Dried cherries

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Dried cherries


Cherry fresh 4-5 kg.
Output of finished cherries about 500-600 grams

Cooking method

  • Sort out the fresh cherries, remove the leaves, twigs, debris, rinse with water and put in a colander so that the water leaves and does not linger at the bottom of the bowl.
  • Dried cherries
  • If dry cherries in halves, then I put it on a plate and cut it in two, remove the bones.
  • Dried cherries
  • I put the processed cherries on the drier tray, and first dry them at a high temperature of 60-70 * C in order to quickly remove moisture from the berries, and begin to wither faster, and then reduce T * to 45-50 * C and dry until tender.
  • Dried cherries Dried cherries Dried cherries
  • Cooking time is about a day. Cherry halves dry faster than whole berries.
  • If dry whole cherries, then I take out the seeds from the berries (with a bone remover), put them on a pallet, and dry also first at a high temperature of 60-70 * C, in order to quickly remove moisture from the berries, and begin to wither faster, and then reduce T * to 45-50 * C and dry it until tender.
  • The cooking time is about a day, or more, depends on the juiciness of the berries, the presence of the amount of liquid-juice in them.
  • Dried cherries Dried cherries
  • The result is a very beautiful and very TASTY dried cherry - it's impossible to resist!
  • Dried cherries
  • Dried cherries


The first batch of cherries was eaten quickly “on the table”, and we had to order cherries on the market. But, in the end, from 4.5-5 kg. cherries turned out to be only 550 grams of dried cherries! But very tasty and high quality, pitted
I put the package away for storage, I will use it in small portions and separate dishes.
Bon appetit, everyone!

I dried cherries in a Oursson dehydrator, the device proved to be excellent!

Cured and dried homemade cherries Admin

Dried cherries

Oh ... and we already have no cherries ((I myself did not even think of drying it .. Thank you very much for the recipe, I take it to bookmarks
This season I dried cherries from 17 kg! And also a trailer of cherries. No sweets are needed, purely natural product!

That's for sure! The liquid has evaporated, and the sweetness is felt in the dried fruits - TASTY!
We also really liked this cherry, but how to store it? Last year, they dried it and hung it in a gauze bag in the kitchen, and a month later, white worms started up in it.

So the cherry was underdried.
It is better to store such cherries in the cold, in the cellar, refrigerator, freezer.
Cherries, cherries and similar fruits are difficult berries for drying, they have a lot of liquid-juice, and they need to be dried very strongly (as they sell on the market, some skins with seeds).
Last year I dried a lot of cherries. Dried with seeds for winter compotes, since there was no place in the freezer. I was pleased with the result. It is stored perfectly all year until spring, and maybe more if it remained))) And it takes up much less space than fresh, which is important. I just kept it in glass jars with plastic lids right in the room in a dark cabinet.
And this year, while traveling, they missed the cherry. But I dried the cherries. Halves. It turns out just a class !!!
Dried cherries Dried cherries
* Anyuta *
Quote: V-tina
Oh ... but we no longer have cherries (
And we, too ...
But then next year in the footsteps of Tanyusha it will be possible to safely follow ... If she cooked, then 100% will turn out ...
lana light
Quote: SweetSveta
But I dried the cherries. Halves. It turns out just a class !!!
SweetSveta, Sveta, thanks for the idea of ​​drying in halves!
And then there is a whole bucket of cherries, I don't know what to do with it ... I can't imagine jam, it's not cherry, it will taste nothing, I don't want to freeze compote, there is nowhere to freeze in such volumes. And how to remove the bones from it? And then I saw that it could be torn into halves and so dried.That's exactly what I will do!

Cherry jam is very tasty, it turns out not as sour as cherry, but deliciously tender.
Cooked with seeds, the principle of cooking is the same as cherries. I usually put less sugar everywhere, 800 grams per kilogram of cherries, and I roll it under the lids - it costs great
Especially delicious black cherry jam.
Quote: Lana's Light
And then there is a whole bucket of cherries, I don't know what to do with it ...
Awesomely delicious jam is made from white cherries, just add a little lemon slices.
lana light
Admin, Alim, Thank you!
Olga **
Admin, thank you very much for the recipe for drying cherries!
It is very important for me without sugar, I want to try to do it in the same way as I confidently do with plums - wither until the juice is no longer released and store in the freezer. It seems to me that cherries should go very well in this way. It remains to find the correct cherry.

