Exotic salad

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Exotic salad


Chicken breast 1 pc (300-400 grams)
Pineapple compote 1 can.
Canned corn 1 can.
Boiled eggs 3 pcs.
Grated cheese 100g.
Minez 250 grams.

Cooking method

  • Delicious, hearty salad for chicken and pineapple lovers!
  • I cooked from what was in the refrigerator, but it turned out unexpectedly tasty!
  • So, let's begin.
  • Chicken, pineapples, cut into cubes. Grate eggs. Drain the liquid from the corn.
  • Put in layers in a suitable container, smearing with mayonnaise.
  • Chicken - corn - pineapples - eggs - cheese. Top again mayonnaise, decorate at your discretion!
  • Exotic saladExotic salad Exotic salad Exotic salad
  • Let stand in the refrigerator for a couple of hours!
  • Help yourself, bon appetit!
  • Exotic salad

The dish is designed for

Casserole 2 liters.

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:



I love the combination of chicken and pineapple and everything connected with them!

I liked the salad for its simplicity of preparation and pleasant taste!

I hope the recipe is useful to you too! I will be glad!

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Trishka, Merry Christmas and a holiday!) the salad is delicious, for dinner for future use)
Ksyusha, I confirm, the salad is very tasty, I make it like that, just add some more mushrooms!
Innushka, Inna, thank you for your attention!
Happy Holidays!
Yes, for a festive dinner, that's it!
please, Nadya, I am very glad that I like the salad, and with mushrooms it is probably even tastier!
Merry Christmas
Ksyusha Happy New Year !!!!
The salad is wonderful! I make with the addition of a couple of cloves of garlic and dice the cheese
Aprelevna, Thanks for attention !
Here's another option, boom try it!
Trishka, Ksyusha,thank you for the exotic.Exotic salad
A very tasty salad, a combination of pineapples and chicken is really a win-win I really have no decorations, because with a baby, hand-made daughter, it was necessary to quickly organize a festive dinner, and this is very difficult with little children.
Lanochka007, Svetulya, as quickly as possible, I am very glad that I liked it!
Unconditionally delicious!
For decoration, I would put olives in the salad, in a separate line. Without them, the salad is not so playful, with them bright and sparkling.
I take them to the cherished ones. Thank you!
Exotic salad
IvaNova, Irish thanks for such a warm review, I'm glad that I liked the salad!
I also cooked it here the other day, so I just mixed everything and seasoned with mayonnaise, it's delicious!

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