Bavarian meatloaf Pikanter Leberkas (Steba DD1 and DD2, Steba sous-vide)

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Bavarian meat bread Pikanter Leberkas (Steba DD1 and DD2, Steba sous-vide)


beef 300g.
pork 300-350g.
fresh bacon or lard 150g.
nitrite salt 18g (or 20g regular)
ice water 170ml
marjoram 1 tbsp. l.
pickle 50-60g
bell pepper (red) 50-60g
ground nutmeg 0.5g
bulb 80-90g
garlic 3 cloves
mayonnaise, honey, mustard 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Leberkäs literally means "liver, cheese" in German (sometimes spelled Leberkäs or Leberka (a) s in Austria) - a popular meat loaf in Germany. Although in Bavaria this dish traditionally does not contain either liver or cheese. In Bavaria, Swabia and Franconia, it is called Leberkäs. In Saar, Baden, Tyrol and Switzerland, this meat loaf is called Fleischkäse. The obligatory composition of this meat bread includes lean beef and pork in various ratios, lard or fresh bacon, onions, salt (preferably nitrite), marjoram, pepper and ice water. Traditionally, meat loaves are baked in a variety of ways to make it as juicy as possible.
  • Notable variations include:
  • • Käseleberkäse, to which small pieces of cheese mix are added,
  • • Pikanter Leberkäs, to which small pieces of pickles and sweet peppers are added,
  • • Pizzaleberkäse to which cheese, chopped bell peppers, gherkins and small cubes of salami are added, also known as Pizzakäse.
  • • Pferdeleberkäse (Pferd = horse), which was actually made from horse meat, but not widespread in German areas. Popular in Austria.
  • In addition, many butchers have come up with their own unique varieties.
  • I made Pikanter Leberkäs, but to achieve the main goal - to make the meat loaf juicy - I used the Su Wid method.
  • Lightly freeze all meat components in the freezer (30 minutes), turn through a meat grinder along with onions, garlic and spices. Add ice water, nitrite salt and finely chopped cucumbers and peppers. Carefully, but not for a long time, massage this mass (5-7 minutes), lay in a rectangular shape of a suitable size. I used a 1.2L microwave oven dish, lining it up with foil (you don't need to use the foil).
  • Bavarian meat bread Pikanter Leberkas (Steba DD1 and DD2, Steba sous-vide)
  • Vacuum the mold with the minced meat.
  • Bavarian meat bread Pikanter Leberkas (Steba DD1 and DD2, Steba sous-vide)
  • If done with nitrite salt, refrigerate for 12-24 hours for fermentation. If you do it with ordinary salt, then you can cook right away. We put "Heating" 75 * C 2.5 hours. Here's what we get:
  • Bavarian meat bread Pikanter Leberkas (Steba DD1 and DD2, Steba sous-vide),
  • cover with glaze and bake in the oven or under the grill at 250 * C for 10-12 minutes.
  • The result is juicy and aromatic, moderately dense. I think that you can reduce the temperature to 70 * C by increasing the time to 3 hours.

Cooking program:



Typically served with süßem Senf (Bavarian sweet mustard) and soft pretzels or in Kartoffelsalat (potato salad). Fried ("abgebräunt" or "gebraten", toasted), in which case it is usually accompanied by a fried egg and German potato salad, and sometimes spinach. Cold, cut into very thin slices, used for sandwiches.

Delicious recipe! I wanted to do it right away!
I already did a similar one for the competition, and I was enlightened that since Bavarian bread does not have a liver, it is called Fleischkause. Fleischkause - Bavarian Meat Loaf
Quote: Rada-dms
I was enlightened that since Bavarian bread is without a liver, it is called Fleischkause
Yes, Ol, there is confusion here. But I was just enlightened that Bavarian is called Leberkäs, albeit without a liver. Fleischkause, on the other hand, is a similar meatloaf without a liver in other regions of Germany (in Saar, Baden and Tyrol) and Switzerland. And the sous-prominent version turned out to be very juicy.
I've never made meat bread! I want to, but my hands don't reach. We have to start. Thanks for the recipe.
Angela, yes, instead of ham or sausage is great. And also count it as one large cutlet - cut off a piece and with any "cutlet" side dish.
Lina, what is the weight of the finished product? I would try, but I don't want to get a lot in the end. Suddenly, I have to eat one. Unfortunately, this happens here.
And yet, nitrite salt, does it somehow change the taste or just to preserve color?
Great bread! I also look towards similar options. I found a whole book about pate, bread and rolls. I'll have to play around.
Quote: marinastom
What is the weight of the finished product?
Marina, weighed - 815g. There was practically no juice, everything was in the meat, so it was juicy.
Quote: tuskarora
I'll have to play around.
Elena, great theme for games! You also need to look for this. In general, the whole process of this meat loaf can be put in: mix-evacuate-warm up for 2.5 hours-bake slightly (optional). Despite the simplicity of preparation, the result is very pleasing.
Linadoc, well, how beautiful! Festive option!
please tell me, can you do without a vacuum or is it a matter of principle?
karenn, can. You just need to pack it well so that water does not get inside. Well, you will have to press something heavy with something, because because of the air it will float. You can try to pour water not to the very edges, but 0.5-1 cm lower. Then everything will be ready, but it will not float up and will not flood inside.
Linadoc, Linochka, thanks for the recipe! True, I adapted it to "my own", made it in a ham maker (next time I will add fast-playing gelatin for "juiciness"). In the photo it is not yet baked, because from the duFoFka it will immediately go to the table!
Bavarian meat bread Pikanter Leberkas (Steba DD1 and DD2, Steba sous-vide)
Kitty, looks great! I immediately wanted something, I’ll go and do something to eat before fasting.
Quote: Linadoc
looks great

And in the baked form there was generally indescribable beauty! Everyone really liked it! Thank you!
Elena Kadiewa
Lina, please work out the recipe with me: I cooked the minced meat, did not add salt. cucumbers and nitrite, but cut some chickens. breasts, and ice water is necessary? I put it in the refrigerator for the night (well, it's already late). Warm up, you can just boil it in a tight, well-closed bag in a pot of water. fire? Or just put in the oven and bake? Then at what temperature? And if its in x. n. to bake?
Flax, nitrite is not necessary, but the total amount of salt is verified. Ice water is mandatory when kneading, it does not allow fats to lose their purpose and gives juiciness, while it must be added immediately during kneading (so that it does not heat up during kneading above 12 * C) and make sure that it is completely absorbed into the minced meat. You put the form in a tight bag (or 2 bags), it is advisable to lower it into a saucepan with cold water, then squeeze out excess air from the bag and only then tie the bag tightly. You can leave it for the night and even good. Cook at T not higher than 80 * C (it is possible in the cartoon for Warming up for 3-3.5 hours), only then you will get a juicy "bread", and not a dry cutlet. And bake only the finished product for 10-15 minutes.
Linadoc, please tell me, and in the cartoon on heating, put in water or can it be without water?
Necessarily in water, only then there will be uniform heating throughout the entire thickness.
Linadoc, Thank you! I want to try, it looks delicious ..))
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