Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)

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Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)


flour 100 g
water 100 ml
fresh yeast 1 g
all dough
flour 200 g
water (33C) 100 ml
fresh yeast 3 g
salt 1 tsp
light molasses 0.5 h l

Cooking method

  • 1. For dough, dilute the yeast in water, mix with flour and leave to ferment at room temperature for 12-14 hours. The finished dough should ferment completely and begin to fall off slightly.
  • 2. For the dough, heat the water to 33C, dilute yeast and molasses in it. Mix flour with salt.
  • 3. Pour water with yeast and molasses into the prepared dough and beat until smooth. Then add flour and knead at low speed for 4 minutes and another 2-3 at high speed. The dough turns out to be sticky, slightly smearing along the bottom of the bowl.
  • 4. Leave the dough to rise for 45 minutes, then knead slightly and fold in an envelope and leave for another 45 minutes (at 28-30C).
  • 5. Put the finished dough on a mat slightly dusted with flour and form two baguettes. Leave to proof for 45-60 minutes. Bake in an oven heated to 230C for 15-20 minutes. Before baking, cut and sprinkle with water. Cool ready-made baguettes on a wire rack without covering.
  • Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)
  • Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)
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The baguettes are airy, with a very thin crispy crust. Although the dough is easy to form, it is still more convenient to make cuts on it with scissors.
Cook with love and bon appetit!

: hi: Marina! What beautiful baguettes on the cut, and the crust in the second photo is wonderful. (y) Once my Bosch is repaired in the workshop, your baguettes will be the first to be tried. : nyam: While I bake bread in HP. I was spoiled, I don't want to knead the dough for bread with my hands.
What handsome guys!
Natasha, Olya! Thank you very much for such a rating!
and the crust in the second photo is wonderful
Natasha, in the original it is said to spray with just water. I did so. But, it seems to me that it is better to add a pinch of sugar and salt to the water. Then the crust will definitely turn out beautiful.
Marina, baguettes MIRACLE! Tell me, if you knead the dough in a bread maker, such wonderful loaves will not work?
Marina, baguettes are a miracle! it is evident that the very airiness! I want to gnaw It is urgent to bake!
and if you knead the dough in a bread maker,
This dough does not need to be kneaded for a long time and if there is an opportunity to choose the appropriate mode, then it can be done in HP. I kneaded the dough for these baguettes with an ordinary hand mixer (not with whisk, but with dough attachments).

, be sure to bake! The dough is simple, easy to work with and always gives a good result!
That's what I understand - I will definitely try to bake the baguettes.
Serenity, Olya, try it. I think you will not regret it!
that's it with such holes I also want !! THANK YOU!!!
Zhenechka Pekies for health! I would be glad if the recipe comes in handy!
Whoa! what a beauty. Away from all the bread makers !!! : flowers: I will bake, I will report. I will not ring empty bells!

Marinka, the dough could not be easier, but in the finished form the bread turned out perfectly!

Natasha, thanks for such a rating! I'll be waiting with a report!

, the dough is really the simplest, but the result is always good. For which I love him. And if you add a little butter and replace half of the water with milk, you get a very lush and tasty bread.
Marisha, your baguettes are in time for breakfast .. Really airy!
And what can replace molasses? It's just that I don't have it at home, and I don't want to buy it specifically for one recipe.
Vasilisa, Thank you!!! The recipe is really very convenient and very simple.

Olya, molasses can be replaced with light honey, or just put a spoonful of sugar.
I don't want to buy specifically for one recipe.
And molasses can be used in almost any recipe. Baking with it is always more magnificent and does not dry out longer.
Quote: Twist

Olya, molasses can be replaced with light honey, or just put a spoonful of sugar. And molasses can be used in almost any recipe. Baking with it is always more magnificent and does not dry out longer.
Thank you
Persuaded, I will order molasses for myself along with flour in the trail. time
Olya, happy shopping!
Marin, thanks, I'll try to knead with a mixer.
Lena, good luck! I hope everything works out!
Marina! Thanks for the recipe! I did absolutely everything according to the recipe. Knead with a mixer. Only the dough, as it seemed to me, after the first proofing was thin, so I folded it in an envelope not once, but three times, every 15 minutes. I decided not to make baguettes, but to bake in a cauldron with a round loaf. The bread turned out to be excellent: airy, salty, with a slight sourness, something reminded me of the "Sitny" bread (it was such a favorite bread for me). Great bread !!! I present the report.
Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)

Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)
Nadia, this is efficiency! I baked such a handsome man! The cut is just a miracle!
Only the dough, as it seemed to me, after the first proofing was thin, so I folded it in an envelope not once, but three times, every 15 minutes
Very good. The flour is different, and thanks to the additional folding, the result is just super.
So I followed you with my THANKS The dough is very, very wonderful, I am constantly surprised, the same ingredients, and the recipes are almost similar, but the output is completely different dough My baguettes were successful Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz) Outwardly, it even looks like they are smeared with an egg, they have such a beautiful tan.
Thanks for the recipe.
Sima, the baguettes turned out great! So even, fluffy, rosy!
Eat to your health and enjoy!
Marinochka! Do they taste salty? I liked the recipe. And I'm looking for baguettes .... like in a store - a child ordered, tender, airy and moderately sweet ... not rubbery at all to be. and crispy.
Svetochka, they are not salty. For my taste, so common. If you ask for a little sweet, then you can add a teaspoon of sugar in addition to molasses - this will not affect the texture of the dough for the worse in any way. But from the store, in my opinion, they will still differ, according to which recipe they are not baked.
Baking French - says no, not that! And we can bake so! I'm also that craftswoman! I still have those fastidious!
Sveta, and I just thought. Can make a dough for a fussy with the addition of milk? Put the dough on the water, and milk in the dough. Of course, not according to the classics, but maybe the taste will be the most? And there should be no "rubberiness" in this version at all
Marinochka! I'm with baguettes! I did it according to your advice, I added milk to the dough, and dough with water. Delicate crumb !!! Delicious!!!!! Son with condensed milk softened two crusts!

Marin! And teach me how to bake a loaf so that the crust is crispy and not thin, so that it does not become soft after the loaf cools down. In general, my oven is primitive, it takes the roof off the bread ... I want a gift from Santa Claus!

Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)

Air baguettes (Ciril Hitz)
Svetochka, what air turned out !!! And the crust is golden! Handsome men!
I hope, at least in the first approximation, it turned out as my son wanted. And as for the crust, my crunch is preserved only on those breads where there is no sugar or milk and there is CZ flour. But I was just fighting at the request of workers for a thin crust. They say that bread is well preserved in ceramic bread bins. But I don't have it yet. I want to buy from Pokut ceramics, but everything is somehow postponed.

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