Fisherman's salad with seaweed

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Fisherman's salad with seaweed


Sea cabbage 500g
Korean carrots 200g
medium onion 1 PC
Mayonnaise / I'm lean

Cooking method

  • Cut the onion into thin half rings, put all the products in a salad bowl, add mayonnaise, stir. All! Unexpectedly tasty, very juicy.
  • I liked it more without olives


My husband watched the Okhota i Rybalka channel very early in the morning, and he spied on this recipe there.

SEA CABBAGE - kelp, an edible brown alga up to 20 m long. Its talom (body) consists of a plate (simple or dissected from above) and a trunk with rhizoids or a basal disc at the base, with which it attaches to the substrate (surface of the seabed).

Distributed in the seas of the temperate and arctic belts of the Northern Hemisphere, forming thickets in the littoral zone. Contains alginic acid, up to 0.9%, proteins, up to 0.2% fats, minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, cobalt, copper, manganese), up to 2 mg% vitamin C, B vitamins, carotene.

Used as food. Boiled and stewed seaweed is used as a side dish, added to minced vegetables; it can be a component of first courses. Chilled boiled seaweed is used for salads. Sea kale goes on sale frozen, dried and in the form of canned food ("Sakhalin salad", "Seaweed with carrots", "Seaweed snack", "Far Eastern seaweed salad", etc.). Dried seaweed must be cleaned of mechanical impurities and soaked for 10-12 hours in cold water (for 1 kg of cabbage 7-8 liters of water), then rinse thoroughly. The frozen cabbage should be thawed in cold water, then rinsed. To boil cabbage, you need to pour it with cold water, bring (over high heat) to a boil and cook for 15-20 minutes. Strain the broth, pour the cabbage again with warm water (45 ° -50 ° C), let it boil and cook for another 15-20 minutes. Change the water again and cook a third time, then drain the broth. Three times cooking significantly improves the taste, smell and color of cabbage, helps to remove excess iodine and iodine compounds.

celfh, is your seaweed ready-made, or dry which you need to steam?
Ready-made, in a jar, without additives I also bought Korean carrots, so it took no more than five minutes to prepare the salad))
Oh, just yesterday I bought a ready-made loose salad from seaweed - I wouldn't even look at it, but my friend took it and praised it so! Indeed, well, very tasty - as I understand it, there are Korean carrots, root celery and a lot of garlic and pepper. I would never have thought that I would be happy to crack such cabbage - I tried it a couple of times before - and swore! And then there is Tanyusha laid out yummy. Only where to get pure seaweed without additives - I can't imagine.
In our culinary department, they sell seaweed salads, and on the shelves, where canned fish and seafood, just seaweed in jars))
Elena Tim
What a cool salad! Tanya, do you have a little greenery there, too? Or does it seem so to me?
Linen, there is no greenfinch in the original recipe, but I added a little parsley
Elena Tim
I will also add tady when I buy cabbage.
Tanya, is the seaweed not pickled, not salted?
Finally I was able to buy dried cut kelp (I couldn't buy for sure for 2 years, I can't eat in the store, but according to medical indications I need it!) Now you can have a feast!
Tashenka, I always buy seaweed in banks. - salad "Far East" without additives (not salted and not pickled, a little sour) I rinse, squeeze and ... you can cook whatever you want.
Far Eastern means pickled. Thank you. I will definitely make your salad.

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