Napoleon cake (family recipe)

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Napoleon cake (family recipe)


Margarine (I take 250 gr.
Egg 1 PC.
The water is cold 3/4 cup
Salt pinch small
Flour about 3 glasses
Baking powder 1 tsp
Softened butter 180 g
Condensed milk (raw) 380 g
Cream 33 - 35% 200 - 250 gr.

Cooking method

  • This is my family's favorite cake. I've been baking it for over 10 years. I tried many different recipes. But all the time my husband returned me to his very first and favorite recipe, which I got from my mother-in-law's notebook.
  • Dough
  • Pour 1 glass of flour into a bowl, put margarine on top and chop with a knife until fine crumbs or, dipping into flour, grate on a coarse grater. I am using a grater now.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • Make a well, add water, egg, salt. Stir slightly and add the remaining flour mixed with baking powder.
  • Gather the dough into a ball without kneading.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • Then divide the dough into approximately 8 parts, cover with foil and send to the refrigerator to cool for at least 30-40 minutes. My dough stood in the refrigerator from morning to evening.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • Next, we take out each piece, dust the table well with flour. The dough is sticky. And roll it out very thinly, about 2 mm. We cut the dough to the size you need, considering that when baking, the cake will become smaller. We prick with a fork. We put the trimmings in the refrigerator, using in the future for baking new cakes. I just collect the scraps into a pile and roll them out.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • We bake at 200 C until light ruddy on a clean baking sheet, without greasing anything, but simply sprinkling it with flour. Baking times are different depending on the oven. I will not write this figure exactly, because you cannot be guided by my oven.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • I got 10 cakes, about 23 cm in diameter (after baking).
  • Cream
  • Beat the cream until soft peaks. And leave at room temperature.
  • Beat the softened butter until fluffy and whitening.
  • Add condensed milk, beat well.
  • Gently add the whipped cream to the cream and mix by hand or at the lowest speed of the mixer.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • Assembling the cake
  • Smear the cakes with cream, gently pressing each of them. Do not be afraid, the cakes are fragile and will break. The cream will hold everything together. And leave for impregnation at room temperature for a couple of hours, I stood for about an hour. Next, put a small press on top and send it to the refrigerator overnight.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)
  • We decorate as desired. I just sprinkled it with chopped chocolate.
  • Napoleon cake (family recipe)


Quote: Katiaryna

From one portion of dough and one and a half portions of cream, a cake with a height of about 10cm at diameter 20cm.

N @ T @
Svetik, Hurray, I am the first !!!! How I liked the cut in Odnoklassniki !!!!!
I will definitely try it on occasion, definitely - bookmark!
Thank you, Svetochka
I took it to bookmarks, I will wait for the end of the post
Irina Dolars
Wow! Great family variation of "Napoleon"!
I'll have to try. And that puff pastry doesn't listen to me
What a delicious, handsome piece. The photo is so bright that even the biggest opponent of cakes would not refuse to have a bite!
you can take a carbonated mineral water - then, when baking, these micro-bubbles continue to burst and fluff the dough ...
Mom Tanya
Sveta, lovely! And the tasters appreciated it !!!)))
Light, I'm in a deep swoon))) Napoleon cooked only 1 time, instead of 2 hours like the author's - all 6. And now I'm very afraid to decide
Quote: Antonovka
Napoleon cooked only 1 time, instead of 2 hours like the author's - all 6.And now I'm very afraid to make up my mind
Lena, but somehow I don't think about time. They love, and that's all!

Quote: Mom Tanya
And the tasters appreciated it !!!)))
Mom Tanya, the tasters said: "Slaaadenko !!!!!"

Piano, thanks for the advice!

sir, julia007, NataST, N @ T @, Thank you! Cook for health and enjoy ....
Quote: Irina Dolars
And that puff pastry doesn't listen to me
Irina, but I've tried many recipes, including those made from real puff pastry (I made it myself). Tasty, but it seemed to us very crumbly and crunchy!
And I will meditate side by side, looking at such beauty. I will try it on occasion.
Thank you, Svetul!
Svetochka, what delicious photos, bookmarks, maybe when I decide to make a thread.
Svetlana, mmmmm, bookmarked. I will definitely try!
My grandmother made such a Napoleon, only there is no baking powder in our recipe, the rest is the same.
What does baking powder give? After all, the cakes in this chopped dough are bubbling anyway?

