Wafer bowls "Walnut"

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Wafer bowls Walnut


Ground caramelized walnut 1 tbsp. l.
Wheat flour 1 tbsp. l.
Sugar 1 tsp (less possible)
Starch 0.5 tsp
Serum 2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • First, prepare the caramelized walnuts.
  • Chop the walnuts finely, but without fanaticism.
  • Then we caramelize them: 3 tbsp. l. walnuts 2 tbsp. l. sugar and 1 tbsp. l. water.
  • We put all this on low heat and do not touch it until the water boils away and the nuts begin to fry.
  • Wafer bowls Walnut
  • We mix.
  • Wafer bowls Walnut
  • We remove from the fire. And let it cool. All caramelized walnuts are ready.
  • Wafer bowls Walnut
  • Now grind 1 tbsp. l. nuts (the rest will still come in handy for ice cream ) in a coffee grinder, mill, etc.
  • Wafer bowls Walnut
  • We knead the dough from all the ingredients. We bake waffles in a waffle iron for thin waffles, spreading the dough on molds 1 tbsp each. l.
  • Wafer bowls Walnut
  • Waffles are baked quickly (I set the minimum in my Cloer)
  • Wafer bowls Walnut
  • While they are still warm, put the waffle on the glass and press lightly. It cools down and keeps its shape
  • Wafer bowls Walnut Wafer bowls Walnut Wafer bowls Walnut

The dish is designed for

4 waffles

Cooking program:

Waffle maker for thin waffles


Waffles are obtained with a pronounced walnut and caramel taste.

The waffles are sweet, so I recommend that you first taste the dough without sugar, and then add sugar to taste

Mannochka, very nice waffles. Do you need to fill them with something?
Kaneshna, nada. Right now, I'll figure it out with the pictures and lay out the recipe for marozhki for these bowls
Such cool! And with ice cream you will ... delicious food!
Manna, you have no strength as tasty and beautiful!

It's not like drooling, here it won't be long!

Especially after the mention of ice cream ... mmmm ...
Oh, thanks girls!
Well, here ... laid out the recipe for frosting here
And vapsche ... in these bowls you can put a fruit or berry salad
thanks for the recipe!
Looks awesome ...
Only I have a simpler waffle iron, Clatronic, on it such thin waffles as yours - straight translucent - are unlikely to work.
BUT I will definitely try somehow.
What wonderful waffles!
Thank you girls I'm glad that I liked the recipe
Manna, in the recipe 1 tablespoon of flour in total, right? That is, to bake a mountain of waffles, multiply the number of ingredients by ... (how much do we want)?
I liked the recipe, I want to try
Natalia, yes, that's right: 1 tbsp. l. flour for 4 waffles.

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