Pearl barley (pearl barley with mushrooms, onions and carrots)

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Pearl barley (pearl barley with mushrooms, onions and carrots)


pearl barley 2 multi-glasses (usually a glass 160ml)
bulb onions 1 large onion or 2 medium
carrot 1 large or 2 medium
butter (better ghee)
dried porcini (or just forest) mushrooms a handful (how much will fit in your hand without fanaticism)
bay leaf, ground black pepper, allspice

Cooking method

  • The recipe is extremely simple and widespread, but, as always, I climbed somewhere on the outskirts of the forum, laid out the recipe in between times (someone asked), then someone else asked, and I was already looking until I was blue in the face, where I wrote. Then they scolded that it was necessary to publish recipes in a human way, and not in Chuchin style))). Salmon with blue cheese is also lying around somewhere and already 10 times I was looking for it for different people))). Galya told me - go and lay it out! And she showed her fist. I just remembered that she showed me her fist and came with this perlushka. For some reason I called her Perlushka as a child. Probably because in one word - it is clearly faster than pearl barley porridge with mushrooms, etc. So, pearl barley. Many do not understand my love for barley, especially my husband and father, who served in the army and overeat this "shrapnel" ton)). And I love immensely. Here with mushrooms, onions and carrots, or with liver. For some reason, I have just such a stereotype of the best use of pearl barley)).
  • Preparation:
  • 1. Cut the onions and grate the carrots on a coarse grater. Onions and carrots should be decent, otherwise some kind of dry pearl barley turns out. For 2 multicooker glasses of pearl barley, 1 really big onion and really big carrots. Or smaller, but then 2 pieces each)).
  • 2. A handful (that's just such a decent handful) of porcini mushrooms is soaked in advance. For a couple of hours for sure, or better and more. It would be nice to change the water once when soaking. Water: just to hide the mushrooms and enough.
  • 3. If the cooking will be in a saucepan or in a slow cooker on the "Rice" mode, it is necessary to soak well washed pearl barley in hot water, in advance (not boiling water, but hot water, 70 degrees). So when we soak the mushrooms, then soak the barley. You can change the water back to hot when it cools down. I am cooking on the special "Brown Rice" setting in a rice cooker. It works differently than it does for just white. He keeps rice / pearl barley in hot water for almost an hour and only then boils and cooks. It is this procedure that we reproduce by soaking in hot water. The usual rice regime is not enough for barley, it turns out to be rough.
  • 4. We do not regret butter (better - ghee), fry onions, carrots and chopped mushrooms with them. Mushrooms do not need to be cut into small pieces. Take all the soaked ones, drain the water, squeeze a little by hand (lightly) and put them on the board in a bunch. Here's how they lay down - and cut the whole pile across (after about 1 cm), as cut. Fry everything not to black foams, namely slegonets. So that a delicious fried smell goes and pleasant golden tones appear.
  • 5. Now pour the barley into the barley or, conversely, add the barley to the barley (depending on where and what will be further cooking). Pour boiling water over until the multicooker is marked for 2 cups of rice or 2 fingers above the barley level (if you just cook in a saucepan). Season with salt, season with allspice (6 peas), just pepper, bay leaf and cook until the barley is cooked. All.

The dish is designed for

4 servings

Here's how this recipe comes in handy - they began to eat barley at home ... except for my husband, who also overeat ...
Ahhh ... and I already did it.When you wrote about this yummy in your blog. Here and now I will report:
Pearl barley (pearl barley with mushrooms, onions and carrots)
This is sooooo delicious !!! Natasha, thanks for the recipe!
Oh, I almost forgot to share one secret. I already wrote about this in some of my recipes. But again, suddenly it will be useful to someone. I soak the pearl barley not in water, but in kefir (Finnish cuisine). Then it turns out to be tender. And, in my opinion, tastier than the usual way.
I also really love pearl, I love it with cheese and with crumpled ... at home I eat it alone aaaaaa
I bought a gorgeous pearl barley today. Big, so beautiful.
I will definitely do it, but only for myself .... the mush in geological parties overeat and cannot look in her direction
Scarecrow, oh pearl barley, and I love this one and I carve it like pilaf with the addition of meat, everyone loves it very much, but in the oven it is just gorgeous for two hours.
For some reason, most of my friends women adore barley, and their husbands, on the contrary.
Very appetizing mushroom pearl barley pilaf turned out. With pleasure I will cook, as by the way I saw the recipe. Thanks to the author !!!
Quote: gala10
I soak the pearl barley not in water, but in kefir (Finnish cuisine).
gala10, Galina, and by how long it needs to be soaked in kefir. Will yogurt or yogurt work?
Lelka., I soak for about an hour and a half. Then I rinse well with water. I think any sour milk will do.
Let’s go, maybe I’ll go crazy ... or tomorrow ...
Lelka., but you can soak overnight. It will not be worse.
I already soaked barley in kefir for village cabbage soup with sauerkraut, I liked it. Then she baked bread on this kefir. Delicious recipe, must be done. I never liked barley before, now I like it.

