Chakhokhbili in a multicooker Philips HD 3077/40 Avance Collection

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Chakhokhbili in a multicooker Philips HD 3077/40 Avance Collection


A hen 800 g
Onion 3 pcs.
Tomatoes 3 pcs
Olive or sunflower oil 2 tbsp. l.
Chilli 1 PC.
Garlic 3 cloves
Hmeli-suneli 1 tbsp. l.
Salt, pepper, spices taste

Cooking method

  • Put the chicken in a container, turn on FRY for 25 minutes and stir fry the chicken without oil, and after 20 minutes add finely chopped onion, oil. After the end of frying, place the chopped tomatoes and peppers in a bowl. Add spices, salt and suneli hops. If there is not enough liquid from the tomatoes, you can add water or red wine, although I just added tomatoes. Then we select EXTINGUISH, according to the instructions for the cartoon, the time was supposed to be 10 minutes.

The dish is designed for

2 liters

Time for preparing:

from 1 to 3 hours

Cooking program:

Fry, simmer


I set the time to 2.5 hours as the chicken was a domestic athlete. During this time, the meat turned out to be the most tender, and after cooling in a saucepan, jellied meat was formed

: hi: Hello, I was presented with a Philips HD3025 / 03 multicooker, and the recipe book was not included. I'm in a panic. There are only two modes of rice and porridge. And somewhere I heard that you can cook meat and pies in all multicooker. Tell me please. I did not find any recipes for this particular model
I congratulate you on your assistant, but as we found out with the girls on the forum, it is your model that is essentially a simple rice cooker, but with the "rice broth" mode, on which, in principle, you can cook soups and cereals, but alas without a timer. That is, you still have to stand above the pan, only above the electric one. You can, of course, buy an outlet with a timer, also a way out in this situation. The Rice mode in such things implies cooking until the liquid is completely evaporated, so you can cook various crumbly porridges in this mode, and the other mode, as I understand it, simply extinguishes, but that's neither time nor the forum users have not found out the temperature Study, share your impressions, we will be glad to your experience The owners of Philips hang out in the branch
See you!
Thank you very much for your reply.
Can you tell us more about a socket with a timer?
Always happy to help! A socket with a timer is usually sold in hardware stores, is plugged into an outlet, and then the plug of the device is inserted into it. There is a display with time and can be programmed for the time of switching on and off the device. A very handy thing, there you can set it up like an alarm clock in a mobile phone - on days of the week what time to turn on, what time to turn off, or just like a timer with a countdown.
Never seen such a thing
Is it still possible to bake in my multicooker?
If only on condition that I purchase this timer.
Or boil soups or fry meat?
Soups are obviously possible, but about baking it is doubtful, because stewing takes place at a temperature of about 90 -95 degrees
Quote: Eva123

Is it still possible to bake in my multicooker?
Check out rice cooker recipes. There, the girls bake and stew in ordinary rice cookers with the same set of programs as yours. Good luck.
Thanks for the recipe !! learning to cook
It turns out with the cartoon you really don't need to stand at the stove for hours
Made in Unite, which with a smokehouse
She adapted the recipe a bit for her family - they don't like spicy.
Instead of chili, I put Bulgarian pepper, and ground the tomatoes in a blender and added garlic, salt and spices (suneli hops, basil, cilantro and a mixture of peppers) to the same place, ground again.
After frying and laying all the products, I put a disc for steaming in a saucepan and put the chopped potatoes there, salted.
I closed the lid, valve and turned on multi-mode for 20 minutes.
Thus, I also immediately prepared the side dish.
It all took me 1 hour (18 minutes of defrosting the chicken, during which time I prepared all the vegetables. Then I cut the thighs into 3 parts and roasted for 20 minutes. While the chicken was fried, I peeled and cut the potatoes, and 20 minutes in multi-mode.)

PS poured water - in the next. I will try once without adding water, a lot of liquid turned out
Chakhokhbili in a multicooker Philips HD 3077/40 Avance Collection Chakhokhbili in a multicooker Philips HD 3077/40 Avance Collection
I'm cooking. The smell is breathtaking :-) Thanks for the recipe

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