Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1

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Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1


Apples (I have an Antonovka) 5 pieces
Cinnamon 1 h spoon

Cooking method

  • Fruit can also be cooked in sous vide from Shteba. Today it dawned on me to cook apples.
  • I have home Antonovka.
  • We cut out the middle from the apples, with a special piece, after which a hole is obtained in the apple through.
  • Cut into two halves.
  • Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1
  • Cooking the seasoning. We take flower honey, I have about 4 tablespoons with a slide. Lightly grind the walnuts in a blender so that they are neither small, but medium steel. 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Mix all this thoroughly.
  • And we put this mixture in apples, in the cavity that is left from the middle.
  • Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1
  • We take a vacuum bag and place our apples evenly.
  • In sous-form, the main thing is to lay the products evenly.
  • We pump out the air and that's how it turns out
  • Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1
  • We turn on the sous-vidnitu temperature 65 time 5 hours. I set this time just in case, because the apples are tough, and I thought about checking the readiness in the process. But I had to leave and they were preparing for all 5 hours))
  • Iiiiiii it turned out to be an awesome dessert !!!
  • The taste is just not real !!!
  • When I opened the package, the aroma of honey, cinnamon and walnuts knocked off my feet !! And the sauce turned out inside !!
  • Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:



Girls are just delicious !!!

Masha, the temperature was 65 degrees, so you can try to do it at 70? Hurrah!!! I will - I will definitely report back. Just think about how to replace honey - I'm allergic to it.
At 70 degrees, you probably need to reduce the time a little?
What a space for culinary creativity ...
Gal, look what sort of apples. If it is solid, then you can not reduce it. And if it's soft, then reduce it.
Honey, well, sprinkle with sugar))
Honestly, I don't even know how honey can be replaced.
I sometimes put brown sugar instead of honey. We like.
Elena, thanks, I'll try.
Mashenka, I report:

Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1

Instead of honey, I took lemon jam, almond nuts, did not add cinnamon. Made in Brand 37502 the languor mode (70 degrees) for 3 hours. Vkusnotaaa ...
Apples are similar in consistency to pickled apples, but the taste is not like anything at all ...
Thanks again for the recipe!
Galina, you have such beauty!
Now we will know that honey can be replaced with jam !!
Mashenka, the most important thing is that the sous vide technology can be done not only in a sous vid or Steba multicooker, but also in other multicooker, where there is a temperature of 60-80 degrees. So I'm waiting for your new sous vide ideas!
Can I write here? Today I made apples sous vide in stock 2. For the sample I chose an ordinary light green Chinese apple, cut a Berner apple cutter into slices. Added 2 wedges of milk chocolate. I set the temperature to 80 degrees at 1.20. When I was vacuuming, I tried to squeeze juice from the apples, although I would not say that they are especially juicy. After a beep, I took out my apple. Appearance - baked apple in liquid-liquid chocolate sauce. It tastes like a baked apple, but very delicious !!!! Oven baked has a slightly different, less bright taste. We scrambled this apple in the blink of an eye, licked the apple-chocolate sauce and then sent two more apples to prepare sous vide, now with milk powder, because there is no more chocolate. I never thought that a banal apple would be so tasty, because I have never considered myself a fan of baked apples!
Ludmila, sous vide reveals taste in a completely different way)
Pchela maja
Oh, what a gorgeous recipe!
I will soon have a year since the head was bought, but I have not tried to cook using this technology
trite, there is no vacuum
I need to look for some budget option
Marina, look at teskokoma manual, if not discontinued.
I have it for travel and reusable bags.

And for the house, of course, it's better to automatic, like mine.
Pchela maja
What model of vacuum unit do you have?
need to be puzzled, read the special Temka
I have a Proficuk with jars. He was a budget model, now I don't know about the prices.
Masinen, Masha! Good evening! I want to thank you for the recipe! This is now one of our favorite desserts! I do it often and everyone is happy. I tried to do it faster, increased the temperature to 85 degrees and the time for 1.5 hours. Liked less. Now I do it only according to your recipe. Thank you.
Svetlana, have no idea how pleasant it is to read your post!
I'm very glad that the recipe stuck with you)
Masinen, Masha, thank you very much for the recipe. delicious. Since I have a temperature of 40, 60, 80 ... degrees, I took 80 grams and 1.5 hours.
I think it was possible to cook less time. Or should the apples be quite soft?
That's up Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1
and now it's done
Apples with honey, nuts and cinnamon in Sous-Vid Steba SV-1
Marina, well, they shouldn't be in a mess)
In general, I had them then accidentally baked for 5 hours))
It will be necessary to do it again and the time to change)
And at 80 grams and 1.5 hours behind the eyes)
What a wonderful recipe. There are a lot of apples, but I got caught just now. In this recipe, after cooking, shock chilling or, in principle, chilling is optional?
Venera007, nope, no need to chill anything, it's a dessert

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