Custard cake on a big

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Custard cake on a big


wheat flour 150g
water 150ml
sugar 1/2 tsp
pressed yeast 3g (or 1g dry)
wheat flour 100g
Hot milk 200ml
all biga and all tea leaves
water (whey, milk) 80ml
wheat flour 800-820g
egg 5 pieces
sugar 160-170g
butter 140-150g
pressed yeast 24g (or 8g dry)
vanilla sugar, cardamom, lemon zest
raisins, nuts 150-200g

Cooking method

  • This cake turns out to be tender and airy, with a special bread aroma, it is prepared quite simply, and does not require much effort from us, although it takes a lot of time for its "ripening", like any other cake recipe.
  • Prepare a bigu 24-48 hours before baking the cake. To do this, dissolve the yeast in water, mix all the ingredients until smooth and immediately refrigerate. During this time, the biga will greatly increase in volume, so you need to take the appropriate volume of the container.
  • Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a bigCustard cake on a big
  • Prepare tea leaves half an hour before kneading the dough. To do this, pour flour into hot milk with continuous stirring and leave to cool.
  • Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big
  • Dissolve the pressed yeast in 80 ml of water (I have whey). You do not need to breed dry yeast. Knead the dough, combining all the ingredients, knead until smooth. I did this in a dough mixer for 10 minutes. The dough turns out to be sticky and quite viscous, sticks to the walls and hands. Leave to come under the film in a warm place for 3 hours, knead 2 times with a spoon or oiled hands every hour. The dough goes very well.
  • Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big
  • Divide the dough into tins coated with butter and flour. Better to use silicone molds or cover with baking paper. Fill 1 / 3-1 / 4 of the height of the form. I laid it out with a spoon and leveled it with my hands dipped in water. Place in a warm place with steam or under a plastic foil and leave for 50-60 minutes. The dough will increase 3-4 times during this time.
  • Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 200 * C with steam at T = 180 * C small forms 20-25 minutes, medium 35-40 minutes, large 45-50 minutes. Allow to cool slightly in the mold under a towel and gently remove from the mold. Cool on a wire rack. Easter cakes are airy, fragrant and tender. I also used non-traditional rectangular shapes. But such cakes are convenient to cut.
  • Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big
  • Here is a cut of the air cake:
  • Custard cake on a big
  • Decorate with icing, fondant or simply sprinkle with icing sugar.

Yeah, I laid out fresh Easter cakes! I'll think for another half hour, while I knead the dough on my own, and then on William our Shakespeare yours, you look, I will swing! Something the mood has changed! But tell me, are they dry or not very good?
Linadoc, Linochka is so beautiful! It seems that the recipe is simple! I will try to bake Easter!
You can do that too!
Quote: paramed1
Are they dry or not very good?
Not dry at all, very tender. Peks, what is there to do then?

You know yourself, during this time I only did a little bit of it, washed the windows

Quote: Anatolyevna
It seems that the recipe is simple!
Exactly, Tonya.! Everything is simple and easy, and the result is pleasing.
Linadoc, Linochka, good! Minimum labor costs and lacy crumb - what else is needed for happiness?
Manka, that's what I mean! You understood me immediately
Soooo ...
Easter cakes ... with big! For me, the very name "biga" is a shock ... and here are Easter cakes ...
Now let's count ... today knead, bake on Sunday! Nah ... I'll have to put that biga tomorrow, and bake it on Monday!
I took the recipe to the bins!
Elena Kadiewa
Lin, will your bige be enough for a day? Damn, I could have told you yesterday that I should put on the big!
Can I have a little more sugar?
Flax, a day is enough for a bige, although more is better, tastier.You can increase sugar as much as you want. I did it to my taste.

Added Friday, Apr 29, 2016 12:37 PM

Borisyonok, Len, put the bigu today, it will stand quietly for a week, only it will be tastier. I have it in the refrigerator all the time, I make bread on it.
Linadoc, Linochka!
As you say!
I'll deliver it today! And I'll bake it next week!
Elena Kadiewa

Custard cake on a big
I'm carrying my report! For comparison, next to it is chocolate cake.
Lina, sooooo delicious! Thank you! Half of the big one has already been crushed, the taste is very pleased!
Quote: Linadoc
I have it in the refrigerator all the time, I make bread on it.
Gorgeous Easter cake! That's how I didn't see him! I will definitely try !!!! Linochka, how do you make bread on this Big? How much liquid and flour from the total amount to replace with a biga and put it skoko?
Quote: anavi
Linochka, how do you make bread on this Big?
I join the question
elena kadiewa, Lenus peki for joy! I am glad that everything worked out, but everything is simple there, so it cannot fail
Olga, replace 10 percent of the weight, respectively, recalculate flour, liquid and yeast. For example, bread made from 500 g of flour and 310 ml of liquid, I take 80 g of bigi (40 + 40 flour and water), 460 g of flour, 270 ml of liquid, yeast is one third less.
Linadoc, Linochka, that is, I subtract 10% of all the flour, which is the recipe, liquid and yeast, right? And how much do I put this bigi? Let's say I mix it with 300 g of flour and 300 water - and it’s always in the fridge ... I’m sorry for, perhaps, stupid and annoying questions, but I really want to clarify right away ...
Olga, but here at the dacha there is no Internet at all, it's difficult to answer. Biga stands in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, it only gets better, the best days are in 5-7. Gives aroma and airiness to bread.
I'll wait, Lina, until the Internet ... I'm not a success.
Custard cake on a big

