Ginger cocktail

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Ginger cocktail


milk 300 ml
cream 150-200 g
ginger powder 0.25 tsp
cinnamon 0.5 tsp
honey 1 tbsp. l.
vanilla extract several drops
gingerbread cookies, any berries taste

Cooking method

  • Let's set the tone for the whole day - we will prepare a new drink on the basis of a banal glass of milk. Breaking stereotypes - expanding our culinary horizons!
  • Let's leave 2-3 st. tablespoons of ice cream for decoration, placing the rest, along with milk and ginger, in a blender. The sundae should be slightly melted. Add vanilla extract.
  • Ginger cocktail
  • Beat until smooth and pour into glasses.
  • Put pieces of ice cream on top of each glass, pour honey over them and sprinkle with cinnamon. Serve with gingerbread cookies. Ginger cocktail
  • Ginger cocktail
  • The ginger and cinnamon go so well with the milk, and the gingerbread cookie will further enhance the flavor of the ginger.
  • You can drink a cocktail with a bite with strawberries or any other berry and you are guaranteed a wonderful breakfast! Ginger cocktail
  • Ginger cocktail
  • The cocktail will be a great dessert! By adding berries, we get a new cocktail!

The dish is designed for

2-3 servings

Time for preparing:

5-10 minutes

Cooking program:



Enjoy your meal!

Wow! And today I just ate ice cream with honey and cinnamon! You can, probably, add such an ice cream immediately to milk, and then a little ginger powder and vanilla? Cool recipe! Thank you!
Marish,super! The cocktail is beautiful. and pechenyuhi look awesome!
Now I'll write you a quick thank you and I'll run to cook! Your cocktail! : girl-yes: If I have time, I'll take a picture ..
Mmmmdaaa ... and this yummy - looking at night ...
Thank you, Marinochka, per recipe!
Girls, thank you very much - it's very nice that you liked the cocktail. I wanted to give a detailed answer, so it's not convenient from the tablet (the router broke down at home).
Marina, I almost did, then on top of the ice cream pieces, honey and cinnamon.
Olya, already sat down to wait ... I hope I'll wait for your impressions today.

Super! I really mixed everything in the ice cream! Honestly, a funky combination !!! We drank two portions in a row !!

Ginger cocktail

Amazingly easy recipe with amazingly delicious results!
I can hardly restrain myself so as not to sharpen one more portion.
Marina, thank you very much! I haven't drunk such delicious cocktails for a long time!
Quote: Rada-dms

Amazingly easy recipe with amazingly delicious results!
I haven't drank such delicious cocktails for a long time!

This is a compliment Olga! How pleasant it is to me! And so quickly, and the photo still managed ...
It was not for nothing that I did it again several times - the photos turned out upside down (but I ate enough!). I would give up this recipe, after all, it's a simple one, but obstinacy made me finish it to the end. I'm glad it's not in vain!
Thank you for a beautiful photo report and fast execution!

And also, ginger cookies noticeably improve the taste - it adds ginger (I always want to enhance this taste!).
I, as a child, crumbled these cookies right into a cocktail and ate with a spoon. Inspired ...
MariS, hi! I came to thank you for reading thanks!
No notification came!
I have an old gingerbread, now a photo will go for decoration! But it was so delicious!
Yesterday we sharpened all the ice cream with this cocktail!
So with a clear conscience I advise everyone to try this wonderful combination!
Rada-dms, Olya, and again your praise is so pleasant!

Quote: Rada-dms
Yesterday we sharpened all the ice cream with this cocktail!

Isn't that a compliment to the cocktail? And I'm so glad that the ice cream with my cocktail is gone !!! It is a pity, of course, that the cookies were absent ... It's generally amazing with him - you can't convey how delicious it is!

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