Vanilla pudding in chocolate

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Vanilla pudding in chocolate


milk 300 ml
yolks 2 pcs.
sugar 30 g
vanillin taste
corn starch) 1 tbsp. l.
milk chocolate 50 g
white schoolboy 50 g
cherries in syrup 50 g
salt pinch

Cooking method

  • Pudding is a European dessert made from eggs, sugar, milk and flour (or starch).
  • In Germany, it is popular to use ready-made puddings in milk-blended bags. Fruit or spices are added to the pudding. Pudding is considered a traditional dish on the Christmas table, so it is very important to cook it at home, with natural products, before the upcoming holidays.
  • Pour milk into a saucepan and heat it on the stove.
  • Stir the yolks with sugar and vanilla, add starch, salt. Mix everything well.
  • Pour in some of the milk. We mix. Pour into the main milk. Stir constantly. Bring to 85 ° (until thickened). Cool it down.
  • Chocolate mold:
  • We take a silicone mold. We temper chocolate - first white, then milk. We cover the form with a brush with white chocolate and send it to the refrigerator. When the white chocolate has set, cover the mold with milk chocolate. We make 2 chocolate hemispheres.
  • Put the cooled pudding in each hemisphere, put the cherry and fasten the hemispheres with melted white chocolate.
  • Vanilla pudding in chocolate
  • Bon Appetit!

Very exquisite!
Yes, it is definitely beautiful, what else to say ...
And how to more accurately fasten the 2 hemispheres together (so that nothing flows out)?
Your recipes are already recognized even without a signature. Looking at your recipes and photos, I want to delete my own, so as not to disgrace.
Ella, bravo! Impressive! You don't even need to write anything about such beauty, you need to admire and enjoy it!
Quote: AnaSamaya
And how to more accurately fasten 2 hemispheres together
I do this: I heat the frying pan, trim the edges of the chocolate hemispheres on the hot surface) cool the vanilla pudding so that it is thicker) I apply it with a large slide in one hemisphere, layers with cherries) I coat the edges with melted chocolate and put the second hemisphere on top) can be removed in freezer and then apply chocolate velor
Quote: tumanofaaaa
want to delete my
Well, you give it up Everything in this life is relative, the standards of beauty are conditional))) For any "beauty" - there is a connoisseur for us, women, this is very, as you know
Thank you all for the positive
nar-din, a wonderful dessert! :) I will use the principle of cooking !:
Quote: tumanofaaaa

Your recipes are already recognized even without a signature. Looking at your recipes and photos, I want to delete my own, so as not to disgrace.
Ira! you can't say that!
Nardin has excellent recipes exclusively for German-Austrian cuisine, mainly for the festive table!
You have practical and necessary recipes for every day, without which no big family can do! I personally use them!
And in the preparation of other people's recipes there is always a handwriting and invention in design !!!
Everything has the right to life!
Personally, I say thank you to everyone!
Beauty .... And delicious ... Professionally. Such a design is problematic even for a festive table at home.But in a restaurant, a chef or pastry chef should not cook worse. Well, the home nar-din is lucky. Bookmark recipe.
Hurry, Ella, hurry ...
Advent for German (and all other) Catholics and Protestant denominations begins on November 30, 2014.
Amazing dessert !!!!

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