Good afternoon everyone! Dear formuchane, help me choose a bread maker !!! What is the difference between these models, except for the new modes in 2512, for me, by the way, not fundamental. I am planning to bake sourdough bread, rye bread, and whole grain flour. Also make dough for dumplings, pizza. And another question, can you bake Borodinsky on 2502? Indeed, in 2512 there is such a regime.
Good day to you too! I actually bought the stove myself for about a week, but since I had gone through a lot of information before, I can tell you something useful)) In the first place, the 2502 model does not exist in my opinion. If we were talking about SD 2501, then the dispenser and the ability to bake rye bread (with the attachment of the appropriate spatula), in my opinion, are available for both models. Both models do not have the "Borodinsky" mode, there is a "rye" mode. But this, as I understand it, is a matter of recipes and the availability of the necessary products - here on the forum there are recipes for both Borodino and sourdough bread. About the dough on dumplings, I asked a question here on the forum - they said good, but it is done in relatively small batches (if you need a lot, then it is done in several tabs for 20 minutes each). In general, do not be guided by the descriptions of programs in the Yandex market or store ones (there are many inaccuracies), it is better to download both instructions from off. Panasonic website 🔗 everything is clear there in terms of basic programs and basic recipes. Happy owners will probably write about metal and its features, about my own plastic (I have SD 2510) I can say that it does not smell when heated (at least outside).
Firstly, the 2502 model does not exist in my opinion.
There is, I have one. And even sold in stores. She is my fourth year, she will bake everything. Borodinsky's recipes are enough on the forum, they bake on the Rye mode. I can't say anything about 2512, but I think it's no worse. I would take 2512 if the price is not too high than 2502.
I apologize for the inaccuracy.But if we are to be absolutely accurate, that is, SD-ZB2502 and SD-2501, but no SD-2502
Lagri, the difference in price between these models in Khabarovsk is 4000 ₽, it seems not a lot, but also not a little. Again, 2512 now costs 17,000 rubles. I think it's cool for a homemade bread maker !!! So I'm trying to understand whether it's worth it)))

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VENIKA, I also apologize)))) did not write the name of the model correctly))) here from someone from the members of the forum I wrote off, here's a broken phone. And tell me why in the end you chose your 2510? What criteria did you choose? Can she bake everything too? And with sourdough, and rye, and Borodino, and whole grain flour?
To be honest, I chose my SD-2510 due to the presence of the "low-yeast bread" regime, relative indifference to Borodino and personal greed))
Initially, I also looked at the metal case of the more budgetary Midea - I was afraid that the plastic would smell strong and unpleasant when heated, affecting the quality of the bread. But the forum users reassured about the quality of plastic in Panasonic, and the bread does not come into contact with it inside - there is a coated metal bucket and a metal "inner capsule", only a plastic outer case (which reduces the risk of getting burned if you accidentally grab it during baking). I read that some people choose metal more for aesthetic reasons - so that, for example, they fit a silver refrigerator. Well, sometimes the ventilation section (I don’t know how to call the small "grate" behind the lid) turns yellow on the plastic over time (not critical, but someone does not like it visually). True, the metal also has visual drawbacks - the "pads" are more noticeable and not always easily rubbed off.
If the view is not super important, and the main thing is the quality and availability of the "rye" mode (in which Borodinsky is also baked), then personally I would not overpay for metal and would take SD-2511 or SD-2501 (check it out, but as far as I remember, they have the appropriate spatula and mode, the 11th model is distinguished by the presence of the modes "low-yeast" and "with filling").
By mode: the SD-2511 definitely has a recipe for whole grain bread, but in fact there is 80g. whole flour + 320g. wheat (maybe the way it should be, I do not know). There are no purely Borodinsky recipes among the "book" recipes, only "custard" and "bread on kvass" from a mixture of rye and wheat flour. But on the forum there are definitely Borodinsky recipes, the presence of a "comby" spatula and a "rye" mode allows you to make it, only there there are problems with the search for ingredients - red malt and something else you need to be able to do or know where to buy)) Recipes with sourdough there is no SD-2511 in the book (there is bread on yoghurt), but again there are many good recipes with sourdough, live yeast and other interesting things for Panasonic on the forum (thanks to experienced and inventive bakers).

Added Thursday, 30 March 2017 4:46 pm

P.S. For example - not Borodinsky in name, but a very similar recipe from the author under the nickname Vanya28 (I am not able to insert active links, sorry). Personally, I was scared off by the abundance of components and the complexity of the technology (due to inexperience, if I needed Borodinsky, then according to the principle - I threw everything in a bucket and wait). Perhaps there are simpler recipes - take an interest in the corresponding forum threads.
Many thanks to everyone for the advice, the choice has been made and now I am a happy owner of 2502!)))) I baked two breads, white simple on the main mode and with whole grain flour, today I made dough on dumplings. What can I say, this is an unreal car and a really great hostess assistant))) when after the dumplings dough I had an absolutely clean bucket, that's when I realized that this is a super thing and worth the money! Why is it still 2502, and not 2512. Because those new programs that have been added, little yeast bread, etc. are not interesting to me, I want to bake with sourdough. Well, there is no point in overpaying. Well, the metal case and the dispenser for nuts, etc. wanted to))) so only 2502 remains)))
Good job, AGrechka, Anastasiathat I bought 2502! Congratulations, let it serve for a long time and only please!
Good day. Tell me who has Panasonic 2512 why on program 10 (for a French bread recipe) it is impossible to set the crust color and weight?
I have 2510, but you can't choose anything in French either. I suspect that this is so that the bread does not creep out of the bucket (and so it is the highest obtained due to the longest program).
In French, in none of Panas you can change the size and crust. Features of programming. On rye, too, is not always possible. The instructions describe in some detail where possible, where not.
Lyudmila 73
Hello, we presented a Panasonic 2502 bread maker. I'm trying to find a recipe for black bread like Darnitsky. Tell me please.

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