Challah with leaven

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Kitchen: Jewish
Challah with leaven


Wheat starter 100% hydration 35g
warm water 80g
wheat flour 135g
Main dough
leaven 200g
warm water 60g
butter (room temperature) 55g
honey 65g
salt 8g
egg 3 pcs.
wheat flour 400g
poppy seeds

Cooking method

  • My starter culture is 50% hydrated, so I had to convert it to 100%.
  • Mix the ripened sourdough, water and flour. Stir until smooth and leave to ripen for 8-12 hours.
  • Main dough
  • Whisk eggs, honey, butter and salt. Add sourdough, flour, knead for 10 minutes, until the texture of the dough looks smooth and uniform in appearance.
  • Then transfer the dough to a container with a lid and leave at room temperature for about two hours.
  • After that, knead the dough and divide into 6 identical strands.
  • Weave a challah from these ropes.
  • Transfer to a baking sheet and leave in a proofer for 2-2.5 hours (the recipe recommends up to 5 hours of proofing), until the dough doubles.
  • Before baking, brush with yolk, sprinkle with poppy seeds.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 180C for 20-25 minutes.
  • Cool the finished challah.
  • Challah with leaven
  • Challah with leaven

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A little history about challah

The Hebrew word for challah is commonly used for the two wicker loaves that form the basis of the Sabbath meal. But in its main, more biblical and halakha meaning, a challah is a piece of dough that is traditionally divided and consecrated to God whenever bread is baked.

The separation from the challah is one of the 613 mitzvot (divine commandments) that make up the body and soul of Jewish life. Full spiritual meaning, is one of the three basic commandments of Jewish women and has a great influence on the mind and heart, at home and in essence at home, which meets this mitzvah. For hundreds of generations, Jewish women all over the world have fulfilled this commandment, when the Jewish people entered the land of Israel, it was ordered to give the Cohanim, the priestly tribe who served in the Holy Temple, in the "challah", a part must be separated from the body every time. when the bread was baked.

In addition to its practical function as a gift to Cohen, the mitzvah "sharing the challah" has a deep spiritual message. Challah is part of the Deity in the bread of life. Through Jala demonstrates the belief that all livelihood comes directly from the hand of God. Cannot be used if the mass has not separated the challah, the Torah calls the reishit challah - the first and best in the mass.

Jewish women traditionally bake their own challah (Shabbat bread)

Natasha, you have a challah again! Beautiful ...! I'll bookmark it again. Baked your baguettes today. They turned out beautiful .. Thank you, you are our stakhanovka. We do not move away from the stove.
Natalochkawhat a beauty! Everything is so alright, and the crumb mmmmm .... like fluff!
Still not opening the topic, I thought probably again Natasha works wonders. Above all praise! Lovely! Mother, I can't keep up with you.
Quote: lungwort
Beautiful ...!
Quote: Twist
what a beauty!
ABOUTI was blissful .... I thought you were talking about meat
Girls-Natuska, Marishka, Tanyushka, I'm so glad you liked it!
Just when they say how is it sourdough bread and even with yeast ?? Here on thoseChallah! Yes, even without yeast! How can you get through?
Natasha works wonders
Natasha, I've read a lot of clever books here and very often yeast is added to the leaven. And in general, without yeast - this is the highest class.
What can I say about this girl ?!That she has golden hands? So everyone knows it! That she is a Master with a capital letter? so it is not discussed! Natasha, also a kind, good, sympathetic person, because only such people are given such beauty to bake! : rose: Thank you.
Angela, thank you for such warm and touching words! girl_red: Somehow I'm not used to being praised, I'm ashamed like a child Here everyone (including yours!) has such baked goods that I'm still too far from to grow!

Quote: lungwort
I've read a lot of clever books here and very often yeast is added to the leaven.
Natus, that's what this recipe touched me with! The end result was interesting. The main recipe says that the proofing is up to 5 hours. And after 2 hours, it was already so flooded that I was afraid not to convey its beauty. She would have lost all her photo-hygiene. The photo does not convey her dimensions, but she turned out to be huge. Although I would really like to see her dimensions at full proofing And this is just one leaven!
Quote: Natali06

Although I would really like to see its size at full proofing And this is just one leaven!
Natasha, I'm afraid it would be sour. And it is possible that it has stopped. Maybe they took a certain temperature there for proofing? And in the room she would definitely have a kirdyk.
Quote: ang-kay

Natasha, I'm afraid it would be sour. And it is possible that it has stopped. Maybe they took a certain temperature there for proofing? And in the room she would definitely have a kirdyk.
That sour, I think so. But I would like to see its full dimensions, because that was only the beginning
And also, it's horrible how your hands itched to replace honey with apple confiture or jam.
Quote: Natali06

And also, it's horrible how your hands itched to replace honey with apple jam or jam.
So you have everything ahead!
Natasha, a very sincere halo! I just want to repeat, it's a pity that I am not friends with sourdough ...
Natal, I am also not friends with leaven. I want challah. If I recalculate the leaven into an ordinary yeast dough, after all, nothing terrible will happen?
Marusenka, AnnushkaThank you very much for your kind words!
Marus , I have yeast challah, very easy to prepare, and no less tasty. Here Try it, I'll be glad if you like it!
Annushka, are you like me, in love with challah? You did the last one and want to create a new one? I have these hulks, already a collection I can't pass by
Quote: notglass
If I count the leaven into a regular yeast dough
Well, who will tell you no? Personally, I don't know how.
Quote: Maroussia
it's a pity that I'm not friends with leaven ...
Girls, there is nothing complicated in sourdough. The only difficulty with my wheat is that it is in Manitoba. That is, it comes out a little expensive (although this is also controversial), and there is still difficulty in buying such flour. But the derived leaven is very light and problem-free in its content.

