Pear paste with lemon

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Pear paste with lemon


Pears - 1 kg
sugar - 0.5kg
lemon - half
water - 150gr

Cooking method

  • Cut the pears into large slices (you may not need to peel them), cut the lemons into slices, remove the seeds.
  • Add water, sugar and simmer until pears are soft. Grind with a blender and dry.
  • I cover the pallets with paper (I have no special pallets). There is no need to grease the paper, it is easily separated if you moisten it with some water.


This summer we collected pears in the village in buckets every day. Jam, compotes, marshmallow, just dried, distributed to neighbors. And how much they threw away!
I made this marshmallow according to the recipe of our favorite jam, only I slightly reduced the amount of sugar and half a lemon too
We are happy with the result, another recipe for family, loved ones

Please tell me, GruSha, what layer did you put the marshmallow in the dryer?
Olgita, no more than 0.5 cm

Gulya, very well! Another example of marshmallow in our recipe box, THANKS!
Tanya, thank you very much !!! The pastille turns out to be fragrant, the combination is very successful
GruSha, thanks for the recipe! The pears are idle and there is a dryer, now I will make marshmallows.
JuliaI hope you like it
Quote: GruSha
I cooked this marshmallow according to the recipe of our favorite jam

Gulenka, and you can not share the recipe?
With pleasure:)

pears 1kg
sugar 1kg
lemon 1pc
water 200g

Cut pears into large slices, lemons into slices, remove seeds.
Pour lemon circles with boiling water, boil for about 3 minutes, drain the broth and cook sugar on it. syrup. Pour the pears and lemon slices with boiling syrup, let stand for about an hour, then simmer over low heat until tender, until the pear pieces become transparent.
Gulsine, thank you so much for the recipe, it turned out to be such a delicious, last year I did everything exactly according to the recipe, I did not take into account that the pear itself is very sweet, this year I did not add sugar at all, I just boiled it and chopped it in TM, very tasty, from not boiled pears are not that tasty.
Tatyana, I am very glad that I liked the recipe!
We didn't have that many pears this year ...
GruSha, oh, I would have a couple of buckets ...
Lily, last year and dried and frozen, and cooked ... I felt bad from so many !!! but this is only jam
Interestingly, pears grow like plums by "savages" ....
Lily, in the village, with his parents, in the garden next to the apple tree. The photo shows - very small
We need to look, they found three buckets!
Lily, I just can't make a plum marshmallow ...
I did it for the first time, before that we lived where there was no plum or it was very expensive ...
GruSha, Gulsine, I tried to make marshmallow according to your recipe. Remembering my bad experience with lemon pie (the pie was bitter), I was afraid to add whole lemons, I added only pulp. Tell me, have you ever encountered bitterness when adding lemons and how do you deal with it?
I poured the pastila in a fairly thick layer (as far as the trays in ezidri allow), well, probably about 0.7 cm. The pastila was drying for a very long time (this is understandable, in principle, when I boiled pears, there was a lot of juice, I did not drain it before chopping it in mashed potatoes, I was afraid that the blender on pears without juice would "skid"). As a result, when the marshmallow dried up, it was all cracked, or rather, it was not one continuous layer, but divided into separate "islands".I also had some kind of marshmallow with apricots (it seems the one that was with bananas), but there were not so many grooves and still the layer was more or less intact. And here some areas of the reservoir have completely separated. I'd like to understand what my mistake is, what I did wrong to fix it next year. Have you encountered something similar?
Yes, still, maybe it's important. My pears were greenish, I didn't bring them completely to ripeness, my mashed potatoes were greenish too. Accordingly, the marshmallow itself is not at all sunny yellow like yours.

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