Glitter cake !!! And the pictures are so enticing !!!!!
Svetochka, and what kind of cake does it end up - "wet" or crispy? And the photo is such ... such - you can choke with saliva
N @ dezhd @
What a delicious cake! Sveta, thanks for the recipe! Today we have your Napoleon for sweet
Sveta, wonderful napoleon! Very tasty!
I've also been baking almost this for many years, only my recipe uses a teaspoon of vinegar instead of baking powder.
Svetik, thanks !!! In the bookmarks, yesterday I only thought about Napoleon.
And I make a little according to a different recipe: 1 pack of margarine, 200 gr. sour cream, about 3 glasses of flour Svetlana, I'll try your recipe. And suddenly it turns out tastier.
Irina, Vika, Tatyanathank you girls! Try it, to your health!
Quote: Lerele
What does baking powder give? After all, the cakes in this chopped dough are bubbling anyway?
Lerele, in that old recipe from my mother-in-law's notebook, the recipe had 1/2 hour baking soda. l., slaked with vinegar. But I somehow tried to replace it with a baking powder, the amount of which I doubled, I liked it, and began to do so in the future. What gives? I do not know.
Quote: nut
Svetochka, and what kind of cake does it end up - "wet" or crispy?
Irina, given that our cream is plump buttery, the cake ends up being hard, layered, well, not wet at all. And every day it tastes better.
Vitalinka, already wrote about the replacement, I do this.
Quote: N @ dezhd @
Today we have your Napoleon for sweet
Hope, I'll wait! Good luck!
Quote: [b] Tanyulya [/ b]
yesterday only thought about Napoleon
Quote: nakapustina
And I make a little according to a different recipe: 1 pack of margarine, 200 gr. sour cream, about 3 glasses of flour
Natalia, on our forum there is a Collection of Napoleon's recipes, so there is also with sour cream. I tried it too. But since I took a few photos, I decided to expose it as a separate recipe.
Scops owl
Svetik, thanks for the recipe: rose: You are a direct photographer, PROFY. So beautiful, just lovely sight
Mom Tanya
Scops owl, exactly! This is a family one!)))) Photo - I just want to bite !!!
To be honest, I can’t even imagine Napoleon with butter cream, I didn’t even know before that this happens. She herself grew up on a cake with custard, and accordingly, Napoleon turned out to be wet. So crispy I don't even know what it will taste like. My husband's father told me that his favorite cake is Napoleon, and now I think, I wonder what recipe to bake then? I have never tried it before.
Light, and how to pack your Napoleon under the mastic?
Quote: Vei
rose on a custard cake
Vei, and I grew up on Napoleon, the cakes of which are alternately smeared with butter-condensed milk and custard. And only with butter-condensed milk cream, my mother smeared cakes from the same dough as Napoleon. Mom baked cakes and pastries, and then they put it all on the desk in my room. I still remember this scent.
Svetlana; please tell me how you roll out, that is, on what cakes are 2 mm "or how to transfer them to a baking sheet
Quote: Jiri