Olya, to your health!
Good drying option I go to the market for cherries
Olga **
Tanya, well, I'll go to the market, in Perekrestakh-Dixie there is an obvious import. I'll go to the FS, probably I have one glamor nearby (like Danilovsky or Cheremushinsky, they sell for gold there). Lit up thanks to recipes, thanks again!
Olga **
Tanya, I'm reporting. The first "trial" batch is ready, my hands are ready too. )))) A large black cherry was bought, with a dense and very sweet pulp. In the process, I got the idea that the final taste would depend on the variety, now my hands are itching to buy another variety of cherries and always sweet cherries.
Dried-dried without syrup, until half cooked, then contained and frozen. Thank you for the idea.

Olya, to your health! And you will be happy in winter
Biggest disadvantage - ends quickly

The most delicious for me is dark, black cherries - very tasty, sweet and large
Olga **
Tanya, I remember you every day with a kind word. As a result, black large sweet cherries piled on one small box. (from the freezer, I mean).
And now I bought some cherries, found the one I needed (not watery Moldavian). The first one went. I mean, I'm doing a test batch, b / c, with a beater. It seems to me that cherries dry up faster than cherries, the flesh is denser, and I did it in halves (I can't pull the cherry in halves, I didn't get the largest one).
Quote: Olga **
I remember you with a kind word every day almost

But I can't understand why I have a halo over my head from time to time; now I will know who sends me such urges
Olya, Thanks for the kind words!

What a pleasure, to watch how your stocks are filled, they are packed in boxes in dense rows

Yes, cherries dries faster, they have dense flesh
And in cherries, you need to remove the seeds and dry them in halves, it will work out faster and there is more pulp
Olga **
Tanya, next time I will do it in halves. I hope I'll buy it again, I'll make this test semi-box already, as I started, plus I'll put the cherry on top, as much as possible, on the little things. (And what about the halo? The main thing is not to scratch, but it's even beautiful)))) Thank you for the comment on the amount of pulp, this is very important for me, because all these things go to tea, the pulp is important.

Olya, look at my cherry here. Oh be sure to pay attention by-product, a very useful thing turns out

Dried cherriesCherry
Olga **
Thank you, Tanya, I'm already running!

Tanya, great recipe, wonderful byproduct! I will definitely take into account next time (this time I want to try without sugar, this is important for me, and "on the bones" - the cherry was calibrated small from drying, and I hooked your recipe for myself, if I still get the cherry, I'll do it right away)
Admin, Tanya, can you get the same result in the oven?

Lena, I have not tried it in the oven.
It will dry for a long time. You also need to choose 60 * C and with the door ajar.
I can't say anything about profitability, the oven takes a lot.
Understandably, the dryer from the dacha, probably, I can only bring it on Thursday.And I've already bought the cherries.
Hopefully she will live.
Olga **
Seberia, Lena, where did you buy the cherries, what and at what price? Is it time to run or is there still time?
Olga **, Ol, in FS 160.
I took a whole box, for me it is very tasty, but I generally love cherries.

Dried cherries

Olga **
Yeah, got it, Len, thanks for the photo, not mine yet. )))
For 40 hours in a row on the High-mode he dried pitted cherries - all the same, it remained inside with juice.
Dried cherries
And now washing ...
Dried cherries
Dried cherries
In general, the rest was convinced that the dryer in my case is only for herbs.
Olga **
Lucumon, you have dried cherries, it's delicious.
Fold in a container and freeze, if it is sweet, then in winter see how you like it. This is the only way I do it, completely dry, not the most delicious thing.
Quote: Lucumon
And now washing ...

"Beauty requires sacrifice"

When drying juicy, soft berries, on the very first tier above the motor, I spread pallet for pastille, it is small and juice flows down onto it. If not, foil with small fields will do. Therefore, there will be less washing, and the fan will not get into
We have the same dryers, I share my experience of washing pallets: put in a slide in the sink, add dishwashing detergent, hold for about 20-30 minutes, and wash off the dirt with a regular sponge or a round dish brush - and voila

It is better to choose cherries for drying-curing with a small amount of juice, ours near Moscow, they are sweet and dry faster. Initially, it is better to put the cherry on the "back", on the peel and let it dry, so that the amount of juice in it becomes less, it wilted, and then it will flow less. And after that, you can turn the cherries over for further drying.

And yes, if not completely dry, then put it in a bag and put it in the freezer, it is perfectly stored
More hassle, but homemade dried cherries do not have a coating of petroleum jelly and other "cocoa" that you cannot wash off even with a fruit washing agent
Quote: Admin
washing pallets
These are the little things:

Dried cherries

I will try to disassemble the base in order to clean it normally.

Well, why do men find problems for themselves?

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