Well, here I was honored to appear! Lina, they ate the third one yesterday ... But she anointed these two a little, whoever doesn't like it - they'll clean it off. In short, everything turned out great, and very tasty. I'll take away the rest of the Bigu to the dacha. Thank you again, your recipes are always truly recipes!
Quote: Linadoc
For example, bread made from 500 g of flour and 310 ml of liquid, I take 80 g of bigi (40 + 40 flour and water), 460 g of flour, 270 ml of liquid, yeast is one third less.
Lina, thank you very much, now everything is oh-oh-oh-chen clear! : girl-yes: It's just a little - bake, bake and bake!
Veronica, you are great, you are always ready to try a new recipe. I am glad that everyone liked it, and I had no doubts that it would turn out. Beautiful turned out
Olga, it's simple and tasty, bakes for health!
Thank you for a good recipe and a new experience for me, everything turned out deliciously and really simple.
I had a biga for rustic bread was 180g, the rest of the products according to the recipe, only half a tab, just knead and bake in a bread machine.
And the top cracked very appetizing

I will definitely repeat it with the big! A very high quality crumb with mediocre flour turned out.
Custard cake on a big
Custard cake on a big
svetlana, I'm glad that I liked everything. Peks for health.
I'll try your recipe this year. I was thinking how I could add biga to cake, it really transforms baked goods. And then I see your recipe - here it is a ready-made answer to my question! :)
I will reduce the amount of ingredients under HP and bake in it.
Alyona, so I also like it so much that after trying different ones, I return to this. But I am a complete norm, because there are many eaters
Linadoc, I've already put the first one on trial
I also have a lot of food)) this year I try 3 types of cakes: your recipe, my mother's (I've been baking it for many years) and according to Pokhlebkin. Therefore, there will be a lot of cakes))
Has baked already. Instead of raisins, I put my candied zucchini - white mint and red berry fruits. Mixed well and did not stick to anything. Therefore, I did stretch-fold instead of kneading with a spoon. Rose very high. Arranged in 5 forms of different sizes. I put it on 1/3 of the form, but still rose to the edge of the form in 45 minutes. When baking, it rose 1/3 above the molds and cracked slightly.Airy and fragrant Easter cakes came out Here, they are cooling, then I will cover with fondant.
Custard cake on a big
Custard cake on a big
Last year I baked it, this year I did it again, since the cakes according to this recipe are the only ones that everyone liked - not very sweet, not dry.
Made a full portion. I added raisins and candied fruits, there were no of our own, so I had to do with purchased ones. The dough turned out to be very "nimble", when it was lifted, it filled an 8-liter pan. After unfolding in the molds, it came up very quickly, I was afraid that it would be a "hanging". No, nothing happened.
The most attractive - well, very little time is spent on cooking. Stirred, put it in the refrigerator, took it out, threw it into the kneader, then stirred it once an hour with a spoon. In parallel, you can redo a bunch of cases. And at the exit - very tasty Easter cakes.
Linusik, thanks! You are a real friend, and your recipes (which I regularly try out) are often a lifesaver. And fast, tasty and healthy!
Linadoc, Lina, does the recipe require salt?
kneaded the dough and I think, and salt?)))
Custard cake on a big
Sorry, we could not resist ... I went very well with coffee! All expectations were met. Received a positive assessment from her husband.
Quote: Ljna

Linadoc, Lina, does the recipe require salt?
kneaded the dough and I think, and salt?)))
I put. I can always add to baked goods, if not in the recipe.
paramed1, Thank you!
I will crush, add salt
Elena Kadiewa
Teeks ....
I'm waiting for you tomorrow morningLinadoc, and you,paramed1, christen! With your Easter cakes, of course!
And with mine too, forgot?
Elena Kadiewa
Irishkin, I am always waiting for you! Even without Easter cakes! It is possible with Maria Fedorovna
Veronica, well, class, as always! Beauty and more!
Evgeniya, you can add 7-8g. But not necessarily. I am not adding.
Quote: Elena Kadiewa
christen! With your Easter cakes, of course!
Yes, we will! And with Irishkin Easter cakes

Here I am to you with my cake. I cooked, decorated my son))

Custard cake on a big

My truth is different because of the flour, I cooked from moisture-absorbing, so I couldn't stir the dough with a spoon, but I could not crush the dough.
It turned out to be real Easter bread, not a cupcake. Fibrous structure. For the sake of such a structure, I cooked according to Pokhlebkin, but both I and my family agreed that there was practically no difference in taste, but over Pokhlebkin it was necessary to arrange dances with tambourines, but not over this. So next year I will cook this cake.

