Slow cookers from Kenwood appeared on sale with programs: stewing, simmering, jam:
Can anyone share information about them?

Slow cooker: we cook like in a Russian oven28.12

Why do you think food was so much tastier before? My opinion is: quality products and proper preparation. After all, in fact, what has changed since then? The rhythm of life has become much faster, especially in metropolitan areas, and people simply do not have time to cook properly. After all, a dish that takes 40 minutes to cook is unlikely to be as nutritious and tasty as one that takes several hours to cook. And if you don't have that much time, what to do then? The answer suggests itself: you need to somehow automate the cooking process, since modern technologies allow you to make almost any electronic device. Here are the engineers and invented slow cooker... By the way, she also has other names: crock pot (clay pot) and slow cooker (slow pan).


Let's figure out what kind of device it is. The slow cooker consists of a body, inside of which one or more heating elements are located around the perimeter, an insert pan and a sealed lid. If food is cooked in a regular saucepan and fried in a frying pan, then a slightly different process takes place in a slow cooker - languor. The cooking temperature in it ranges from 60 to 150 degrees Celsius (depending on the model and operating modes). Thanks to this temperature range and a sealed lid, the water practically does not evaporate, and the products are slowly stewed in their own juice, preserving almost all vitamins and useful microelements. If you are worried that bacteria will remain in the food, then I hasten to reassure you - they will not. After all, already at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, most bacteria die, and in a slow cooker this temperature will be maintained for hours.

By the way, since we mentioned time, let's talk about it in more detail. If you have ever made jam, then you know that you need to cook it over low heat for a long time, stirring constantly, otherwise it will burn. With the advent of slow cookers, these problems are a thing of the past. After all, they allow you to cook food for a long time (up to 12 hours) at low temperatures, which means that the problem with burning is no longer terrible. And what appetizing meat is obtained in a slow cooker - you just lick your fingers. Even the lowest quality meat, which requires a long heat treatment, turns out to be soft and tender.

Slow Cooker 1

Slow cooker KENWOOD CP 658 with mechanical control


Slow cookers have a number of convenient functions in addition to conventional cooking.

The first is the keeping warm mode. It can come in handy when you have prepared food, but for some reason it is too early to serve it. By activating this mode, you will keep the food warm before serving.

The second function is delayed start. A great feature for those who value their time. Knowing the cooking time of the product, you can place it in the slow cooker in advance, select the desired time interval before cooking, turn on the device and safely leave for work or business. After the timer counts down the time you set, the slow cooker will automatically start cooking. Agree, it is very convenient when you come home from work, and a fragrant dinner is already waiting for you.

Cooking rules

There are certain rules for preparing food in a slow cooker, which we will now consider.

  • The very first and foremost rule: the insert pot must be perfectly clean before you start cooking.
  • Slow cooker water practically does not evaporate, so add half as much water as you are used to.
  • If you are using a recipe that is intended for cooking in the oven or on the stove, then calculate the time based on a ratio of 1: 4. That is, if a dish is cooked in the oven for 1.5 hours, then in a slow cooker the cooking process will take 6 hours.
  • The insert pot must be at least 1/2 full, maximum 2/3 full. If the food is less than half the size of the pan, then it will cook faster than required. If more than 2/3 of the volume is filled, then uneven heating of the dish will occur due to the lack of sufficient space for steam.
  • Avoid looking under the lid of your slow cooker often, and ideally the lid should seal the insert pot throughout the entire cooking process. Each lifting of the lid lengthens the process by about 20 minutes.
  • Vegetables are cooked the longest in the slow cooker, meat and poultry a little faster. Least time is required to cook seafood.

Tips for choosing

So, let's determine the criteria by which to choose a slow cooker. The very first thing worth paying attention to is volume insert pans and materialfrom which it is made. In terms of volume, be guided by the number of people in the family and their appetites. But remember the rule "filling no more than 2/3 of the volume", otherwise at some point there will be a need to cook more food than usual, and there will not be enough space for it. In terms of materials, pans with ceramic walls are preferable, but made of other safe materials are also suitable.

The second important parameter is power device. You should not strive to purchase a device with a high power value, because 320 watts are enough to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, a slow cooker with 2000 W power in HIGH mode will make it easy to caramelize food (onions, jam, etc.). The main thing is that the power of the heating elements is sufficient for the normal heating of the entire volume of food in the insert pan.

