We are all on "you"

Tanyush @ ka
ang-kayWhat a super-duper recipe, thank you, we'll try
Maya Lebedeva
(y) class
ang-kay, otpad: girl-swoon: how can you create such a masterpiece from such simple products, bravo
Oh ... Well, actually !!! No words just!
So beautiful!!!
It's beautiful, it's beautiful, yeah, but I can imagine that this roll is also incredibly tasty !!!
Angela, thank you very much!
Wow !!! Do not take your eyes off!
Angelawhat beauty did you make Zucchini roll with curd filling I could not pass by.
I love these snacks !!!!
Angela! Well, how, how, tell me, are you making this up? Bookmarked it!
A fun option for adding a zucchini!
And what is the size of the baking sheet, at least approximately?
Girls, dear, thank you for such attention to the recipe and praise for my modest capabilities.
Quote: Kara
are you making it all up?
Ira, yes I spied. Of course I come up with it myself, but this is not the option. AND 🔗

Added Thursday 11 Aug 2016 09:02 PM

Quote: Sana
A fun option for adding a zucchini!
Well, there is too little of it here for "attachment". If the kilogram is 2. And so, as a normal dish.
Quote: Sana
baking sheet size,
Standard. From a conventional oven.
Gorgeous roll! Just awful! WOW !!! No words, bravo!
Of course, I understand that Angela has golden hands, not everyone will be able to repeat one-to-one. But LET THE PETRUSHKA DO NOT LOOK, DO NOT MOVE AND DO NOT GET DRAINED !!!! Comrades, everything! I'm going to cry over my culinary talents.
Girls, two Irochki, Thank you. You drive straight into the paint Nice, I try)
Quote: iris. ka
Irochka, Well it lies well on oiled paper. So there is no secret or miracle in this)
Quote: iris. ka
and I thought about that. Angela you are just a talent! How much our recipe bins have been replenished thanks to you! And how many thanks we receive from our loved ones when we cook according to your recipes. Thank you so much!
ang-kayWhat a clever Angela! Simple products are so beautiful and tasty!

Quote: iris. ka
This is aerobatics! I am delighted!

Tumanchik, thank you, my dear. It is very important that everything you do is useful and successful.
Tonya, Thank you. The products are simple, but the result is pleasing)
ang-kay, Angela, such a delicious roll! and is it better to grate the zucchini on a coarse or fine grater?
Lily, Thank you. I use a medium grater.

Added Saturday 13 Aug 2016 10:40 AM

Zucchini roll with curd filling Large
Zucchini roll with curd filling Average

Angela, thank you for your answer! went to create!
Lily, waiting with the result. Good luck)
nlilihow? They skimmed on a quiet and sitting belly scratching. There would be no people to report.
iris. ka, yeah, they did it, so there is no photo of the section, only a top view
Zucchini roll with curd filling
from the first try, of course not perfect, the paper was not of the best quality, although it was oiled, but it was removed with difficulty, it did not affect the taste,
very delicate, I did not add garlic, but added red fleshy pepper in small cubes to the filling - interesting bright blotches were obtained. I will repeat it unambiguously!
ang-kay, thanks for the recipe!
Lily, well, that's good that everything worked out. Great. : girl_claping: Yes, paper matters. I have very good, siliconized, but also lubricated. Moves away perfectly.
And with filling, a large field for imagination. Thank you for trusting me and bringing such a beautiful report)
Angela, now is squash season and this recipe is very appropriate! I will train with paper and with a "spread" of parsley!
ang-kay, Angela, can I have a photo of a pack of paper? I can't find normal paper anywhere! We have to tear off everything from her in the literal sense of the word.
The recipe is great and the presentation is great! I can't definitely do that, but it's worth trying to create something like that. I will definitely try!
Girls use non-stick lubricant. I buy the best-priced paper. I never look at the manufacturer. Before use, I lubricate the sheet with my hand straight and let it dry a little. Everything itself bounces off! As I remember how many papers I had before, I was looking for a good one. now I'm all good.
here is her recipe
Zucchini roll with curd fillingUniversal non-stick mold release

once a year I cook a large jar of cooking oil instead of ghee. I store it in the refrigerator. enough for a whole year. I use it for everything according to the described principle. baking biscuits is excellent. I line the form along the edges and bottom with ordinary A4 paper smeared with this grease. let it dry a little. the sheets become rough. biscuits crawl up on them and come out without difficulty.
Angela Sorry
Quote: VGorn
Angela, can I have a photo of a pack of paper? I can't find normal paper anywhere! We have to tear off everything from her in the literal sense of the word.
Victoria, we're in different countries. that's why our paper is different. now I use paper that I bought in bulk with the girls. It is of excellent quality. Ukrainian production and there are packs of 500 sheets.
Quote: Tumanchik
Girls use non-stick lubricant
Ira, thanks)
ang-kay, Angela, while bookmarked until tomorrow, today there is no time, but everything is there.
Svetochka, I hope you cook it and you like it)
Thanks for the detailed recipe and for the photo. I liked it, even just looking, and if I cook it at all, it will be a delight. : rose: Nice, tasty and healthy!
I'll take it into the bookmarks unambiguously.
Volume, I will be glad if the recipe comes in handy. Thanks for the kind words.
ABOUT! Another beautiful and simple recipe from you from zucchini. : girl_love: Perhaps I'll cook it too.
Only, probably, I'll do half with cheese, and half with meat. The husband is a meat eater.
Two in one will work.
Irina, It is also an option)
Angela, you really are a master of rolls! And not only When do you have time for everything? Clever beauty ...
Olya, Thank you. : girl_red: I don't have time.
ang-kau-Angelaand thank you so much here. The most tender roll turned out. Moved for a sweet soul. And baked on a Teflon mat - it can be removed perfectly, you don't even need to lubricate anything.
Vita, great. You need to do it yourself.
I love zucchini, and roll ... beauty, yummy
As usual, I misunderstood:
550 grams is the starting weight of the courgettes or weight
already pressed mass?
Elena, initial. Then I write what to grate and squeeze)
Thanks, now it's clearer
Thanks for the recipe! It turned out very tasty! My filling is really cheese with carrots and garlic.

Zucchini roll with curd filling Zucchini roll with curd filling

Katerina, it turned out beautiful and with such filling it is very tasty too.

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