Bread "Carrot"

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Carrot bread


whole wheat flour 85 grams
water 85 grams
dry yeast 1/8 teaspoon
salt 1/8 teaspoon
dispersed grain of wheat 175 gram
wheat flour 1 grade 262 grams
water 140-170 grams
fermented malt 10.5 grams
honey 40 grams
dry yeast 8 grams
salt 10 grams
dough all
carrot 125 gram
sesame 50 grams
flax seed 50 grams
ground paprika (for color) 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Dispersed grain
  • Carrot bread Wash the wheat well, add cold water and leave it soaked for 1.5 days. Twist with a chopper or meat grinder so that there are no very large particles.
  • For dough mix all the ingredients in the evening. Leave for 1 hour, cover and refrigerate for 8-10 hours.
  • Fry sesame seeds and flax in a dry frying pan. Cool down.
  • Carrot bread Mix yeast with flour. In the bowl of a food processor, combine all ingredients except seeds and salt. Knead the first five minutes without them. Add seeds and salt. Continue mixing. The total mixing time is 10-15 minutes. The dough is very soft, but hardly sticky. It is easy to work with it, having greased hands and table with oil. Stretch-fold the dough and send it to a greased container for 90 minutes with one wrinkle in the middle of fermentation.
  • Carrot breadCarrot breadCarrot bread Dough at the beginning, middle and end of fermentation.
  • Carrot breadCarrot bread Take out the dough. We form a loaf of any shape. We put on proofer in a basket, well dusted with flour, seam up. Proofing 45 minutes.
  • Pour the bread onto baking paper, make cuts. She baked in a bowl with a lid, which she warmed up along with the oven. Temperature is 240 degrees. The first 15 minutes are covered. Then she removed the lid, reduced the temperature to 180 degrees and baked it until tender. I have 50 minutes.
  • We take it out, let it cool on a wire rack. Cut and eat!
  • Carrot bread
  • Carrot bread
  • Good bread to you!

The dish is designed for

1 roll

Time for preparing:

3.5 hours

Cooking program:



Dispersed grains are whole grains that are rich in vitamins and fiber. Promotes digestion and good bowel function. Helps lower blood cholesterol levels, reduces insulin. Great at satisfying hunger, but inhibiting the absorption of calories.
Carrots are a source of vitamin A, which is good for eyesight. Boiled carrots are high in antioxidants. Raw - lowers cholesterol levels. Good for the cardiovascular system. Reduces blood pressure. It is useful for kidney and liver diseases. Carrot masks help the skin not to age. Carrots have wound healing properties.
The bread is fantastic! Delicious and aromatic. Keeps fresh for a long time.
The recipe is taken from Alla's LJ (alla_dj). Thank you very much! My changes. Yeast took 3 grams less. According to my feelings, the amount can be further reduced. The dough grows fantastically quickly. Her recipe uses whole grain flour for the main dough. I took first grade flour. Malt sugar is used, which can be replaced with regular sugar, I took honey. Eliminated poppy seeds.
I will repeat the bread more than once !!! He fell into the category of "favorite"

What a beautiful!
Where can you buy dispersed grain?
Catherine, Thank you. Do it yourself. This is not difficult. Buy wheat, soak and twist.
Angela, your breads have a gorgeous crumb! I just want to shrug!
Good bread! I like the composition, I will bake for sure.
NataThank you very much for the praise.
Quote: + Gala +
I will bake for sure.
Check mark,try it. Crazy bread! Mutually
ang-kay, I don't know how to bake bread at all But looking at your I want to learn
Very spectacular loaf
Natalia, Thank you. If there is a desire, then everything will work out for sure!
Angela, Gorgeous recipe, very appetizing bread. Bravo!
Angela, tell me how much fresh yeast you need. I want to try to bake some bread.
Ilona, Thank you. Multiply the dry quantity by 3.
Angela, I forgot to ask about wheat. How much should you soak and how can you change the water?
Wash well and cover with cold water. Leave for 1.5 days. I put it at room temperature, but not in the sun. During this time, the water does not turn sour.

Thank you golden!
Very, very appetizing)
Can you grind the wheat first with a coffee grinder and then soak it? It will be as it should be or already another story.
Maryana, Thank you. It sprouts a little during this time. This is the whole trick.
And wheat, such as kutia in packs will go?
I took ordinary wheat. Will the groats sprout? I don't know, to be honest.
This bread, labor, serving and Angela herself deserves only superlative epithets!
Bookmark of course! And quickly collect the ingredients, otherwise it will be impossible to sleep peacefully! THANK YOU!!
Olga!I have no words! Thank you. Excellent bread. I think you won't regret it if you bake.
Very nice bread! I will definitely try to bake. Add carrots on a fine grater?
A very beautiful photo - still life for a magazine!
Quote: Nugira
I will definitely try to bake. Add carrots on a fine grater?
Nugira, Try it. You will not regret. Yes. On a fine grater.
Quote: MariS
Very nice photo
Marina, Thank you. I tried to.
Angela has baked another masterpiece !!! I can smell the smell! Well done! Hold on, your recipes are worthy!
Ira, Thank you. So, little masterpiece!
Angela! Something I already slow down even with the increase in the number of your luxurious breads as epithets to them! Like, I'll just write a speech to one, and you have another ready with fervor, with heat! Yes, lush, fragrant, with another tasty catch!
The bread is rich in flavors and, nevertheless, everything in it is verified and harmonious!
Thank you for the constant pleasure of visiting you!
Ira,dear, absolutely praised! Yes, so graceful! There are no words to express my gratitude for such kind words! Thank you!
Angela, you're just a master! an amazing variety of breads (and sausages, but this is not the topic)! amazing photo!
NataliARH, Thank you.
Can you ask a question for the gifted? Is the weight of dry wheat indicated? And then I soak it and it seems like a lot.
Svetlana, this is the weight of the finished grain, soaked and twisted. It's not scary that a lot has been set. You can put it in the refrigerator. It will stand for several days.
I thought so, thanks.
Angela, I want to make carrot bread for a long time. Somehow the owners of a private bakery in Moscow, a long time ago. All their bread was delicious, but this one ... I made wheat with carrots in a bread maker, not bad, but still not that. I decided to type in a search engine now and found yours. I am happy to bookmark it, but when I do, I will definitely come with a report! Thank you!
Leah, I'll be glad if you like this one) I'm waiting.
ang-kay, Angela, is there any oil?
Natasha, no.

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