The third thing to pay attention to is temperature settings... Most often there are only two modes in a slow cooker - LOW and HIGH. Check with the seller or in the instructions for the device for the temperature values ​​that each mode corresponds to. There are slow cookers with MEDIUM mode. In addition, if you plan to use the keep warm mode, then immediately clarify this point - not all devices have it.

Fourth - control type... Slow cookers are equipped with an electronic control unit for convenient control of the timer and other functions. If you don't need a timer, then you can look towards mechanically controlled devices.

Slow Cooker 2Slow cooker KENWOOD CP 707 with electronic control

These are, in fact, all the main points to which you should pay attention when choosing a slow cooker. Finally, I would like to give a few recipes for dishes that take on a completely different taste in a slow cooker.


Capelin with vegetables

To prepare this dish, you will need: 2 kg of capelin or herring, 300 g of carrots, 300 g of onions, 150 g of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, seasonings for fish and bay leaf.

Cut the onions and carrots into slices and place 1/3 part on the bottom of the insert pan. Put half of the fish on top, salt it and sprinkle with seasonings. Add the bay leaf. Then we put the layer of vegetables again, the layer of fish and the remaining vegetables on top. We dilute the tomato paste with 50 grams of water and add the resulting mixture to the rest of the products.

The dish is cooked for 8 hours, but in a combined mode. Cook for the first 2 hours in LOW mode, then 4 hours in HIGH mode, the last 2 hours in LOW mode again.As a result, you will end up with a dish that tastes amazing.

Photo for the recipe

Slow cooked capelin with vegetables

In the slow cooker, you can cook not only the first and second courses, but also desserts. Below is the recipe for the pudding.


We will need the following products: 1 can of condensed milk, 800 grams of milk (the fatter the better), 1 tablespoon of starch, 4 eggs and vanilla. To prepare the glaze, you need 1 glass of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water.

Mix condensed milk and eggs in a mixer, then add vanilla to the mixture. Mix a small amount of milk with starch, then add the remaining milk and the mixture of condensed milk and eggs.

The second step is to prepare caramel. Pour sugar into a frying pan, add water and heat over low heat until it is completely melted and then caramelized. Lubricate the inner walls of the mold with the resulting caramel, in which we will cook the pudding. We set the mold itself on a saucer, previously placed inside the insert pan. We add water, but so that it does not fall into the form with the pudding, and cover the form itself with a film to avoid condensation.

After finishing cooking, let the water cool down, remove the mold and place in the refrigerator for 12 hours. The dish is ready. For added flavor and aesthetics, the pudding can be drizzled over with chocolate icing.

Photo for recipe 2

Slow Cooker Pudding


As you can see, a slow cooker can make your kitchen work a lot easier and give you plenty of free time. It does not require special control, it allows you to maintain a constant temperature for a long time, which is extremely convenient when cooking jam, jellied meat, bean soups, baked milk and other dishes that require prolonged temperature processing.

I looked at my website (Lithuania), we also have them, I give its characteristics:
4.5 liter bowl that is removable and can be used on the table. 10 hours of snoozing or soaking, automatic regulation: shutdown, slow fire, high fire and keep warm function. Non-slip feet. Power 350 watts. Dimensions 33x30x24.5. THIS is all that is said.
Quote: Yana

tatalija , thank you very much!!!
We sell them in in-t stores of 2 types for 4.5 liters and 6.5 liters. I'm just wondering how they make jam?

I don't know how it is, it's still a separate function, but I cook jam in a multicooker, I cooked a pear, very tasty, transparent, just on the "quenching" mode, without even adding water (you just need to remove the valve)
In search of a Panasonic multicooker in the south of Ukraine, in MegaMax I found a KENWOOD CP-706 multicooker. The price is cheaper. The seller cannot tell about the features intelligibly. The Internet doesn't give out anything. Maybe someone already uses and is satisfied. Please help us make a choice faster: either look for a multicooker or get it in the evening.
Quote: AlKA

slow cooker, no baked goods, for example

I found a multicooker in an online store KENWOOD CP 707

Here's what they write about her:

Touch control. Cooking meals from cereals (milk porridge, various pilaf, porridge for a side dish, rice for sushi and other cereals). Automatic keeping warm. Timer from 2 to 10 hours. Possibility of cooking jellied meat, pilaf, cereals, meat dishes, game, baking, preparation of baked milk, fermented baked milk, homemade cottage cheese, juices, preserves and jam.

