Daily pickled cabbage

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Daily pickled cabbage


(chop finely into strips)
1 kg
(chop finely into strips)
3-4 pcs.
Bulgarian pepper
(I have ice cream)
cut into thin slices
1 PC.
(cut into thin slices)
5-6 teeth
Bay leaf
(break in half)
4 things.
Mix everything.
Vinegar 10 tbsp. l.
Coarse salt 1 tbsp. l.
Sugar 0.5 tbsp.
Water 0.5 tbsp.
Rast. oil 0.5 tbsp.
Black pepper 10 peas

Cooking method

  • Put all this in a saucepan and put on fire until it boils. Pour the marinade over the cabbage (hot).
  • Put under oppression for a couple of hours to let the juice flow. Cover and leave warm until morning. On the next day you can eat. Keep refrigerated.
  • And I rub cabbage and carrots on a Berner grater with insert 1.6. It turns out small. For my taste - the smaller the tastier and juicier.
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For sweet cabbage lovers!

After I started making this cabbage, the grandmothers are resting at the market.
Very fragrant, juicy, tasty cabbage turns out.

Elena, I make such cabbage often, we love it very much, and most importantly, the grandmothers really relax quickly. Here's another option that we love: We do everything the same way, but without sweet pepper, and add a large handful of raisins to the marinade as it boils, preferably dark. At the same time, we do not subtract either garlic or black pepper. Delight!
Elena Bo
I think that it should be tasty with a cranberry, and maybe with an apple.
I am also familiar with this recipe, but we do this with the addition of grated beets and without bell peppers, it turns out a very beautiful color, but, however, for this option it is better to stand for 2 days, so that the cabbage evenly turns into a raspberry color
Thank you very much for the recipe, Helen. Yesterday I made cabbage, and in the morning I tried it, it was impossible to pull me by the ears, it was such delicious food.
Boo Boo
I did it too, very tasty. Only I decided not to add garlic next time, I don't really like it.
Yesterday I made a cabbage, my husband has not tried it yet, but the smell is just AWESOME!
........................ ..............

The cabbage is delicious !!!!!! Next time, to my taste, I will immediately add another 1 sl. a spoonful of salt and more garlic - I added salt and garlic the next day after taking the sample. Thanks for the recipe !!!!!
Elena Bo, Helen, thank you very much for the recipe. The second portion has already been made at the request of the workers.
Thanks for reminding me! Cooking for the New Year! I really like to add beets instead of bell peppers, but I think it will be delicious for everyone .... I haven't done it for a long time ..... hmmmm ... I want it!
Well, can you roll this one up? Otherwise I have ... I have ... three cans are empty again ...
The day before yesterday I made a cabbage and put it on the balcony and ... I forgot for it now I went for the right jar and saw my cabbage, tried the cold one: nyam: Well, what delicious words cannot convey
and a little useful humorous information about cabbage
COMRADES! Eat cabbage !!!
She's full of vitamins
And with the maximum CRUNCH,
gives at least g ....
I want to make such a cabbage, two questions arose:
- not too fine on a 1.6 grater? Who tried to cut the thread larger?
- what is the output of the finished salad - will it be 2-3 liters?
Elena Bo
Daily pickled cabbage
Elena Bo, tell me please, how long can such cabbage be stored in the refrigerator?
Thanks for the cabbage recipe! There is no fresh one yet, but the store sells a wooden one. We'll have to wait until our own grows up ...
Elena, and with what glasses to measure sugar, water and oil? I get confused in these glasses all the time
Elena Bo
Plain faceted glass. I do not bother, I measure with what is at hand.
Quote: Elena Bo

Plain faceted glass. I do not bother, I measure with what is at hand.
Thank you
Elena Bo,
How many cents Vinegar?
Something I didn't find or was looking badly ..
Tell me please:)
Lena, very tasty cabbage! My husband brought me a huge head of cabbage. Since there is already sauerkraut, I wanted something else. I decided to go through the recipes for instant cabbage. Since there were a minimum of components at home, I chose your recipe. Oh, how delicious !!! Straight yum!
In general, accept the report:
Daily pickled cabbage
Interestingly, water is exactly 0.5 cups, this is not a typo, maybe 0.5 liters after all ??
Elena Bo
Half a glass of water, vinegar 9%.

Natasha, thanks for the report. I'm glad I liked the cabbage. For a change, the most necessary.
Thanks for the recipe! Very tasty cabbage turned out
Lena, made your cabbage. Keep under oppression until tomorrow?
I'm making this cabbage again. Really like! But I put the vinegar 6%. Not so sour for my taste. Thanks to Yelenochka Bo for such a tasty treat.
Lenochka, thank you so much for the recipe! Cabbage is ready in 5 hours. Sooo delicious!
Thanks for the recipe. Made red with beets. Delicious
Yesterday I made this cabbage again. It seems not the first time ... in short, the first spoonful of 70% vinegar was thrown. I came to my senses. Fathers! What am I doing? I have already brought 6% to the acid I need. In general, it turned out delicious again. Love this recipe.
I liked the cabbage very much! That's all for my taste! Not too much vinegar, not too little salt, and not as much sugar as it seems at first glance. Ideally!

Daily pickled cabbage

Vinegar was added to the marinade after boiling, kept on fire a little more. The cabbage was one that was slightly flattened and loose (tasty, not iron-concrete).

Expensive Elena Bo, great merci for the recipe! Definitely a favorite

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