Galya, and such "flakes" from kefir do not remain in the dish? Or then rinse with water? Or am I completely dull ??)))
Irishka CH
Wow! The barley lovers club is organized!
Natasha, and if all this ugliness to portray delicious food in a pressure cooker? Well, that is, fry the onion with carrots on the Fry, then the mushrooms, then the washed pearl barley and on the Pilaf mode, for example, by pressure. Not? will it turn out wrong?
And here I am soaking mushrooms in an "accelerated" way ...
I'd like to spend everything as soon as possible, as soon as you come home from work, I want to spend as little time as possible on cooking.
Irishka CH,

Well, the "Pilaf" mode is for rice and therefore everything should be fine with barley.
Irishka CH
Oh, lured! I really want to! In the night here on the grub struck from delicious pictures. And I just imagined the taste. Even the smell ... I'll go to sleep. I'll think about it tomorrow (c)
Thanks for the recipe, Natus! Don’t dig into your topics.
Irishka CH,

Zhorevo in the night is a classic !! The night dojoor is called.))
Nata, what a wonderful name, and the photo is so delicious! And although I already overeat for today, but your pearl wanted.
If I hadn't had enough rice today, I would have suffered now, I really liked it !!!
I'll put it in your bookmarks, as I buy pearl barley, I'll do it. My roommate will definitely not eat, because of the word pearl barley cranks him, he also says that he ate all his life
But he has already eaten meat for five lives, but he continues

Quote: Scarecrow
and such "flakes" from kefir do not remain in the dish? Or then rinse with water?
Yes, Natasha, then rinse thoroughly with water. And no flakes are observed.
Even I'm dull ... how much water should I pour for half a portion?

In a cartoon or in a saucepan? Pour into a saucepan one finger above. If the water is gone, and the pearl barley still needs to be boiled, you will splash a little boiling water later.
NataThank you very much for such an easy-to-use but great recipe. It turned out sooooo tasty, although to my shame I prepared barley as a side dish for the first time in my life. But how useful it is !!! Mine appreciated, which made me very happy.

I cooked in Shteba - after frying vegetables and soaking the barley according to your recommendations, I cooked it on the "Porridge" program in 30 minutes plus 30 minutes of heating (it happened).

Scarecrow, Natalia, thanks for the recipe! And I, too, will cook at Shtebe :), since it's already rolled! (I cooked barley in a monastery in Shteba)))). Your recipe is very KSTA !!!
You never know what MUSH doesn’t like (he ate too much in the Army, BUT eats pearl barley in pickle).
But my son and I LOVE pearl barley porridge with various additives! The recipe is MOST IT !!!
Margaritayes, be sure to try it! I was so pleasantly surprised that I had prepared "grain to grain" (or "pearl barley to pearl barley"), like Nata's in the photo! I remember how my mother with pearl barley was all the time tormented and she turned out a la risotto ... and then the stove was all finished ... Probably because of this she was afraid to cook it
Scarecrow, Nata, everything is cooked and eaten. Delicious. In
Thank you
Of course, I poured the water. There was no looseness, but it did not affect the taste. I even ate mush
we also love barley))) I didn't know about kefir ... we must try. But how can I wash it afterwards? or can replace serum ... the effect, as I understand it, is the same - the effect of lactic acid.
Quote: Bulka
But how can I wash it afterwards?
Yeah, rinse.
Alyona, everything is perfectly washed. I thought that my thick homemade kefir would not be washed out. Everything was cleaned up great. Don't worry about kefir. It won't be
OlgaGera, gala10thanks girls.
Oh, how much I am not alone))). With pearl barley in an embrace))). I do not understand. what is it about her, but something about her is there. All those who have eaten - great health!
Nata, girls,

Quote: Scarecrow
I am cooking on the special "Brown Rice" setting in a rice cooker. It works differently than it does for just white. He keeps rice / pearl barley in hot water for almost an hour and only then boils and cooks. It is this procedure that we reproduce by soaking in hot water.