General characteristics
Control type electronic
Maximum power consumption 350 W
Power on indication Yes
Sound signal Yes
Timer Auto Power Off Yes
Auto Cooking Yes
Delay start Yes
Display Yes
Weight 5.4 kg
Water tank volume 4.5 l

I wonder if someone has already purchased this? RESPOND!

They write that this is a novelty, there used to be CP-706 and there really is nothing written about baking.

Slow cookers: model selection, features, reviews
I have been using the Kenwood slow cooker like Natamylove for 8 months, I am very satisfied, the recipe book was right in the box, but there are 9 recipes there, I really like the porridge in it, I got the impression that just like from the oven in a cast iron, I especially like my children have milk porridge, and for me the main thing is that milk will not run away anywhere, I get a wonderful pilaf, I still won't be able to cook the boiled pork, although there is a recipe, the only thing that this model is without bells and whistles, therefore the price is low, I took for 247 UAH ... in Metro, what would like to add to it is an automatic shutdown timer. If anyone has any questions, ask, I will try to answer.
Hello everyone!
And who cooked in a slow cooker so that the sutra threw everything away, went to work, and came to the ready-made in the evening?
How safe is it to leave the machine alone at home?
Is it possible to do without controlling the preparation of dishes in a Dolgarker and at the same time not worry about the quality of the result?

The fact that you can cook many different sweets in it, I no longer doubt, thank you, I found a bunch of recipes, and I'm not afraid to experiment ... but I'm at work until evening and I really want to hope that the slow cooker will help me improve and diversify our menu
I just came home and a ready-made dish.
But she left at 8-00 and now 12-00
4 hours mode.
the dish has never been mixed, and nothing has burnt.
soon I will try to make baked milk for the night I will put-8 hours.
unsubscribe how it went.

it's just that my husband works until 14-00 and that's why the 4-hour regimen suits me.
natamylove, in slowcooker I usually cook local cuisine such as jahnun, hamin. Jahnun can hardly cook. This is a Yemeni dish made of non-yeast puff pastry. We sell it in the form of semi-finished products, which must be processed accordingly and put in a slowcooker to languish all night. However, with a strong desire ... But you can cook hamin. If you want, I will write a recipe. I also cook baked milk very often. For this I buy natural whole unpasteurized milk from the kibbutz farm.
And I thought that the taste of the same milk porridge cooked in 5 minutes on gas and cooked in a slow cooker would differ significantly. Is not it?
And I heard that food cooked by languor is healthier ...
If we are talking about whole grains, then maybe yes. And there is no sense in oatmeal / semolina of instant cooking.
Quote: gypsy

If we are talking about whole grains, then maybe yes. And there is no sense in oatmeal / semolina of instant cooking.
Stopudovo! If we are talking, for example, about whole barley or whole wheat, well, at most, whole buckwheat. This needs to be thoroughly heated and steamed. But, as far as I know, such porridge is not for a big fan. In addition, rarely anyone cooks milk porridge in large quantities. Most slow cookers have a large ceramic container. For the sake of one or two bowls of porridge, is it worth launching such a bandura?
I don't know about the others, but in my family both my grandmother and my mother always cooked rice porridge with 5-liter braziers. And they definitely tormented her in the oven. It cannot be compared with just cooked on the stove. So I think this porridge will turn out to be very tasty in a slow cooker.
Caprice, and you, if for yourself a little, put a saucepan? I have not tried it, I have to fill in half according to the instructions.
Does the taste get worse?
Quote: genak

Caprice, and you, if for yourself a little, put a saucepan? I have not tried it, I have to fill in half according to the instructions.
Does the taste get worse?
For myself, I do not include slowcooker. Is that, for the preparation of baked milk, and even then, if not less than 4 liters at a time. I eat very little in my life. In slowcooker I cook only for the family and for the guests, when I need to cook a large enough amount of a certain dish.
When the time comes to an end, it does not turn off, I just look at what time I started cooking, and then turn it off myself.
In this thing, it is simply impossible to spoil the dish, even if it is too long, I heated the milk, so it took about 5 hours.
Meat too, 5 hours.

