Potatoes "For a Hungry Husband"

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Potatoes For a Hungry Husband


young potatoes 1.5KG
bulb onions 300 g
carrot 200 g
chicken (any part) 300-500 gr
garlic 1-2 slices
greens (what is) small bundle
salt taste
spices (I have black and red peppers) taste

Cooking method

  • Peel the vegetables, chop the potatoes coarsely, chop the onion into rings, carrots into rings or half rings, just finely or grate the garlic.
  • Remove the skin from the chicken and cut it as you like.
  • Then everything is even easier: we put vegetables and chicken in a baking bag, salt and pepper, tie the bag (do not forget to chop it in several places).
  • This is how it looks:
  • Potatoes For a Hungry Husband
  • We send the package to the microwave for 30 minutes. at a power of 850 W or in the oven (about the same time).
  • You can check for readiness by poking a fork or a knife into the potatoes or meat right through the bag (I just thought - potatoes are different for everyone, and meat too). If a little not ready, add more time or put on exposure for 10 minutes
  • We take out the package and open it carefully, it is hot) Put the potatoes on a plate, do not forget to sprinkle with your favorite herbs

The dish is designed for

2 Kg

Time for preparing:

30 min + time to peel vegetables

Cooking program:

Microwave or oven


My husband eats potatoes in any form, but not "stew". At a time when the only food in the house is that potatoes, a little meat and some vegetables, such a "quick" potato saves a lot

Why only my husband, I will also eat this with pleasure! But I don't cook anything in MV, and there is a recipe book ...
You can feed all the hungry very quickly and tasty!
You can cook in the oven like that, it's also very tasty
Quote: MariS
But I don't cook anything in MV, and there is a recipe book ...
And I cook porridge in the microwave, if I need it quickly, and I make meat according to the same principle as potatoes, sometimes I even bake mini-buns, although I have micra without a grill
V-tina, after all, potatoes cooked in this way are "stewed"? .. A good recipe, I really like the speed of preparation, but reveal the secret: stew?
And one more thing: my husband will not eat 2 kg, even tasty. If the portion is half the size, how long does it take to cook it in the microwave?
Yes, in fact, stewed, of course, I love her so much.And he is such a bad thing, well, no way So I had to get out)) but, of course, the taste is different, because here potatoes with meat are prepared without water)
Well, I cook for more than one husband, so I immediately stuff a whole bag for baking, and so - for a smaller amount, I would set it for 15-20 minutes initially, and then you can poke meat and potatoes straight through the bag with a fork or knife and poke meat and potatoes, check for readiness, if not ready, or add more time or set for 10-15 minutes for exposure
It's clear about his preferences. It is he, like my husband, who does not like potatoes stewed in a saucepan !! And I love this ...
In the microwave it is faster and more "clean". We must adopt. Thank you.
Well, yes .. there, like, everything is mixed, don't understand why ... But here it doesn't fall apart, that's delicious then Yes, and then he crumples these potatoes with a fork in the broth that is going in the bag
Yeah, they're funny.
Yeah, and my husband doesn’t eat zucchini. Only jam and compotes from zucchini, salads, and potato pancakes with them, eats, only on the way
Well, well, well ... interesting ... they are not relatives, by chance? .. Straight one to one ... It is imperative to cheat, to eat and praise at the same time.
Oh, I don't know, I don't know)) I haven't met everyone yet, but I know for sure that there is someone in Russia))
Tina, thanks for the recipe!
I train my husband to make so-so goodies if I'm away - and quickly, and tasty, and not steamy (no need to fiddle with baking sheets / forms / pans - mine can't stand it).

My new microwave oven is almost dead weight - I just heat it up in it. And before, in my youth, in an old one without grilling and convection, I fried seeds and made omelets, and soups, and some kind of pies, and what not. But I forgot everything. And you need to pick up old records, search the forum - so much can be done in a microscope!

Thank you for the inspiration !
To your health!
I like to cook porridge in a micro-cooker, no worse than in a multicooker

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