For myself, I made the following comments:
1. In KhP (with a kulich for 400 g of flour, not counting bigi), 50 minutes of baking is enough. Then a damp cake is obtained.
2. If the raisins are replaced with candied fruits, then they should be put more than 2 times.

For the experiment, I tried to change the recipe, bringing it closer to Pokhlebkinsky, for which I passed one cake through the following stages.
1. Separately prepare the tea leaves and the bigu.
2. Mix bigu, tea leaves and yeast mixture, let it come up.
3. Knead a simple dough without baking. She let me come.
4. Added a mixture of eggs + sugar. Once, by laziness, I added unstirred sugar and scratched the bottom of the bucket. Now I always add sugar in a dissolved form. Gave the dough to go.
5. Added raisins. She let me come.
6. Baked in KhP.

Comparing 2 Easter cakes prepared in KhP according to the original and experimental method, I did not notice any difference.

Maybe someone can use my experiment.

In general, I am more than satisfied with the cake. I was especially pleased that you don't have to bother too much and you end up with the same Easter bread.
Alyona, excellent result! It can be seen that it came up perfectly and cracked a little. That is why I recommended filling the containers no more than a quarter. But in any case, I'm glad that the recipe came up! Pekies for health!
Linadoc, it didn't crack at me)) the roof was not even, but this is my joint, I had to shape the dough before the last proofing.
He comes up, of course, very quickly. I was afraid that I would not throw out the dough, since the Lux yeast is strong, and this nasty alcoholic aroma will remain. But no, everything is fine, everything is as it should be.
And me again.It happened to me to get sick on Easter: my throat hurts, my nose, ears are stuffed up, and general malaise. And then there is the understanding that my cake turned out not the same as the recipe intended (light and airy), but rather heavy. "I lie sick, I feel sorry for myself" (c), I comprehend my shortcomings. I decided to work on the errors. Fortunately, you don't need to shake too much over this cake
The dough did not fit as quickly as the first time. I put in 1/3 of the forms, fearing that I messed up again and they would not even rise to the top of the forms. We got up. And in the oven, how they began to grow further! It's good that I bake with steam for the first 10 minutes and the baked goods always have time to grow to the maximum and not crack the roof.
Small ones baked for 15 minutes, large half an hour. Everything was baked perfectly and kept light moisture.

This time it turned out to be light and airy. Just a delight!

Custard cake on a big
Alyona, oooooo, cool out! Glad that everything worked out as it should! Pekies for health!
Lina, thanks for the recipe!
I brought my report, I didn't have enough sugar, I made half the norm, candied zucchini + added a pack of poppy seeds. decorated with fondant on gelatin according to Masha's recipe and took out bezeshki from the bins
Custard cake on a big
Custard cake on a big
Wow , Evgeniyawhat a masterpiece! Super! Sugar is fine for us, but I hardly use it and salt. I bring up the health of the coast and healthy tastes for children. Therefore, we are even sweet. But if you are not enough, then you can always add. Pekies for health!
As usual, I used this recipe. Only biga and whole grain flour brew, the rest is 1st grade flour. Lots of raisins, candied fruits, dried apricots. Added turmeric, lemon zest, cardamom, vanilla sugar. It was a bit tough, apparently due to the heavy flour and a lot of additives. It stood for 1 hour 40-45 minutes instead of an hour. But not a single cake was torn! The glaze on gelatin froze instantly, did not have time to sprinkle, I had to cover it a second time. Delicious and aromatic.

Custard cake on a big Custard cake on a big

Custard cake on a big
Thank you very much from me and from my whole family. This year I baked Easter cakes according to your recipe. We liked it very much.
Photos, if I can, I will post them later, I will see the guests.
Happy Easter.
Linadoc, you and I have a parallel slope of 1 grade and CZ))) And for Easter cake this color does not seem to be something wrong? I even made a chocolate version last year, trying to hide the unconventional color. But I have rather just a sweet (stevioside) bun turned out, not cake - this is understandable from my ingredients. For some reason it is the grayish color that annoys me, all the time I am looking for an option how to level this moment.
Quote: Anna1957
Doesn't this color seem like something wrong for Easter cake?
An, the traditional color of the Easter cake is white-cream, because it was for it that the premium flour was kept, for a big holiday. And at other times they baked all the time from gray, whole grain flour and flour of the 1st and 2nd grade. And in our country it's the other way around - they bake all the time from premium flour and occasionally from other flour. And I just don't have it, premium flour, I don't buy it. Therefore, all of me are accustomed to the natural color of the dough, not white. And I also added turmeric to the cake, it is more yellow in real life than in the photo. They perceived everything absolutely normally, but what they perceived there, almost everyone gobbled up ate, because it is extremely aromatic and tasty!
Quote: Linadoc
And in our country it's the other way around - they bake all the time from premium flour and occasionally from other flour. And I just don't have it, premium flour, I don't buy it.
Yeah, that's right.

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