Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16

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Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16


chicken fillet (or turkey fillet) 300 g
grated hard cheese 100 g
cucumbers 2 pcs
tomato 2 pcs
onion or leek 1/2 pc
salt, pepper, paprika taste
sour cream 5 tbsp. l.
greens: onion, garlic, cilantro, parsley taste
cabbage quarter
vegetable oil taste
pita packaging

Cooking method

  • This recipe will be interesting for those who love shawarma. And it will especially appeal to those who like to eat tasty and healthy. I will tell you how to cook homemade shawarma using a slow cooker and a blender. This recipe is very simple and delicious!
  • The beauty of the recipe is also that it allows you to come up with more and more new combinations.
  • Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16
  • Minced meat preparation:
  • chop the chicken fillet (or turkey fillet) in a meat grinder. I don't have a meat grinder yet, I use a blender (I have the same company as the multicooker).
  • Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16
  • Turn on the multicooker and select the "chicken" mode (my Mirta MPC16 multicooker has such a function).
  • Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16
  • You can drop vegetable oil on the bottom of the multicooker bowl (since I have a multicooker with a non-stick coating, I fry meat without oil). Add salt, pepper, paprika to the minced meat for spiciness. Stew the meat for 15 minutes (my model is a multicooker-pressure cooker, so 15 minutes is enough for me with my head!).
  • Sauce preparation:
  • grind greens and sour cream in a blender (you can replace it with yogurt), add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Preparation of other products:
  • finely chop the cucumbers and tomatoes (preferably without the skin), chop the cabbage, chop the onion, grate the hard cheese on a large grater.
  • Shawarma wrapping:
  • grease a crumb of pita bread with sauce, put all the ingredients on it, drip the sauce on top, wrap the pita bread with an envelope.
  • Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16
  • Toasting shawarma:
  • of course, shawarma can be eaten not toasted. But I really love it when the lavashik crunches!
  • You can fry both in a slow cooker in baking mode and in a grill pan to get beautiful grooves.
  • Shawarma in the multicooker Mirta MPC 16
  • Take my word for it, homemade shawarma is very tasty and completely healthy!

The dish is designed for

6 servings

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:

a hen


Irina Dolars
Vera, thanks for sharing the recipe!
I wanted to do everything at home, but I can't get myself together !!! And now there is a recipe, it's a sin not to do it! Thank you!
The recipe is super! Bookmarked!
Irina F
Wreath, thanks for the wonderful recipe !!!
Oh, thanks girls !!! so nice to get positive
I will still lay out yummy.
Thanks and I bookmarked the recipe!
Verochka, Thank you! I love shawarma very much, it is so delicious! (it used to be), but now I tried it several times in different places, but not that, alas, I refused to search for the old taste. I take it to the bookmarks, what if it works out ?!
St. Alina
Thank you for the very detailed recipe, I will definitely do it, because I love shawarma, and the slow cooker is the same, how can you not do it

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