I have never even used the eight-hour mode. Basically, I cook lunches - in the morning I will lay everything down and everything is ready for dinner.
This week I cooked a whole duck again - my husband really liked it.
Next week I will cook a lamb leg.
This pan is suitable for cooking large pieces of meat.
I have my own household, so this often happens to me.
Quote: Lydia

I haven't decided yet if I need a slow cooker either. I'm trying to figure it out ... As I understand it, it doesn't have the "automatic shutdown" function? Well, I mean, if the specified time (for example, 4 hours) is over, what happens? Is there a signal but the device continues to work? And about her appearance: Kenwood's pretty like that. Maybe because the photo is good. And in our backwoods they showed me a slow cooker in the store - so you won't admire it when you turn away! The appearance alone scared me away. What kind of company it was - I don't know.
Slowcookers with automatic shutdown are now on sale. The same Kenwoods.
Personally, I have been using a regular, inexpensive slowcocker for many years. I just connect it to the network via an external timer, which turns it off at the right time.

Quote: Lydia

And another question. Please tell me, does this device do the same thing as a cartoon? Or is comparing them the same as comparing square meter and second?
A good comparison Maybe you can cook food in a slow cooker by languishing, I admit it. But there will not be the same taste of a rustic oven as in a slow cooker, where food is cooked in ceramics.

In the cartoon, the duck does not fit entirely, but in the slowcooker it does

You can put everything in slowkukkukkuker and leave home for 4-5 hours
came, and the food is ready. There is no need to interfere, it will not burn., It can burn in the extinguishing unit, where evaporation goes through the valve.

I couldn't stop milk in the cartoon, drown it. I have a 2.5 l cartoon - small.
Vegetable stew is different in taste, it is better in a slow cooker.

I'm going to do a leg of lamb, I won't stick it in a cartoon.

A cartoon is for the lazy, and a slow cooker is for the very lazy.

uh .. so this is a matter of taste, it is not objectively the size .. well, the size can only be 6-7 liters .. I don’t know for sure, maybe there are such rice-painters. At the expense of ceramics, there are risovarki and with ceramics, clay there, there are copper pots .. this is again for the taste for color, I thought there really are some possibilities that are not in risarka. Thank you.
And yet, Teflon and ceramics are two big differences Especially in light of the fact that now they write that Teflon is harmful ...
Quote: Caprice

Still, Teflon and ceramics are two big differences.

So yes, there is a difference. And a big plus - that the pan (or what is it called in the slow cooker?) Can be washed in the PMM.

And what is the best volume for a family of three? After all, as I understand it, when you cook with this unit, you must fill at least half the volume of the pan.
I have a 6.5 liter slow cooker, there are two of us - a husband and me.
I took it to cook meat, goose, whole duck.

And yet, my gas is not main, so the house is crammed with electric assistants, she replaces my oven for me.
I don't have a hole in the lid, at first I thought that this was a drawback, and then I was convinced that this role was not important.

And the taste is really better than cooking in Teflon dishes, there is a difference.
Girls, please tell me, inside (where to put the slow-cooker bowl) does the heating only go from below, or on the sides too?
there are different, there is only from the bottom, and there are from all sides .. the price determines everything
Gypsy, we only have Kenwood.

And on the stove, in a ceramic saucepan, the food like in a slow cooker won't taste like this?
in my opinion this kenwood heats from all sides
Slow cookers: model selection, features, reviews
on the stove it will turn out, only for the fire it is necessary to look well and economically it is not known.
Quote: Qween

Gypsy , and the slow cooker cooks at a temperature of 80 degrees?
should. Even the cheap ones have a selection of temperas.modes.
I was haunted by the "Shabbat" function in my oven - namely, low-temperature cooking, as well as unusual recipes in this topic and a duck carcass in the freezer

