Eggplant and tomato tart

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Eggplant and tomato tart


flour 1½ cups
sour cream 5 tablespoons (or the same amount of ice water)
salt ½ teaspoon
butter 200 g
Eggplant 1 PC
A tomato 1 PC
Onion 1 pc large
Sour cream 2 tbsp. l.
salt, black pepper taste
egg 2 pcs

Cooking method

  • This cake is delicious both hot and cold;
  • chop butter with a knife, add sour cream, salt flour, knead a smooth bun and cool for half an hour. And we will deal with the filling:
  • fry the onion, add the eggplant in cubes, fry, then the tomato in cubes, cool slightly and pour over the egg, beaten with sour cream, salt, pepper.
  • put the dough in a baking dish, in the form of a plate, fill with the filling and into the princess

Time for preparing:

From a heated state for 20-25 minutes.


I recommend to try eggplant lovers

Elena Tim
ABOUT! I love eggplants!
Thank you, Vera!
I can smell how delicious it should be with shortbread dough!
Elena Tim, Lenusya !!! Thank you, you will try, unsubscribe, please.
Vera, the pie is straight sun 🌞! I will definitely bake it as soon as possible! I also love eggplant!
Bul, Julia, thank you, I will be glad if you like it.
lettohka ttt
Thank you, Vera !!! Very appetizing !!!!! Bookmarked!
Natalia K.
Vera, a very original tartik turned out. I will definitely do this.

Verochka, where you can see the photo of the form

Can I bake such a cake in a regular oven too? Only, I think, the baking time will need to be increased.
natalisha_31, Natasha, yeah try it, it seems to me that the filling in the filling also gives it a taste: sk-izm: I exhibited a photo of the form here
lillayLily, yes, I think 30-35 minutes will be enough for 200 degrees.
[lettohka ttt] -
velta25, very beautiful tartik, and what is your shape diameter?
Lauretta.Thank you, mold size, diameter is 26cm
velta25, Thank you
Vera, another delicious recipe. Thank you! And the eggplant with the skin?
ninza, Nina, eggplant with skin, I never peel eggplants, it doesn't taste bitter for me.
velta25Hello, today I baked such a crumpet according to your recipe, and I immediately had a question, what consistency should the dough be? I did everything according to the recipe, but the dough was sticky to my hands, and 200 grams of butter made the dough very fat. When I took out the tart from the mold, the bottom was very greasy with oil.
LaurettaGOOD TIME DAYS, let's try to figure it out, the dough should turn out to be a tight lump, I distributed it in shape with my hands, whether the dough preparation technology was followed, the butter should be cold, they took it out of the refrigerator and chopped with a knife, and sour cream (it should also be cold), after kneading the dough, put it in the cold for half an hour? In the refrigerator, the butter in the dough freezes and the dough does not stick to your hands and rolls out well.
velta25Thank you very much, I get it. the butter was melted, I put it in the refrigerator, but the technology was broken, but it still turned out very tasty
velta25, But I didn't understand, well, instead of sour cream, you can just 5 tablespoons of ice water ???
Helen3097, Yesaaaaaaa,
Quote: velta25
velta25, Vera, I made it ... delicious ... but my husband did not really, really liked it ... he said this peki every day !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the recipe !!!!
Eggplant and tomato tart
Helen3097, have fun !!! : Friends: It turned out beautiful.
velta25, hello, can you please tell me how you get the finished Tart out of the form? The first time I did it, I took it out easily, but now the dough turned out to be of the desired consistency, but the finished pie began to break when I took it out.
Lauretta, GOOD DAY, I always take the cake out of the mold as soon as it is baked, after two minutes I circle around the edge of the mold, and then under the bottom with such a spatulaEggplant and tomato tart, and then I take it off on a plate, or there is such a method, also circle it with a spatula, then put such a thing from a multicooker on top of the cakeEggplant and tomato tart, turn over first on it, and then back on the plate. I hope you managed to describe it clearly?
velta25, Good morning! thank you for the photoreader, everything is clear, you have a cool spatula, you need to find one ..
HAVE A GOOD DAY ALL! Come to visit me on the channel, please support the novice blogger. The tart recipe is there, the girls made a tartic yesterday, flew away in 5 minutes, it's delicious.

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