Rye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasonings

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Rye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasonings


rye-flaxseed sourdough * (any is possible) 100 g
warm water 250 ml
Rye flour 200 g
flax-seed 2 tbsp. l.
floral honey 1 tsp
salt 1 tsp no slide (5g)
garlic 8 g (3 average teeth)
Provencal herbs 1 tsp
turmeric (Indian saffron) pinch
rye flour for kneading 40 g

Cooking method

  • Rye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasoningsRye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasoningsRye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasonings
  • 1)* my recipe for sourdough can be viewed here:
  • Rye sourdough - see item 1 In fact, you can use any of the above ..
  • I took the sourdough from the refrigerator, measured out 100 g, mixed with water, added flaxseed, honey, rye flour, mixed everything well, covered it with a lid with an open valve and left it warm for 6 hours.
  • Rye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasoningsRye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasoningsRye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasonings
  • 2) After 6 hours, I added the rest of the ingredients, kneaded the dough on a surface sprinkled with rye flour (30 g). Put it in a greased mold (22 cm in diameter).
  • Rye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasoningsRye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasoningsRye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasonings
  • 3) I covered the mold with a film and left it to stand in the heat for 1.5 hours (I usually stand in the oven with a minimum temperature of ~ 40 degrees).
  • Rye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasonings
  • 4) I baked in an oven with steam (I poured water into a cast-iron pan and put it on the bottom of the oven when I turned it on) for 15 minutes at 220 degrees, then pulled out the pan and reduced the temperature to 180 degrees and baked for another 40 minutes, then turned off the oven and left it for another 5 minutes.
  • Rye bread with garlic, flaxseed, flax sprouted sourdough seasonings


It's no secret that the healthiest bread for a person is bread made from whole grains, rye bread, with bran, but people do not always opt for such breads. Bread is a starchy product and people who are overweight can easily put on those extra pounds. Another thing is yeast-free bread, and fortified, rye, with various useful additives, but who knows what will be better for the table ...
Bread is a universal and useful product for humans, because it contains a number of vitamins, for example: A, B, E, zinc, sodium chlorine, copper, cobalt, silicon, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iodine. The complete absence of bread in the daily menu may well affect the human nervous system, his emotional background and the immune system.
"Black" is absorbed in the body much more slowly than wheat, which is even useful in its own way ... Eating rye bread, a person does not lose sugar in his blood, he does not have a feeling of hunger and will not overeat. With rye bread, there is a constant correction of the food eaten, and accordingly, extra pounds are not added. Such bread removes carcinogens and other harmful products from the body. It has a beneficial effect on the metabolism. Rye bread has a lot less calories than white bread. Rye bread has tremendous benefits for the human body. It is he who contains the necessary amino acids, trace elements, mineral salts, fiber. The protein in rye bread is rich in lysine.

Plus, sourdough is an added benefit.
Leaven by fermenting grains, it helps the body better absorb them.
Sourdough bread is also rich in valuable micro and macro elements, essential vitamins and minerals.
In addition, sourdough has another unique property: sourdough bread is practically not affected by mold fungi. The acidic environment of the starter culture kills pathogenic microflora without affecting beneficial crops.Therefore, sourdough bread, even during long-term storage, does not become moldy, but simply stale.
And the additional components of my bread will complement the bread with a unique aroma and benefits, see for yourself:
Garlic has a powerful antibacterial effect. The fact is that during heat treatment, this vegetable crop does not lose its unique properties. After baking, it has a milder taste, and the concentration of phytoncides in it is not less than in fresh. It is to them (phytoncides) that garlic owes its pungency and specific smell. Also, these substances have an antibacterial effect, which garlic is useful for.
In addition to antibacterial properties, garlic is recommended for people who have high blood cholesterol levels. By lowering its level, garlic prevents the appearance of cholesterol plaques.
Garlic and those suffering from an eating disorder caused by a lack of appetite. A little garlic stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, which induces appetite.
This vegetable crop is also good for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Garlic should be treated as a preventive medicine, which means that you should not exceed the dose.
Turmeric, Indian saffron
Turmeric has strong antibacterial effects. Helps cleanse the liver and intestines, and also reduce plaque cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. The spice has analgesic effects, and many scientists believe that turmeric will eventually be used to treat multiple sclerosis.
Like ginger, it has warming properties, it is involved in fat metabolism and helps to regulate weight. In addition, doctors recommend taking medications based on turmeric for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
But turmeric is perhaps best known for its anti-cancer properties.
The curcumin component destroys malignant tumors without causing any harm to healthy cells.
Eating turmeric regularly is believed to help suppress the growth of neoplasms. In addition, the spice disrupts the formation of new blood vessels to feed malignant tumors.
Provencal Herb Blend (oregano, mint, sage, basil, rosemary, savory, thyme and marjoram)
For me and my family, this is just a magic potion. Many dishes and savory pastries acquire a magical alluring taste of a sharp-spicy shade ...
Thanks to this seasoning, the bread will become not only more aromatic, but also healthier. Herbs contain many biologically active substances necessary for our body. We are talking about essential oils, tannins and minerals, resins, enzymes, organic acids, vitamins that increase appetite and better digestion of food.
There is confirmed evidence that Provencal herbs improve appetite, lower blood pressure, improve pep and even have antibacterial effects (due to oregano and rosemary in their composition).
It is no coincidence that this seasoning has become a real culinary discovery in the south-east of France! Someone, let alone the French, can be trusted in matters of taste.
Linen - translated from Latin as "most useful".
The conclusion of the research of scientists from our and foreign countries was the recognition of this unique plant as TRICEUTIC - a product that heals the entire human body!
Flax seeds contain a large amount of proteins, healthy fats, fiber, is a source of vitamins, macro- and microelements.
Flax contains an ideal ratio of all 8 essential acids. Indeed, flax contains 21-33% protein, it contains all 8 essential amino acids, as well as nonessential and conditionally nonessential, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids: Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9.
Flax also includes "plant hormones" - antioxidants that have antibacterial, antiviral properties that prevent the development of breast and prostate cancer. Their highest content of lignans is in the seed coat.
Flax seeds are a source of vitamins A, E, F, C, group B, macro- and microelements (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc).
Flax seeds are also an important source of selenium, which prevents the development of tumors, helps to cleanse the body of heavy metals, and improves vision and brain activity.
Flax seeds are a powerful sorbent, and their properties are not inferior to activated carbon, and, unlike artificial sorbents, does not affect the destruction of body cells.
Flaxseed has a calming effect, which is important in stressful situations.
Flaxseed is a powerful antiparasitic product. It has a detrimental effect on all types of helminths, except for roundworms. It also does not leave fungi, hepatitis viruses alive.
One handful of seeds will provide a complete fortified nutrition and the best way to prevent any disease. (Read more 🔗)

3 today, 3 yesterday, I hope you didn't bake everything at once! all this must be tasted and enjoyed!
NataliARH, No, of course, I did not bake it all at once! ...
We ate, enjoyed ourselves, but there was no time to spread it .. Honestly, bake faster than spread it! ..
Anya, very accessible, simple, beautiful! Well done, wonderful bread!

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