Grape salad

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Grape salad


chicken breast
nuts (walnuts, almonds)
hard cheese

Cooking method

  • Lay the salad on a dish in layers, each layering with mayonnaise
  • 1 layer - stew the chicken breast in butter until tender, cool, cut into small pieces.
  • 2 layer - chop walnuts (it comes out very well with chopped roasted almonds)
  • 3 layer - grate hard cheese.
  • 4 layer - boil eggs, cool, grate.
  • 5 layer - cut the grapes in half, remove the seeds, if desired, you can remove the skin.


P.S. I really love the combination of meat with sweet and sour, so this is one of my favorite recipes.

Delicious! (i.e. bon appetit!)
Grape saladGrape salad

Summer resident
Thanks for the recipe. Last year I was treated to such a salad. I liked it very much, but it was inconvenient to ask the recipe. Soon I will definitely do DR, otherwise I have been drying my brains for a week to portray such a newcomer
Summer resident, to your health. True, I did not write the exact number of products, but this is because I always do it "by eye". On October 14th I will do it for my mother's birthday, then I will try to clarify then.
Summer resident
I think that the exact amount is not important.
Mistress, this is a very tasty salad, my sister remembered it as KOSYA (as the horse is called in the village) TOuricaABOUTnuts-FROMyr-Iegg
Lisss's (y) name to the point !!!!! I am taking it into service!
Yesterday was my eldest's jam day. Made this salad. I tried to arrange it in the form of a slice of watermelon. The photo is a little unsuccessful ... I did not have time to make more takes ... spoiled with spoons .... Oooooo delicious!
Grape salad
Oksana, I also really like the combination of meat and fruit
I was preparing such a salad - with a little pea, grapes "ladies' fingers". I never fry chicken for salads. I rub it with suitable herbs and salt, wrap it in foil and bake it in the oven. I do not unfold until it cools completely (that is, you can safely bake the day before.baked even with bread at the same time)
We came to the conclusion that:
1. salad "girl"
2.cheese need less
3.cheese need more can add green apples need to add pickled onions
6. Do not add onions under any circumstances !!!
7.nuts can be either walnuts or almonds
8. curry in chicken very much in the subject !!!
The options underlined were adopted unanimously
Yeah! The work was done in earnest !!!! (how much is eaten, how much is drunk !!!!!)
Quote: Lina

6. Do not add onions under any circumstances !!!

For this point I raise two hands !!!!
I am a mistress
and I did not find this recipe on our website, I searched on the Internet. Salad is still called
"From Tiffany". I also bought grapes to serve the salad on the festive table. Delicious, thanks.
Yaroslavna, I am sure that the holidays will be decorated with this salad !!!
I made a salad similar (I came up with it myself), only instead of grapes, fried mushrooms. Also very tasty. I especially like the nutty flavor.
But I have never tried it with grapes. It will have to be done.
artisan, this salad was printed in my recipes for a long time, only now its turn came to it, but in vain, we really liked the salad, I am sure that it will decorate any festive table
Grape salad
Zhivchikhow? have you tried?

NIZA , so bright !!! I am glad that you have discovered this salad for yourself!
oh, how I wanted him
artisan - a great "unbroken" salad recipe! : ok: I made it for the new year and made fun of it! My husband is a conservative in food - but I got more!

Grape salad

kava , from my relatives, too, not everyone understands how it is grapes with meat ... but I ... and I can this salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner ... and in between, too ...
The salad is very tasty and light, I also recognized it as "from Tiffany". There is only one problem - seedless grapes rarely come across, there is not enough time and patience to choose them, and their crunch on the teeth spoils everything ... How do you choose seedless grapes ???
Quote: Kitiara

How do you choose seedless grapes ???
I buy kishmish.
Kishmish is rare in our country and more and more small ... We'll have to sacrifice beauty and replace grapes with pineapple ...
We also have raisins too small - but no crunch! And so, now in supermarkets you can find any other larger seedless grapes. Chicken with pineapple is also an acceptable combination, although the smell of pineapple itself is quite rich, the grapes are not as intrusive (as for me)
I got the nerve and began to taste grapes in the supermarket
But the salad will be with grapes!
Quote: Master

Zhivchikhow? have you tried?

Yeah ... already made a salad.
What can I say ... in general, I liked the salad. Only grapes I would take sour.
Made with nutmeg. I didn’t really like it, because it’s sweet.
In general, the idea is good. Juicy pulp of grapes dilutes the dense structure of chicken breast.
Ksyushka, thanks for the recipe!
Tanya, so here, the same "markers". I love sweets, but more. And I also like to eat a cake with herring or caviar. And if the meat is with sweet, it's mine, 100% !!!
So you have to try everything. Here you have tried, made your conclusions, your adjustments.
Tasty !!!!
And also, after I tried one of my salad with a friend, I realized that according to the same recipe, everyone does it differently.
Quote: Master

And also, after I tried one of my salad with a friend, I realized that according to one recipe, everyone does it differently.

It's like in "herring under a fur coat" they make such thick iron layers ... Horror.
I even made thin layers in two levels in your salad.
You understand what's the matter, the layers were just made so thin that it was 1/3 of the height of my version. I absolutely do not consider my version to be the only correct one, especially since I was told that they turned out to be even tastier than mine. I just understand and accept everyone's right to their taste.
Quote: Zhivchik

What can I say ... in general, I liked the salad. Only grapes I would take sour.
Made with nutmeg. I didn’t really like it, because it’s sweet.

Ksyu, again I made your salad. Only now with their sour grapes kish-mish.
Very, very tasty.
Ksyusha, here's the proof:

I would like your bowl now ... yum
Glad you liked!
me too. I love this salad very much .. grapes give juiciness and freshness.

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