Sea bass in the microwave

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Sea perch in the microwave


Sea bass carcasses How many do you need)
Salt taste
Mix of 5 peppers or black pepper (ground) or your favorite spices taste

Cooking method

  • Cooking is similar to flounder (as well as any other fish)
  • It is not essential to completely thaw the fish .. I sometimes cook from frozen
  • Wash carcasses, peel off scales, cut off fins and tail, gut
  • Place in the microwave
  • Shake with salt and pepper and send to the microwave
  • Sea perch in the microwave
  • Tighten the form with a film, loosely - let the steam come out or pierce it with a toothpick, otherwise it can bomb)))
  • Sea perch in the microwave
  • If you suddenly have a micra with auto programs, then boldly choose it) I have a Panasonic, I choose the Fish program for 500 g - these are three fish
  • if there is no automation, do not worry.
  • First cook at maximum power for 7-10 minutes, then rest for a couple of minutes and add time at lower power
  • Sea perch in the microwave
  • Readiness guideline: white meat, easily separated from bone, clear juice
  • Sea perch in the microwave
  • Let the fish calm down for 5 minutes and start eating)))
  • Especially breathtaking are the tremors "in the area of ​​the bone from the fins, there is fat and special meat, delicious
  • Delicious fish for everyone))

Time for preparing:

10 + 15-20 min

Cooking program:



SEA PERCH - several species (common, beaked, red, etc.) of deep-sea oceanic fish. Length on average up to 50 cm, weight 500 g. The body is relatively high, laterally compressed, covered with small scales; gill covers with spines; dorsal fin separated by a notch; eyes are big. Coloring from pink to bright red.

The seabass lives in the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Fishing object.

The meat of sea bass is white, tender, aromatic, low-bone, of excellent taste, contains up to 18% protein, 6% fat (more fatty in Atlantic perch), rich in potassium and phosphorus salts. Liver fat contains many vitamins A and D.

Sea bass goes on sale chilled, frozen, salted, hot and cold smoked, in the form of smoked balyk. It is used to prepare meatballs, cutlets, aspic, pie filling, zrazy. To make the perch fillet juicier, it should be cooked (fried, baked, boiled) without defrosting. A rich and aromatic ear is obtained from the heads and backbones. Salted fish is soaked in cold water, changing it every 2-3 hours (all soaking lasts 10-12 hours). The soaked fish is used for boiling, frying and cooking cutlets.

katko, Katya, great recipe! I love sea bass, tomorrow I'll try to cook them like this
katko, Katerina, thanks for the recipe! Recently I cook a lot of dishes in the microwave, but I haven't tried fish yet! Very appetizing and beautiful photo! I will definitely cook it!
Katyusha fish in the microwave is the most delicious! That's for sure! Thanks for the technology!
Katerina, what a gorgeous recipe ... I cook a lot of things in the microwave, but somehow I didn't have to. I will definitely try. Thank you!
Biryusa, Tumanchik, Bul, gala10, for good health
Thank you for your attention to the recipe.
And the fish in the micro is really the most delicious)
katko, I also constantly cook a fish in a micron in my Panasonic 2 automatic modes "Steamed fish" and "Baked fish" I like baked fish more, but I never cover it in the same place for the combined mode m. waves + grill + steam, and I have a film usual not for mikra .. but in your "Fish" mode what
GuGu, Natalia, I also have Mikra Panas
In combi mode it is impossible then with film
I just have different power in it
KaterinaWhen I had my first micra Sharp and there were no automatic modes, I always cooked fish at 70% power .. Thanks for the recipe! I discovered a sea bass, I used to think that it was bony, but it turns out there is only a backbone and white juicy meat
GuGu, Natalia, I don't always cook on an automatic program
More often, even so for 5-7 minutes at maximum power and then I bring it to full readiness by 60%
And the perch is a gorgeous fish, fleshy, tender, and very juicy in the micron, I tried to steam it - not that. even on dry land ...
I am glad to have discovered such a wonderful and useful fish
I bought more perch now, I will cook in microwaves one of these days and cover it with a film, and for my micra I will choose the mode 7 minutes at 70% and 7 minutes at 50% (two fish gr. 350 each) Thank you!
Natalia, if the micra dish is acceptable with a lid, then you can cover it
I have round shapes with lids, I sometimes cooked in them, but this one is square and rectangular without, that's why I tighten it with a film
this way the fish does not dry out on top and the skin is juicy, and the fish is steamed from the inside and easily separates from the bones
Prepare for health, I'm very glad that I liked it
katko, Katyusha, thank you for the delicious fish! Yesterday I made a perch for a salad, very tasty, very juicy, the whole taste is in fish, not in broth. I will always do this now
Yarik, for good health to eaters)
Eat healthy, let it be delicious)
I'm very glad that it came
Indeed, it is the taste and juices that remain inside the meat, which is why it is both juicier and tastier
I'm glad you liked it)
katko, Katya, what do you think, but if you can cook delicious mackerel in the world?
Kokoschka, Lily, I do often, I like
katko, Katerina, Kate! and frozen fillets of other fish, so can you cook?
Mirabel, Vika, I do any fish like that, all delicious to me, both sea and river
katko, Katerina, Katyusha! Thank you!
katko, Katerina, Made mackerel, very tasty !!! THANK YOU!!!
fedorovna1, Tatyana, for good health to eaters))
Oooh glad that the fish came to taste.
Did you salt it for a day (day) in the refrigerator?
I don't remember where I spoke about this option
No, I salted and pepper the carcass, lay down a little, and in the mv.
Oh, how many wonderful discoveries the Baker's spirit is preparing for us! And where were my eyes all this time ?!
Katko, Katya, thank you very much for the recipe + the principle of cooking fish in the microwave!
Irina, torbochka, very happy for you)) let it be tasty for you) fish steamed with its juices is still one of the most delicious for me
And the sea bass, it turns out, is sooooo delicious! And not even bony at all!) And I kept thinking, why does my mushh respect him so much for beer, smoked something? And it's over there where the dog is buried ... thanks again and again for the "eye opening"!)))
Irina, that's about whom whom, but about the sea bass you can't say at all that the bony one) his meat is white)
KaterinaMany thanks for the recipe for my favorite fish! : rose: I don't fry it, I don't steam it, but I let it in a small amount of water with spices, onions, bay leaves and dill seeds. over low heat. After cooking, I do not immediately take out the fish, but let it stand in the broth and soak in spices and aromas. With boiled hot potatoes it is very tasty to me. , Kate and your recipe allows you to cook fish even tastier, and without any water and easier and easier and tastier. All the juice is stored in the fish itself, and does not go into the water like mine.
Quote: velli
tastier.All the juice is stored in the fish itself
That's what I like about fish in micra
I am very glad that my method suited you)
Quote: Katko
but about sea bass you can't say that bony)
Katerina, Duc is it I thought so about him ...: sorry: I won't be like that anymore!)
torbochka, Irina,
Katko, Katyusha, kiss-hug, fish, just had dinner. thanks again
Yarik, Yaroslavna, a kind word to the cat is pleased
that it was tasty for you and my technology was useful
Katerina, thanks for the cooking method. The fish turned out to be juicy and the taste differs from the steam, it is richer in the microwave. And very fast. I will often do
Nataliya, for health
Quote: nataliya_pl
the taste is different from steam, in the microwave it is richer
I'm trying to convey this)
Thank you for your trust and account
Katko, Katerina, thank you very much for the recipe. I liked it very much). The fish is sooo tasty. This is not the first time I have done it and now I decided to report back ... Before and After the microwave)
Sea perch in the microwave
Sea perch in the microwave
Elena, belena74, thank you for your trust
Great perch turned out
Tell me, that the taste is brighter, so self-sufficient, fishy, ​​inherent in this particular type of fish?
Quote: Katko
the taste is brighter
Katerina, I totally agree! I love perch even boiled, but here ... mmmm .... such a brightness of taste! For me, this recipe is a find, since I rarely fry the fish, I cook it more often ... I don't really like steaming ... So it happened to diversify the perch thanks to you)
Quote: belena74
I rarely fry fish,
I'm going with the next report). I did a bitter yesterday. The first time I cook it at home, but we always smoke it in the country). So, it turns out to be just as tasty in the microwave! And as extraordinary as a perch the next day. Mmmm ... Katerina, thanks again for the recipe! In the future, cook flounder in micro ...
I came across a recipe in time. I have a frozen hoku-hoki. I wanted to tire it in the old fashioned way, but I'll try it in a new way, in the microwave.
Katya, we're hooked on your way of cooking perch! Delicious! Well, now after the quarantine I will buy!
belena74, Elena, ahha, the rasp is great too

