Kohlrabi "Fried Potatoes"

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Kohlrabi Fried Potatoes


Kohlrabi Kochan
Bulb 1 PC
Garlic 2 cloves
Salt Taste

Cooking method

  • Kohlrabi Fried Potatoes
  • Cut the head of cabbage into 4 parts, so it will be more convenient to clean it.
  • Peel and cut into strips 6-7 mm thick.
  • Bring the water to a boil and toss the cabbage there for 3-4 minutes. I boil in small portions. The pieces must be slightly dried.
  • Then we put 4-5 pieces in a stack and cut them into strips.
  • We heat the vegetable oil and lightly fry the onion, add the cabbage and fry until crusty like a potato, you can cut a couple of garlic cloves.
  • It can be either a side dish or an independent dish, very tasty and juicy!

The dish is designed for

For family

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:



This cabbage variety is versatile. For children, I plant varieties with small heads of cabbage, they gnaw them like apples, large heads of cabbage go to salads and hot side dishes. I am very friendly with this cabbage.
I came up with the recipe myself, it was necessary to attach half a head of cabbage))) and now this is the most frequent way of cooking kohlrabi, very quickly and delicious

Zhannptica, Jeanne, what a new interesting recipe! And if the cabbage is aged with pronounced hard veins, can you cook it this way? And sometimes you can't guess with her, you buy, but she's all like that ...
Here is a young one I love
Elena_KamchElena, I am absolutely sure that you can, just have a little bit longer to boil. I somehow decided to bypass the decoction process and began to fry right away. I didn’t like it)) it becomes absolutely "different" after 4-5 minutes in the water
Quote: Zhannptica
it becomes completely "different" after 4-5 minutes in water
Aaaa That's probably the secret! I'll remember the recipe you need!
Jeanne, an interesting option. We need to plant such a cabbage this year. I love her pancakes very much. Now I will also try this option. Thank you.
I liked Jeanne too. Thank you. ... I love it when it's useful! And what if kohlrabi is first processed on Steam? And less moisture and more value?
Angela, be sure to plant, but those varieties that are monsters !! They do not outgrow, otherwise the Babies quickly become tough))

, Irishka !!! All in your hands!! For the first time I always do everything up to a milligram according to the prescription, and then ..., that's why we are all different
Zhanna, I have never tasted such cabbage !!! from the word in general. I always ignore it in the store, but here it is!
Need to try.
kolobok123, Natasha, and we love her very much and cook very often. Recommend!!
Zhannptica, Zhanna, it’s very interesting, the children ate raw children instantly, they just nibbled on the salad, and the fried one should be tasted, probably, it turns out kind of.
Shyrshunchik, Tatyana, it turns out very similar to fried potatoes, but probably more useful))))
Quote: Zhannptica
very similar to fried potatoes, but probably more useful)
Definitely more useful! There is clearly less starch in it ...
Frying, of course, you can't go anywhere.But sometimes you want something ... fried And it's better to fry this cabbage
Quote: Zhannptica
something ... fried And it's better to fry this cabbage
really really want to))))))
Very tasty thanks for the recipe
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition

Kohlrabi Fried Potatoes

Jeanne, congratulations on the "Recipe of the week"!
A very unusual way of cooking kohlrabi, unexpected!
Worthy of praise, and to be noticed and appreciated!
I, too, have taken it into the tabs! I have been planting Kohlrabi all my garden life, I will look forward to summer!
Chef, oh, even some kind of panic started from happiness !!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!!!!

Angela, you are my inspiration !!! Thank you very much!!!!

Admin, Tatyana, with your hints I learned to exhibit and share sweets, thanks !!!!!

Rada-dms, Thank you ! I planted it too, came from the greenhouse to rest, and here it is soooooo !!!!!!!!
Zhannptica, Jeanne, with a medal!
An interesting recipe!
Antonina, Thank you!!!!!
We love kohlrabi very much (we have already planted seedlings), but we eat only raw. I love salads with apple and carrot.
And here is such an unusual dish, easy and quick to prepare. I'm taking it to bookmarks.
Zhanna, with a medal, with a well-deserved victory!
Alla, thank you very much!
I envy your weather conditions, and we are all in jackets, we have no time for seedlings ..))))
Zhannptica, Jeanne, congratulations on the well-deserved medal !!! I just saw

Kohlrabi Fried Potatoes
ElenaThank you very much))
Zhannptica, Zhanna, with an award to you !!!!
Tatyana, thank you very much)))
Zhannptica! Jeanne! Followed the link from Angelchika see how you fry kohlrabi. Very unexpected. I fry it raw. Now I'll have to try it your way.
Congratulations, though belatedly, on your medal! 🔗
Simple but delicious recipes help so much!
Irina, thanks, we really like this method. It remains a couple of weeks to wait until the new harvest, the heads of cabbage rolls are already poured))))
Zhannptica, Jeanne, imagine how much I bought kohlrabi! 100 rubles for a small swing! Come on, it would still be tender, otherwise you won't bite. I wanted to eat it raw ... And now I'll try to revive it according to your recipe. I'll write how it goes.
Elena_Kamch, Do not forget
Quote: Zhannptica
Do not forget
Ahhh ... forgot the burn!
It's good that you reminded me!
The result is delicious! We really enjoyed! But these veins ...: - Nothing takes them. In some they felt very much.But I asked my aunt about them, she is a young cabbage
But if your own and there are no veins, then this is an awesomely tasty dish!

Added on Friday 12 Aug 2016 00:59

Are you still on vacation? How's the weather?

A year has passed ... like an empty dream ...
I go to say thank you again, but a year has passed

The cabbage turns out to be valid! Even my veins don't break off much now
As much as I love her raw, but fried is also awful
You are my sun !!!! And I didn't have time to take a picture. Fried twice this year. The last time I threw mushrooms there. Test)))))
Jeanne, thanks for the recipe. I really liked it.
I cut it into cubes with a berner, boiled it for 5 minutes, threw it into colander and in a frying pan with melted butter and a bit of dry garlic. Fried in 7-10 minutes. Delicious and varied.
Svetlana, I'm touched) thanks for the tip!

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