This is the most valuable information and advice !!! Today I cooked a mixture of brown and wild basmati rice. I NEVER did it well - neither in a thick-walled superfood fancy pan, nor in a pressure cooker. More precisely, it turned out furious (in the literal sense of the word) wild rice in brown rice porridge

I was already desperate, but here I looked through the recipes and found this advice in a pearl.

Made in Shtebochka - just super. First, an hour for 70 heating, and then the mode "Porridge" pressure 0.3 - 15 minutes.

See how great it turned out - rice to rice

Pearl barley (pearl barley with mushrooms, onions and carrots)

Nata, sorry for the slightly offtopic

Here you see! How useful it is to climb the topics on the forum!)))
There is pearl barley at home, mushrooms too, we must try your pearl barley. And then I somehow cooked it, did not impress at all, barely ate it. For some reason, from kindergarten, I hated her with every fiber of my soul, but she's so useful. Maybe through your efforts we will develop love.

Added Wednesday 14 September 2016 04:33 PM

And if from morning to evening it will be normal to soak?

Then in cold water.
Scarecrow, Nata, thanks for Kashka ~ Perlushka!)))
I don't have dried mushrooms, unfortunately I didn't even have Champignons.
So I threw a handful of dried eggplant
... And the smell! Awesome! .. Have already tasted, I do not know how it will be with mushrooms (I will do it later), but with eggplant mortality!
Pearl barley (pearl barley with mushrooms, onions and carrots)
I will join all barley lovers😊. In the morning, I cook pearl barley porridge like this: I pour cereal into a ceramic pot, pour water, a pinch of salt, put it in the oven, t = 200, the mode is heating from above and below, after an hour I take it out, add it to the butter-tasty

We count eggplants by replacing: black for black)))

Health. Even without mushrooms and eggplants, it's really delicious. As a side dish goes great.
But who does not have kitchen bells and whistles, such as multi ... or rice ..., but you want to taste porridge, how can you cook it in an ordinary casserole?
And Schaub turned out to be tasty too. Or is it only in the adaptation of the mon?
Right now I'm rummaging around, maybe I'll find ceramic pots, but how much water to pour?

The pot will come out. I do not know the proportions of water / cereal, because lila is always by sight, from experience. I also wrote in the recipe - if just in a saucepan - about two fingers above the barley level, pour boiling water immediately and cook over low heat. The technology before that is as described: soak the pearl barley, fry the onions / carrots / mushrooms, etc.

Cook like rice, they absorb and swell about the same water. There is not enough water (not boiled, and the liquid has almost boiled away) - topping up the boiling water is not a problem. The person above described the technology in the oven.
Ieehhh .. was not going to try. And then I somehow cooked it, barely ate it, or maybe threw it away. It was not possible to chew such dryness rubber.

Because soak it !!)))
Quote: Scarecrow
Cook like rice, they absorb and swell about the same water. There is not enough water (not cooked, and the liquid has almost boiled away) - topping up the boiling water is not a problem.

Can I add more? Ideally, take a thick-walled aluminum pan, as the heat will be evenly distributed (along the sides of the pan). I believe that porridges benefit from this in taste.
Girls, thanks!
In short, I did so. I took the cereal, washed it, and poured it with cold water. I put it on gas and boiled it for a few minutes. Then I washed it again with cold water (I read it this way, but I don’t know why, in short I collected all the information in a heap) and in pots. I stuffed it into the oven, as described above.
Truncated, we are waiting for what will come out.

Is there a carrot with onions and mushrooms?)))

This is done in order to wash out the starches from the very surfaces of the cereal, which give a slimy consistency to the broth and a mushy state of the cereal itself.
MLin, well yo may. And I thought Shaw was so that it would cook faster
Don't ... Natul, I'll put both the carrot and the onion later. I thought, what if it won't work.

In fact, for the extra boil time that you spent on draining, rinsing, re-bringing to a boil, etc., it would have cooked anyway. This is an additional 15 minutes of cooking))). Therefore, what is "faster" with this technology - I do not really understand))). But this washing is like washing rice with rice. so that the rice is crumbly, and not a slimy porridge.
aaaaa. well lose it is clear. )
Yes, it's a crumbly gruel.
But as for me, there is still rubber.
Or maybe pearl barley, in principle, cannot be not rubber but?
Well, a sucker in this case)))

Added Sunday March 12, 2017 3:20 PM

Natus, I am reporting.
So, I took the pearl barley out of the pot and plopped it straight into the sautéed onion + carrots. I added butter, as you wrote. Stirred a little.
Mmmmm ... what a yummy mlyn!
My husband said it was delicious!
I still went for the second portion.
Class !!!
Girls, I love you all!

From what life-giving pearl barley does with people!))) Health))

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