Quote: belena74
cook flounder

What kind of fish I just did not cook in this way ... Both sea and river, large, small ... take any
Cook with pleasure and enjoy it

Antonovka, Lena, kote is very very nice that he hooked you on such a thing
Oh, this is so delicious! I have never cooked fish in a micra. So simple and very juicy. Tastier than in a skillet on vegetables. Tender and juicier. I did it on a regular plate. Everything according to the recipe, sprinkled with fish spices, salt. She wrapped the plate with plastic, pierced the plastic several times with a knife. Everything worked out great. Thank you so much!
Quote: Chamomile
I did it on a regular plate.
It doesn't matter what dish to cook in here)
Quote: Chamomile
So simple and very juicy. Tastier than in a frying pan
Neither add nor subtract
It's also beneficial - we don't eat fried butter, and we don't change the taste of the fish itself

Thank you all for trusting my way

Moved by your happy messages
lettohka ttt
Katko, Katerina, thank you for the recipe, it will be interesting to try to cook a fish in the micra, there is little left to do, buy a fish)
Katko, and I cooked on vegetables without oil. just stew the vegetables a little and they give juice, and then the fish on top.
lettohka ttt, Natalia, try it by all means, I am sure that the bright taste of fish will be a discovery)
I feel sorry that you have no stock of fish

Chamomile, Olga, aa, I understood, but still it doesn't work out that way, tell me)
I tried it in a double boiler, it also seems to be cooking with steam, but no, otherwise the taste comes out
Quote: Katko
The rasp is great too

Hello! I am planning to cook a rasp. The fish are quite large. Can I cut them? Scales (like there are small ones) need to be cleaned off? Are there any other nuances?

I have microwave power steps of 900 W - 630 W - 450 W - 270 W - 90 W. I first cook at 900, then rest and then at 630? Or 450?

I would be grateful for your feedback

Katko, Katerina, really liked the cooking method. I did it clearly according to your recommendations. The fish turned out to be not just tasty, but a dump of the head.

My husband is now trying to lose weight, goes in for sports, so I want to support him, but to make it tasty. So this fish comes out very mentally.

And I'm glad - the hob is not fried from frying in a pan, there is no stench, you don't need to scrub everything around.

In general, I love you with your love for fish! thank you so much
Svetlenki, Sveta, did not see your question

Of course the fish can be cut, IMHO larger, so that the pieces are juicier in the end.
I would clean off the scales, because I eat the whole fish, but without scales, but there are all sorts of delicious fins, bones, skin - yeah, delicious)

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