Raspberry pie

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Raspberry pie


wheat flour 1.5 cups *
butter 90 gr.
sugar 3/4 cup
eggs 2 pcs.
warm milk 2 tbsp. l.
salt 1/4 tsp
baking powder 1.5 tsp.
raspberries (or other berries)
vanillin, cinnamon (optional)

Cooking method

  • We heat the oven to 180 degrees, grease the form in which the cake will be baked.
  • In a bowl, mix the sifted flour, vanilla (cinnamon), salt and baking powder.
  • Separately beat the softened butter with sugar until white, add eggs and warm milk.
  • Next, we combine the flour and oil mixture. Gently mix and place the dough in a mold. We level it a little.
  • Put the raspberries on the dough, pressing down slightly.
  • We bake the cake for 30-40 minutes, or until cooked, focusing on your oven.
  • Cool the finished pie, sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired (I did not sprinkle it).
  • Bon Appetit.
  • Raspberry pie

Time for preparing:

30-40 minutes

Cooking program:



* glass = 250 ml.

The recipe was taken from one community site.

Elena Tim
Such a simple recipe, and what a nice result! Lovely! I drag it to bookmarks. And I even know what I will bake with - with raspberries and black currants. I like the combination very much. Thank you, Tanyush!
Oh, I won't get into any doors soon, I'm sure I say!
Yes, very cute! And it’s probably delicious ... I immediately wanted summer, fresh raspberries and such a pie. I also drag it off))) Thank you.
Tatyana, the pie is very appetizing. I would have baked it today, but I doubt frozen cherries or strawberries will do, won't they have a lot of moisture? And then the fresh berries will wait a long time, though we already have apricots in bloom. Thanks for the recipe.
Irina Dolars
Who would refuse a berry pie?

natalia27, I am a pkla cupcake with frozen cherries. I think that this cake will work out too
Elena Tim
It also seems to me that with cherries and strawberries it should turn out well. Just don't add too much. In another similar pie, I swelled almost twice as many strawberries, and it really turned out to be porridge. And here the berries are far from each other and there are not so many of them, so it will be just right.
Thank you girls, then I'll try to make it with strawberries, otherwise a new one will be available soon, and I have a strategic stock of frozen strawberries. Probably not today, because in the morning I started a ciabatu and somehow it didn't work out for me, but I understood why she's dear
So I will try to make this pie with cherries or strawberries, because all raspberries in the season were grated with sugar, whole berries were not frozen. Although with raspberries, it probably turns out aromaaaaat ...
Elena Tim
Only, it seems to me that it would be desirable to defrost cherries and strawberries and drain the juice, then everything will certainly be a bunch!
They just have a lot more juice than raspberries.
Girls, thank you all very much for your attention to the recipe. He is my first on the forum. The recipe is really from a range of the simplest, but delicious and fragrant, so summer. Regarding frozen strawberries and cherries, I think you can without zeal (because there is not so much liquid in the pie itself) first defrost, drain the juice, and sprinkle a little starch for safety. liked it more
Olga VB
TatyanaWhat size mold? Or at least with what layer to spread the dough?
And what is its consistency?
And can you use berries from jam - the same strawberries or cherries?
I just wanted to cook this!
Tanechka, a wonderful pie with polka dots! Simple and delicious! Congratulations on the first recipe on the site!
Olga, I had a rectangular shape 33 * 19 * 5, in the original source the shape was indicated with a diameter of 22-24 cm. The dough, I would say, turns out to be rather thick. Regarding the berries from the jam: girl_cleanglasses: I haven't tried this, but somehow I like cherry berries better.
Alexandra, like polka dots, but somehow I did not pay attention. Even the name can turn out to be a beautiful raspberry pie "Polka dots". Thanks for your feedback
Miya Kuran
Thank you so much for this raspberry pie)))
Tatyana, since March she was going to bake this cake, but today it happened. Now we are in raspberry season and it would be a sin not to use this wonderful recipe. Thank you very much for the recipe, very easy to prepare and delicious.

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