Adjika from red pepper

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Adjika from red pepper


Bulgarian red pepper 1.6KG
Boiled Tomatoes / Tomato Paste 250 g
Garlic 160 g
Sunflower oil 160 ml
Parsley to taste, a lot
Salt 40 g
Sugar 60 g
Bitter red pepper 1-2-3 ... pcs.
Ground red pepper taste

Cooking method

  • Grind the garlic and put in a saucepan, in which the adjika will be cooked, pour over with oil.
  • Grind the Bulgarian pepper and bitter.
  • Put the oil and garlic on the fire, after 2-3 minutes, pour the ground pepper into the pan, stir, reduce the heat and cook for about an hour, not allowing it to burn. Add chopped parsley, put boiled tomatoes or tomato paste, mix and start adding salt, sugar and, if bitterness is not enough, ground red pepper. Add a little, stir each time and try to see if there is enough. When harmony is achieved, boil adjika for another 10 minutes, roll up, hide "under a fur coat."

The dish is designed for

1.7 l

Time for preparing:

2 hours

Cooking program:

stove, but maybe a multicooker? ..


Recipe from SAY7 forums, thanks to author Yeva64 from Yerevan.

For some reason she grinds everything in a meat grinder - well, and I did that ...

The author suggests controlling the addition of the tomato, as she writes: "Don't overdo it with the tomato! It's just an addition to the pepper! To even out the consistency and soften the taste!" I will add that when using tomato paste, it is also necessary to control its quantity, because, for example, in the Kuban we sell wonderful tomato paste, thick, sour, etc., it would have to be put much less.

Adjika is very, very, very tasty !!

It's a pity that so little red pepper has grown in my garden ...

Irishk @
Tanya, a good recipe, I also read it from this lady and planned to make it, the pepper grows, begins to blush, I will do
I once did such adjika for several years in a row. When I tried it for the first time with my friend's mother-in-law, I immediately fell in love. You have to do it again. I forgot about her. Thank you for the reminder, Tanyusha. A much needed recipe. And in winter, adjichka is good, as an addition to borscht or soup.
ang-kay, maybe it can be made from ordinary (light and green) pepper? .. Will its taste differ greatly?

And yet - if you first boil it, and then break it with a blender, won't it turn out smoother? Because the pepper skin still comes to life ...
I have never even considered such an alternative. I think you can. But red peppers are ripe peppers. It is tastier and more aromatic. And more beautiful! ABOUT! And if I'm not mistaken, I have a recipe without a tomato. and with the addition of vinegar. You need to stir up your notebooks.
And I did everything with a meat grinder. No crust was felt.
I'm in your company too! To bookmarks!
Tatyana, found and realized that I had a completely different option. I have it without tomato and not boiled. but raw. That is why the crusts were not felt.
Quote: ang-kay
But red peppers are ripe peppers.
There are also varieties that never turn red, but only orange and dark orange. And there are such varieties that are not yellow either, they are immediately dark red. It is from this that this adjika should be made. In theory. And if I have already run out of red? .. And there are all sorts of white, yellow, orange and green, which will never become red. Like that anti-Soviet radish: red on the outside and white on the inside !!

Raw is a completely different taste. My raw adjika mush has already eaten ...And under a damp rubber refrigerator is necessary, you can't do much, so, lick it three or four times.
agree. I somehow did not think. Then yellow is better.
I'll make it out of any pepper and backwards, then unsubscribe.
Quote: TATbRHA
And under a damp rubber refrigerator is necessary, you can't do much, so, lick it three or four times.
Yes! keep in the refrigerator. But the scent !!!
Quote: TATbRHA

I'll make it out of any pepper and backwards, then unsubscribe.
I apologize for the self-quote. I tried to do it. Adjiki did not succeed in this attempt. And went out - Hot bell pepper ketchup in a slow cooker.

TATbRHA, Tanya, well, if it's really lazy, you can't just blender the tomatoes ~ cream and not boil them separately.
Somehow I don’t use tomato paste either, and ...
Will it be very liquid? No ...
I do not know, mamusi... Judging by what the author writes
Quote: TATbRHA
"Don't overdo it with tomato! It's just an addition to pepper! To even out the consistency and soften the taste!"
, it is quite possible. Maybe then put them down less and boil them longer? ..

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