leafed through the recipes, scraped along the bottom of the barrel and in the end it turned out like this (based on "rolling with vegetables in wine sauce" from the Kenwood website it seems):
I thawed the duck, I had to get rid of the skin, because it is indecent for a domestic cultured bird to have such vegetation on its body, rubbed it with sea salt and black pepper, sprinkle it with oregano, stuffed the carcass with chopped apples (local, sweet and sour), carrots and lemon (in original orange), which did not fit (a lot!) fell asleep around the "pitching" poured the whole thing with white wine + honey + boiling water (original chicken broth) and sent it to the oven until morning, it turned out 6-7 hours at T = 80 "C in the morning I turned it over and held it for another hour, then took out the "rolling with vegetables" and stewed the potatoes for a side dish in the remaining broth .. the duck was ready by all indications, but for every fireman I quickly warmed it up one more time together with potatoes at the same time and blushed as a result so yummy and tender that the farm family that was visiting (among other things, the bird is raised) was in shock and all evening was asking "what did I do with her" needless to say that they crumpled the pitching "in one yum"
Caprice, I already wrote about this once - apparently, your Israeli assortment was brought to our media market, because in the instructions for my oven, among others, we found the "Shabbat" function - after turning it on for 73 hours in the upper-lower heat mode, the temperature is maintained at 85 ", and after switching on, it is no longer possible to change or cancel the program, the last phrase in the instructions just finished off -" the light in the oven is on until the end of the program "in general, a complete Shabbat, but honestly, I did not turn on this function, limiting myself to borrowing an idea - good without it, you can set a low temperature in several modes
Quote: gypsy

in my opinion this kenwood heats from all sides
Slow cookers: model selection, features, reviews
on the stove it will turn out, only for the fire it is necessary to look well and economically it is not known.
Girls, who has such a model? Is there a square pan? Any feedback on her? Desperate to find a rice cooker, I decided to buy this slow cooker. Today my husband will order.
As I understand it, there is a shutdown mode, prepares at a low pace. and high. But what is jam? And what to do with it?
The pan in it is round, my model is different.
I'll tell you what about the jam.
You cannot cook jam in a dolly, because there is no evaporation, there is no hole in the lid for steam to escape. Where will the liquid go? it will remain in the fruit and the jam will not thicken.
And there is no recipe for jam in the recipe book that Kenwood's website offers.

Somewhere on the forums I heard the opinion that the slow cooker does not have the opportunity to make jam, and this is not the accuracy of the translation.
After all, the Kenwoods called it a slow cooker, although it is a long cooker.

I think that I will not dare to cook jam in it, it serves me so well, so today there will be a new recipe.

will be, but the temperature drops dramatically and the whole point disappears - inside the pan, after all, the effect of a Russian stove is created.

I think that it is not suitable for cooking with the lid open.

This is a very important point, because when the lid is closed without a hole for steam to escape, a system of internal circulation of hot air - water condensate is created in the pan. When boiling, water rises up and falls down from the lid again, and does not come out with steam. This creates a liquid retention in the pan, so both meat and vegetables are kept moist and retain a lot of their own liquid.

Can be cooked without water, vegetables do not change color, fast cooking of meat ...
I won't make jam. I don't need it. Just wondering if there is a button there. It was not translated correctly. But for some reason it was made. Maybe it's heating? They will bring me to understand.
Come on, natamylove surprise with your recipes.
I will join you soon
There are only 3 buttons-
1 heating
2 fast mode 4 hours
3 slowly 8 hours
There should not be a crust in it. It is tormented over low heat for 2-4 hours. Who says what and more. The more delicious. It doesn't fall apart. And the yushka freezes like jellied meat. I will give a recipe for how my mother-in-law cooks. Girls from Israel can cook differently. This is our national dish. Husband says you're not a real Jew because you don't cook fish
My grandmother stuffed it whole. But I think it's difficult.
The mother-in-law does this:
In carp, it cuts off the head, tail, fins. Cuts the fish into pieces 5-7 cm thick. Gently separates the meat from the bones. Twists the meat through a meat grinder, adds another fish sole or princess of the nila. (Fillet white fish) adds a soaked bun, softened butter, eggs and onions and twists again. Season with salt and pepper. Now this minced meat fills fish skins.
On the bottom of the pan, the onion peel (not always) is laid by the tail, fins, the head on top cut into large rings onions, and beets. Top fish. Around the fish, carrot rings, you can still a row of onions and beets. Gently pour hot water on the sides to cover everything. Season with salt, pepper, and over heat for 2-3 hours. The minced meat that remains from the fish is simply cutlets. After boiling, all this is simmered over low heat. At the end, it cools down and puts it in a dish. And some broth. If the broth boils away during the boiling process, add it to it. But in CF, I think this is not a threat.
In general, look at the search for who cooks how. And you will understand which recipe is the best for you. But I really like this one. I ate different fish, with a refried onion inside. But that was all wrong. This one is so juicy not dry. Many add sugar. In general, it is not difficult to finish the recipe to your taste. But delicious is awesome.
And my mother and grandmother at the end of cooking still took out the fish, and in the remaining fish and vegetable broth they cooked potatoes. It turned out to be a very tasty side dish for fish, and even tastier when cold than hot
Oh girls, I want to want to want stuffed fish. Nobody cooks it here, once ate in a restaurant, we had a corporate party, and they served a whole fish kg3-4 in it.

