Cucumbers with Korean carrots

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Cucumbers with Korean carrots


Cucumbers 3 Kg
Korean carrots 300g
Garlic 250 g
Sunflower oil 250 g
Vinegar 250 g
Sugar 0.5 tbsp.
Salt 1.5 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Cut the cucumbers into rings, chop the garlic. Mix everything, leave for a day. The next day, put the salad in jars, sterilize for 5-7 minutes, roll up.

The dish is designed for

3 l


The amount of carrots and garlic can be changed to taste. I like to have more carrots, others, so that the taste is softer, then they put less garlic.

Bon Appetit!

Zhenechka, what a fine fellow you are, and you are doing PRESERVATION, you know where to put cucumber OVERGROUNDS that do not fit in a jar Thank you for a wonderful recipe, otherwise I close all the cut cucumbers with tomatoes ...
Olesechka! Thank you! I have been making this salad for several years. If you like spicy, then you will like it, try it. I also like in this salad that if you have chopping equipment, cooking takes a maximum of one hour, along with peeling the garlic and dumping the cucumbers. Moreover, I do a double portion, one is not enough for the winter.
Zhenya,I confirm the salad is delicious! It's not the first year I've been doing it!
This salad is called "Summer in the bank"... I have the same proportions, only 1 kg of carrots and 1 packet (40-50g) of spice for Korean carrots. And according to my recipe, cucumbers must be cut into layers, and then into strips (like Korean carrots)
It used to be a bit confusing for me. Chopping and grating 3kg of cucumbers and 1kg of carrots by hand was a feat for me! Now, with the Rocko grater, it will be much faster. I'm waiting for the cucumbers of the Relay to go in large quantities and the carrots are needed here juicy and I will do it too!
Yes, I have an option with fresh carrots in my recipe, but I don’t do that and therefore didn’t post it. In addition, on our forum there is an option with fresh carrots and seasoning.
This is the first time I tried this salad in such a cut, and I do it myself, especially since my combine cuts just like that. When I made salads this time, I was just remembering how everything was manually grated and cut before
Yesterday I made a portion of 3 kg of cucumbers and 500 g of Korean carrots.
A very vigorous snack turned out, and this despite the fact that the garlic took 200 gr
and also less vinegar.
Let's see how it seems in winter.
It's a pleasure to do with a combine harvester!
Thank you, we will try in winter, I will report!)))
I'm waiting for the report! I hope you enjoy the snack! I wrote above that this salad is for spicy lovers.
Good day! Such a tempting recipe, I really love spicy, but I did not understand everything. Do you put the carrots in Korean ready-made? Or marinate fresh with a packet of seasoning first? Or put fresh carrots with cucumbers and add a bag of seasoning? Forgive the dull one.
So there is no reason I put the purchased ready-made carrots in Korean. You can put it raw and add the carrot seasoning. The proportions are higher nila wrote. I just don't do that, I laid it out exactly as I do myself. Here another recipe for cucumbers with raw carrots and seasoning. In my recipe, the ingredients are immediately mixed all together, and then left for a day. Try it, it's delicious!
I'm sure it's delicious. And everything immediately suits me very much. It is the simplicity of the recipe with a guaranteed result that captivates! Thank you.
You are welcome! So it suits me that everything is done quickly and simply here.
Zhenya, and I am grateful for the salad!
When I did it in the fall, it seemed vigorous, not even to me, but to my husband.
Today I opened it and he tasted it. No comments
it turned out very cool with the proportions that I indicated
before. Thank you very much, next year I will do it again!)))
Alenka, I am very glad that you liked it !!! Eat with pleasure! I will be very glad if this salad will take root in your family!
Yesterday I rolled up 7 half-liter cans .. the recipe is completely clean ..
I will not say anything about the taste - it rolled to zero, I did not even try)))
So I can't say anything about the taste, because a double portion from last year has long been gobbled up ate, but this year I have not done it yet. Since there is no time. I went to work from the decree, but I will definitely make this salad anyway!

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