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Flour psh. 500 g
Eggs 4 things.
Milk 100ml
Vodka 2 tbsp. l.
Oil sl. 1 tbsp. l.
Salt 1 tsp
Honey 250 g
Sugar 100 g
Rust oil for deep fat

Cooking method

  • Beat eggs lightly with one tablespoon of sugar and salt, pour in melted butter, milk and vodka and, kneading the dough, gradually add flour. The dough should be pretty steep. Tearing off small balls the size of an apple from the dough, roll them into small thin cakes ~ 3 mm thick, which, in turn, cut into narrow strips, also 3-4 mm wide, strip-flagella and cut them across in 1-1 segments , 5 cm.
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  • To prevent the blanks from sticking to each other, sprinkle them with a small amount of flour.
  • Now we fry the future chak-chak in heated vegetable oil (by the way, you can also use ghee for this purpose) until golden brown and put it on a paper towel to rid it of excess fat.
  • Cooking honey-caramel filling. To do this, combine honey with sugar and cook, stirring occasionally, over very low heat until thickened. When boiling, honey foams strongly, be careful! The pouring is ready as soon as a drop of syrup dropped into cold water rolls with fingers into a tight ball. Pour the fried workpieces into a deep bowl, pour in syrup and stir actively. Finally, with our hands moistened with cold water, we give our magic dessert the desired shape.


Yes, yes, I know, I know that we already have a wonderful recipe for chak-chak from Freken Bok on the forum, but still, there are very few differences in our recipes, so I think that mine can take place.