And my "Cat's Joy" served 4 hours on a mode that is weaker, and I don't like this mode at all, it is somehow raw.
I switched to a stronger one so that things would go lively.
There is no smell yet.

And on Sunday we cut the second goat, I think to make the whole leg and I want to try the lasagna in MV.
The Gingerbread recipe is also very interesting, but I think that it will not work for CF. The minced fish (gefelte fish) that is stewed for at least 2 hours over low heat is suitable. I used to make stuffed fish and stew or bake for about 50 minutes, but it was more like chicken cutlets in taste.
Those who ate real minced fish will say that these are different tastes.
The roast was great. I'm starting to love my saucepan

how do you smell? this pan is able to diffuse smells like that.!
Today I cooked fish for 8 hours, and people who came to my house all said, "God, it smells like fish."
I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Anael, and the pictures will be your minced fish?
I am interested in both your recipe and the recipe for the oven, I want to master both.
My husband is very fond of fish, and I have a predominance of meat in the kitchen, you have to spoil him sometimes.

I was frightened at first by the size of 6 liters, but as it turns out, just right. And I have a family, me and a husband.

The convenience of this size lies in the fact that you can cook a whole chicken or fish, or duck.
And this was very impressive for the guests, I often served cooked dishes. meals for guests.

At first, I thought that the dishes from MdV would not be suitable for the festive table, since there is no fried crust, but it turned out to be the opposite.

And everyday porridge. I cook in a slow cooker and faster, and it is unnecessary to start such a "bandura".
I read about slow cookers, thought about buying.We have it Kenwood, but on the official website the instruction is only on CP 658, it says that there are two cooking modes, only the parameters of these modes (for example, temperature) are not indicated. If possible, write me this information for the kenwoods CP 658 and CP 707 (I will choose between large and electronic).
And in rice cookers, what is the coating in the pots? In the cartoon, I killed the saucepan in six months for very intensive use - I cooked at least 3 times a day, every day, I've been waiting for 4 months in the service.
Anael, how much porridge was cooked in it, what proportions of milk-cereals? As far as I understand, the milk is boiling away, so they added it?
I cook on water, if you don't pour a lot of water right away?
I pour 120 ml into half a liter of milk. cereals (3/4 of a cartoon cup) - it turns out a soft consistency of porridge, for one child - 40 ml of cereal (1/4 of a cartoon cup), 240 ml. water + apples and dried fruits. What happens if you cook like this in the Slow Cooker? Will it all burn out in 8 hours?
Quote: Tashunya

In the cartoon, I killed the saucepan in six months for very intensive use - I cooked at least 3 times a day, every day, I have been waiting for 4 months in the service.
I certainly apologize for the immodest question, but what do you cook 3 times a day
... I put porridge at night. For lunch I cook steamed vegetables, sometimes broth. For dinner, either meat with cereals, or vegetables with meat carcass. Often, 2 multiply work at once, if I also bake. More or less like this
Yes, and I almost forgot: the food in it cools down just as slowly. Therefore, vermicelli, especially thin, should be thrown into the soup before turning off the slowcooker, it will come while the soup is cooling
I haven't cooked soups yet, it seems to me it would be advisable to cook either pea or bean. They need a lot of time to unwind.

And so, of course, faster on gas.
Quote: natamylove

I haven't cooked soups yet, it seems to me it would be advisable to cook either pea or bean. They need a lot of time to unwind.
And so, of course, faster on gas.
To be honest, I don't cook anything in a slow cooker either. I have centralized gas supplies in my house, which is much cheaper than electricity. I cook in it only a few specific dishes that require a long languor. Well, and, accordingly, I heat milk.
FIrin @
We bought an oval MB for 6 liters. I put potatoes with vegetables and chicken - vegetables on the bottom, poured some water to cover the vegetables and the chicken on top. Tasty, but there was a lot of liquid. That is how it should be? Or did you not need to add water at all?
do not add a drop at all.

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