Meat hedgehog (Mettigel)

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Meat hedgehog (Mettigel)


minced pork any quantity
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
bow for decoration -
olives / juniper for garnish -
minced garlic optional
minced onion optional
caraway optional

Cooking method

  • Mettigel (also Hackepeterigel / Hackepeterschwein) is cold minced pork with spices. In Germany, Switzerland, this snack is very common at parties, children's birthdays or just a beer snack. This appetizer came into vogue in the 1950s and became very popular, and in the 1970s the hedgehog shape became a favorite option. Now you can sculpt anything out of minced meat, I have met the option of a foot with "onion nails" and ketchup, it's the best for Helluin !. In general, an option for the brave and carpaccio lovers!
  • For traditional cooking, a large portion of seasoned minced meat (preferably from frozen meat) is laid out in the form of a hedgehog and decorated with onion needles, eyes and a nose are made. Serve a hedgehog with buns or bread that can be spread with butter. It is eaten raw! Not subject to storage!
  • The name comes from the Low German word METT or the Old Saxon METI “minced pork without lard.” Also called Hackepeter (20th century jargon, northern Germany, East Germany and Berlin), it consists of pork, seasoned with salt and black pepper, depending on from the regions add garlic or caraway. You can also add a chopped onion, in this case it is called Zwiebelmett. Legally German minced meat cannot contain more than 35% fat. The best option is Schinkenmett ("Matt ham"), minced from the upper thigh.

Cooking program:

meat grinder


Raw meat is not mine! I wasn't even going to try it. A recipe for a visual German cuisine. My hedgehog was prepared only for a photo from frozen minced meat with beef pulp, so the color is different from the original. I boiled this hedgehog and cooked meat puree for the child))).

When I lived in Germany, I tried this dish. Bought once a week in the Bio-butcher's shop and the head of the family and I "fought" for him - to have time to spread a fresh bun before finishing another Really delicious! Now I would dare to make it only from fresh meat from friends, but not from the store!
Natasha, my meat was almost fresh, it was from relatives, though beef is 50kg (1/4 of the carcass), but even with this condition I could not try, this is certainly not for everybody! I remember in childhood, when my grandmother took me to the market for meat, I was not at all comfortable from the sight and smell .... I have no doubt that it is delicious, because many people like it! but as they say, -1 By the way, you can cook from chicken, I met recipes, I haven't seen beef.
Outstripped Natasha ! Hackepeter was also in the plans. But I doubted that in our conditions someone could risk eating raw pork mince. Your hedgehog is wonderful! Still, photos from the Internet in the gallery are prohibited.
Eeeh, but I love raw meat ... I am so sweet and tasty ... Where to buy relatively safe?
First time I see a recipe from raw pig minced meat) I always thought that raw pork meat is dangerous) I really like beef carpaccio, tartar) really, someone is eating minced pork
I trudge from not fried kebabs ...
Bes7vetrov, Heroic Elizabeth
Quote: nar-din
really, someone is eating minced pork
Ella, they do eat. Me too, knowing all the dangers of raw pork, am shocked. And I love carpaccio (you have a typo, correct from to p) and tartare too!
Larissa, everyone has the same plans, towards the end of the competition it will be very tight) and the photo has already been cleaned!
Bes7vetrov, Liza, here's another fan found) and someone won't even be able to force themselves to try)))
Quote: NataliARH
I have no doubt that it is delicious, because many people like it! but as they say I am -1

Meanwhile, now it is not a fact that I would agree to eat it again. Especially considering all sorts of swine and bird flu.
"Then" was 17 years ago
Well, I didn't eat in the form of a human head either, but a hedgehog, and deliciously salted / seasoned slightly chilled minced meat ... Mmmmm
I am writing, but my mouth is drooling, although just because of the birthday table .. To pick a rabbit tomorrow, I haven't eaten it raw yet
Bes7vetrov, I think the rabbit is better on a dignity. indicators)
Quote: dopleta
Outstripped, Natasha! Hackepeter also planned
By the way, I also looked at him ... It seemed to me dumb .... and put it off until better times!
Natasha, smart girl, ahead of everyone! Our hostesses are nimble - the recipe cannot be postponed for a long time!
Alexandra, "Formula 1" straight

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