Natasha, what a pretty and neat braid! About the crumb, in general, I am silent - downy and weightless! For me sourdough bread is aerobatics!
Quote: Natali06
Girls, there is nothing complicated in sourdough. The only difficulty with my wheat is that it is in Manitoba. That is, it comes out a little expensive
Yes, there are no problems with Manitoba. It is in our store, like Uncle Matroskin's shoe polish. Hands do not reach to make the leaven.
Quote: notglass
She's in our store, like Uncle Matroskin's shoe polish
Good for you...
And I ask my son, I'm probably tired of it already

Manyashik, thank you dear!
Quote: Sonadora
For me sourdough bread is aerobatics!
You just don't want to do this! But it's not very difficult, you just have to do it!
Anya, in which city of the Moscow region manitoba is like mud? I definitely did not find it in Moscow.
In our family, the recipe for this challah has taken root (I found it on Annushka's blog), only instead of plums. vegetable oils. I get two challahs from this count. Sprinkle one with sesame seeds, the other with poppy seeds.It also decays quickly, in 2.5 hours.
I confirm that the challah is very tasty and airy.
Quote: Pancake
(found on Annushka's blog)
, could you point your finger, where is this?
I made one and it was huge. They ate for a long time, but this did not affect its taste in any way. She remained as fresh as in the beginning.
Quote: Natali06
could you point your finger, where is this?
Nata, well, you give! Have you seen this blog? Look quickly!
The blog itself - 🔗
And the challah is here - 🔗
Vikus, count up, I have not seen I carry on all sites as a hurricane! On all eyes run up! Where did you get this challah, kill me, I don’t know. I’ve already collected a collection. I’m already trying to keep links, but it doesn’t help me much.
Natasha, one third of your challah baked last night remains.
Quote: lungwort
of the challah baked last night, one third remained.

This is the greatest delight for my soul! I am very, very glad that this challah suited you!
Did you bake this one or yeast one?
Yeast baked; for some reason it didn't work out with the starter, the dough turned out badly. Now I want to feed the sourdough for 3 times before putting the dough on the challah.
Quote: lungwort
Yeast baked

Natasha, I asked why. I remember you wanted more butter? This is obtained instead of bread (in fact, this is bread), there is absolutely no sweetness in it.
Natasha, the first time I put your sourdough challah the dough rose very badly. I had to add dry yeast and stir the dough. They ate that bread. Yesterday I put in the leaven. Gorgeous rose in the morning. At 9 am I kneaded the dough. The dough turned out to be liquid and sticky. I had to add flour and notice it at 17 o'clock. At 21 o'clock the dough rose and I braided the challah. Now stands at the proofer. How much will it cost? This is what I was thinking, probably not a very strong leaven. Although the sourdough pancakes came out great. In general, I decided to make the leaven according to all the rules. I sit watching.
Natashun, Yesterday I already wrote the answer, then I got lost between your messages, I closed what was not necessary (and even my husband pestered - free the territory!)
I hope you already have the result today? Happened?
Today I took out the bread from the oven at night, at 1 hour 20 minutes. The challah turned out, but there is no airiness. The crumb is small-hole, like on a loaf. And podnldas only 1.5 times. The remainder of the sourdough was determined in pancakes or pancakes. I don’t know what will happen yet. I will put the leaven again.
It's a pity ...: girl_sad: I grew up on the proofer so that I was afraid that her whole figure would deteriorate.
Thanks for the recipe !!! I did it too. the first time I got a little confused when weaving it ((but it also rose well and it turned out so delicious! And what a smell when it was baked !!Challah with leaven
Challah with leaven
Good time of the day, I have a question, I bake with wheat sourdough, it fits well, but the dough turns out to be tough, I have a recipe for it: I take 3 tbsp. spoons of yeast and add 2 cups of flour and water, leave for 3-5 hours, then debug for the next 3 tbsp. l. and for the rest I add 2 yolks (I used to make the whole egg, I thought it was stiff from proteins) 3 tsp sugar, 30 gr. draining. butter, 2 tbsp. flour, milk, how much it takes, 2 tbsp. l. sunflower oil. Knead and leave for 3 hours. Maybe someone knows why the dough is tough
Challah with leaven
The challah turned out to be very tasty according to your recipe. The pulp is fluffy and straight weightless. The kids tried "piece by piece", half not, although the challah for the entire oven was long
Many thanks for the sourdough recipe

Added on Monday 14 March 2016 04:47 PM

cut while still hot
Challah with leaven
And here is my challah !!!! Everyone is crazy about her !!!! Thank you very much! Now almost everything will be repeated for me, but from May I feel I will do it in large batches !!!
out of habit, I thought for a long time how to weave (I have only boys), I could not understand the procedure. The first tightened more and it rose badly, was not so airy, but the second even sold out a little more for my taste there is little sugar, and a little too much salt, but maybe my type of honey is less sweet.
Challah with leaven
Challah with leaven
What a challah, I will bake it on Friday.
Vikulyasha, it came out 2 pieces from 1 portion of dough?
Quote: Mailmor

Vikulyasha, it came out 2 pieces from 1 portion of dough?
Yes, I originally wanted to make two smaller ones. In length like a cupcake it turned out roughly. A baking sheet from a conventional oven in the first photo

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