pita bread in a sandwich maker (Steba)

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pita bread in a sandwich maker (Steba)


thin pita 1 PC.
grated cheese 100g.
egg 1 PC.

Cooking method

  • A very simple, quick and dietary appetizer recipe from what is (from the "guests on the doorstep" series). Put the pita bread on a sandwich maker, spread it with half a mixture of a beaten egg and grated cheese, put the sliced ​​appetizer in the grooves (I have pork, tomato, olives, herbs, cheese), fill the top with the remaining half of the cheese and egg and close with the second half of the pita bread, bending it inward the edges. We bake for 10 minutes by clicking the lid. We take out "all the cake" on the board. Let cool for 5-7 minutes and cut with scissors along the borders. Voila - a quick and tasty snack is ready! There can be absolutely any snack! The main thing is a cheese and egg layer, with the help of which the edges of the "pies" are fixed and the lavash itself does not become dry. And the lavash itself is much less high-calorie than puff pastry.

The dish is designed for

8 pieces

Time for preparing:

10 minutes


By the way, the lavash itself can be made by this recipe

Linadoc, just brilliant! I am falling in love with the sandwich maker more and more, even though I have not Shteba, but a different one. An absolutely necessary thing in the household.
Irina, herself delighted with the possibilities! And how my children (and husband) and their friends (and friends of the husband) are happy!
Please tell me, how do you wrap the pita bread inside, I'm slowing down something.
I tried to make thin lavash, but when you cut them then they all fall apart.
And it turns out so delicious, I put it in the filling: chicken, which according to the recipe for "homemade shawarma" from knorr + tomato, onion, grated cheese. ...
I also tried pita bread in a sandwich maker. It seemed to me very dry. And how are you? Maybe it should be greased with mayonnaise?
Trishka, just take a thin pita bread, half - on the entire bottom panel, what is superfluous from the side can be cut off, or you can stupidly fold these edges inward, then smear everything on top according to the recipe and the filling in the grooves, close the second half of the pita bread hanging down (with the edges you do same). The cheese and egg will glue all the edges. Take out the finished pita bread on the board with the whole layer, let it cool a little and cut it with scissors along the borders of the pies. Nothing breaks.
Bottling, absolutely not dry, because it is greased with cheese and egg + juicy filling. You can, of course, also grease with mayonnaise, if you like. I do not like it, and it can get soaked and tear. But this is already a master's business ...
Thank you! I'll try this ...
lana light
Linadochow I adore such simple recipes !!! To bookmarks!!!
I read the topic about sandwich makers, there are such delicious pictures !!!! I ordered myself a Shtebu 35 sandwich maker, when will she come? !! I'll choke on saliva right now!

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