Svetlana; please tell me how you roll out, that is, on what cakes are 2 mm "or how to transfer them to a baking sheet
I roll it out on the table, sprinkling it generously with flour. I move it with my hands, you can, by winding it on a rolling pin. No special secrets. I just do everything quickly.
Vei, Liza! And in my childhood nobody baked cakes. And what Napoleon should be like, I don't know. Everyone has different taste preferences, we love exactly this kind of performance.
And I still won't get to my cousin's grandmother, so that I could ask her the recipe for Napoleon of my childhood! It was delicious. But greasy, probably he was just with butter cream and was, it was not wet for sure, but it did not seem to crunch. I remember that there were cakes ... Yes ... to bake all our Napoleons, so this will be enough work for several months))
Well, as always, I will add lemon to the filling, so that sourness and aroma can be added .... I made such a cake in my youth (on puff pastry), poured cold water and also added vinegar. Only this cake was called LAZY NAPOLEON
Wow! Svetik, what a yummy !!!!! And also a family recipe - I love to cook according to historical recipes, tested by generations!
Quote: Vei
Light, and how to pack your Napoleon under the mastic?
Vei, everything is as usual! Collected, cooled, cut. I leveled it with plaster and applied a cream under the mastic.
Quote: Scarlett
And also a family recipe - I like to cook according to historical recipes, tested by generations!
Tatyana, well ... a matter of taste for everyone! I hope that you and your loved ones will like the cake. My household loves such cakes and generally do not perceive the compositions that I bake to order (they say, complete garbage! How people eat that!).
Veiand I can't imagine Napoleon with custard. Even in the old apartment, a neighbor baked it with butter + condensed milk, and added 1 tbsp to the dough. l. vodka. Then it seemed to me that she had the best Napoleon in the world, however, I still think so.
In a new apartment, another neighbor added cranberries, mashed with sugar, or black currants to one layer. It was a bomb. I liked the cranberry better.
There are a lot of different Napoleon's recipes in the internet, each is good in its own way. I even collected these recipes in order to successfully lose. But everything can be restored.
fomca, Sveta, thanks for the recipe, while I bookmarked this recipe to mature, and then bake it. I haven't baked such a cake for a long time.
fomca, the piece looks very beautiful, just incomparable! I just want to cook the same Napoleon.
Thanks for the recipe! And for MK!
Sveta, thank you very much for this recipe. From became my lifesaver wand. I am not a fan of puff cakes and have never baked them. when the order for Napoleon was received, I panicked. But you, as always, came to the rescue. Now I always make only according to your recipe and I myself fell in love with Napoleon
I didn't like Napoleons precisely because of their "wetness", but this one is just what you need. Thank you, Svetik, huge!
Katerina, Oh how nice! I'm glad I could help you then and the recipe was not lost!
Svetlanawhy is there no vote for your recipe? I want to vote !!!
Sveta, thank you very much for the recipe, super !!! All my relatives and customers are happy, and my brother only asks for this Napoleon for all the holidays) I make the cream either as in the recipe or custard. Try it girls, you won't regret it.
Galina, to your health! Glad if you appreciate it! Yo
Quote: Galinka
Svetlana, why is there no vote for your recipe? I want to vote !!!
Inessa82, Inna, thank you for your kind words!
Sveta, good afternoon.
Please tell me about the cake))). I got an order for a napoleon, but they want a custard without butter and a lot of cream and wet. How will the donuts according to your recipe behave? Maybe you know)))?
JULIA, I can't help you. I never did it!
Svetlana, gorgeous master class
Quote: Mom Tanya

berezkina, see another recipe
Thanks, but somehow outwardly I don't like him
Quote: fomca

JULIA, I can't help you. I never did!
Well then I'll try and tell you later) Because visually I really like your cakes. I've made a different recipe somehow, but now I can't find it, so I will experiment.
JULIA, now I'll call Inna. She did it with custard.
Sveta, great recipe)) I must try)) otherwise I only love wet Napoleon, propiiiitany, but I think yours and crisp will be pleasant, it looks too tasty!
can I put in my five cents about Napoleon with custard)) I wanted to lay out the recipe, but I still can't do it, there are so many pictures. with custard it turns out just delicious, don't be afraid girls, do it! today I have a Napoleon, how tender and delicious he is.
You can make any custard to your taste, I make it with STERN cream - like in crème brulee cake - only without caramel sauce (but I did it with it too). layered with cream, leave on the table to soak for about two hours, and then in the refrigerator until morning. This morning I could hardly wait for the kettle to boil, I almost ate it without tea)))
here is something like this it turns out with custard, here instead of butter, cream is added to the custard, but more often I do it with butter.
Napoleon cake (family recipe)
Girls, thanks for the answers. I was already in the mood for what I would do according to this recipe. I wanted, as they say, to make inquiries about the final result. And then I want customers to like it)))

And the cakes are straight puff?
Gulya, Thank you!
I also have a recipe in my notebook since my youth, I bake "Napoleon"
Baked, class, class, class, how tasty it is, mmm. When I read the recipe, I directly imagined how it crunches and this cream, in general, the cake fully justified my hopes! We make Napoleon at home, but we get wet and all oily, but I just wanted crispy. Thank you very much for the recipe, I will do it more than once! I apologize for the photo (from the phone, because I was afraid that I would not have time to photograph anything at all, they were really looking forward to trying it)
Napoleon cake (family recipe)
* Karina *
Great recipe, I took it to bookmarks I will definitely cook

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