Oh, how delicious it is!
I made this delicacy sometime in my youth ..... We need to remember those times and cook this sweet according to this recipe!
dopleta, Thank you
And when I was young, I often did chak-chak. And it's best to fry it and brushwood in melted pork fat. It turns out very soft and crumbly. But somehow they stopped selling it
Oh, Dobletushka, thank you very much! I will try to do it as soon as possible! I have been looking for this very joy of childhood! A friend's mom made a drop-dead recipe, but a friend didn't give anyone a recipe. Shop bought - beeee ... not that ... I hope that this recipe will be exactly that. The only thing I remember was that they really fried in pork fat, which surprised me very much, but did not spoil the taste at all. Or maybe it only seemed so in childhood
What are you girls? On the pig? I have never heard of sweet pastries fried in something other than ghee or vegetable oil.
Fried, fried in pork. Taste is not felt at all. When there was no pork, I fried brushwood on sunflower, the brushwood was tough
Especially now I began to rummage in the internet, look for a similar recipe on pork fat and came across an article about chak-chak with the following words: "The fat on which a dish is prepared determines its taste and you cannot, for example, cook sweet dishes on pork, lamb or beef lard. They are good for making hot second courses. " Maybe in your childhood you used pork fat due to the lack of ghee? And the fact that in childhood everything seemed to us the most delicious is understandable.
I agree, maybe because there was no ghee. You need a lot of it for deep fat. I would be sorry even now. It's not cheap
And I wondered at the pork fat in the pastry. My mother always did everything on creamy, and in general it was difficult to surprise me with goodies in a strange family, but for some reason I liked my friend's chak-chak very much. ) Dopplet. don't worry, I don't have it, so I'll buy some ghee and try it !!!
In Moldavia, in the village, all baked goods are still made on melted lard, and they are not felt at all.
On melted lard (lard we say) there are a bunch of delicious cookies
Well, it's a completely different matter dopleta! Not that just now... Chak-chak - what you need!
I want to tell a funny story connected in one way or another with this chak-chak. Recently we had another large feast. My daughter warned that she would come with a friend - this is absolutely normal, friends of our children, usually interesting, sociable and educated people, always turn out to be their own in the company of our friends. The guy introduced himself as Philip, a Frenchman from Switzerland, spoke English. He was modest, but sociable and witty, won me over by praising the food and asking me in detail about the recipes, and I willingly gave them. And when it came to dessert, having tried the chak-chak, he even applauded and exclaimed several times: "Bravo!" One of our tipsy friends proudly said: "We have Larka - a great professional!" (in fairness, I must say that, indeed, almost none of my friends both know how and do not like to cook). And now it's time to explain my many bashful emoticons. The next day, out of curiosity, I looked into my computer at the address indicated on his business card ... And there .... 20 pages !!! Such !!! : See for yourself 🔗
It turned out that he, one of the most famous confectioners in the world, winner of numerous highest prizes, teacher of three world champions in confectionery, etc., etc., was invited to Petersburg by some holding company that unites 50 of the coolest restaurants, to train our chefs.
Furious, I call my daughter - why, they say, did not warn? She quite reasonably answers - Mom, well, tell me, you understand what would have happened? You would have panicked, and you would either refuse to cook, or refuse to accept it, or go crazy with horror! And she's right.
And the last, for those interested in St. Petersburg - this Sunday, this very Philippe, Philippe Blondiaux, one of the most famous French and Swiss pastry chefs, is holding a meeting at 18.00 in the BENGEL & ZAEK restaurant at 21 Nevsky Street (Mertens house). Philip will tell you:
- what specialite 'must be tried if you find yourself, for example, in Provence. Or in Brittany;) In other words, sweet tour de France)
- what real croissants should be, what is the secret of an ideal eclair and how to distinguish real authentic pasta (branded French cookies, which we have already talked about more than once) from pathetic and numerous fakes
- addresses of the best pastry shops in Paris!
But the entrance is by appointment. If you are interested, I will tell you where.
dopleta, what a pity that I'm not in St. Petersburg!
Doplet! How right docha! And so everything turned out naturally and without nerves! It's just a pity that you couldn't ask for some confectionery secrets for yourself!
Dopleta, bravo !!!
wiped her nose to the foreigner !!! both our Russian women, housewives, and SIMPLE women (as my husband likes to say about Russians) know how to present themselves beautifully and with dignity in any situation!
Yes, WE ARE SIMPLE !!! and THIS IS ONLY OUR WOMEN SO MIGHT !!! believe me !!
women abroad, well, it hurts "narrow-profile" (no offense to them)
I have a story, proof of that, only sadder, I will not tell
P.S. Dopleta is a fine fellow, that she got wind of the information about the Good-GOOD MAN .... again, well, only ours can be so smart ... and quickly find out everything
what if this is fate, and maybe you will still be a wonderful mother-in-law with such a famous cook ...
oh, then the bread maker will hum even more and grind even more than before
I'm waiting for the continuation of the story

in general, took the recipe to the bookmarks, dear shukranchik and all the best !!!
Quote: lesik_l

In Moldavia, in the village, all baked goods are still made on melted lard, and they are not felt at all.
Precisely, my mother-in-law uses not just melted lard for these purposes, but only melted internal fat. I also sometimes indulge in it and instead of butter I add to some baked goods. And, indeed, it is generally difficult to guess that it is there when you try it.
Quote: katerix

Dopleta, bravo !!!
wiped her nose to the foreigner !!!
Oh, stop - wiped your nose, what are you? Well, if not disgraced. And he only praised out of politeness, it's a no brainer.
Quote: dopleta

Oh, stop - wiped your nose, what are you? Well, if not disgraced. And he only praised out of politeness, it's a no brainer.

I wonder if you didn’t know that he is such a pro, and would treat you .. could you then appreciate him, no matter that he is a man ?!
So don't be poor, please !!! I am SURE that you were appreciated at first not only as a beautiful woman, but also as a Chef with a great deal (starting from his professional activity, this is like a kick for everyone) ...
I do all this from the conclusions, knowing the site based on your madam's recipes, photos, the content of the whole house and such a husband .... only one conclusion: to get into YOUR family is happiness !!! try to look for a worthy MOTHER-mistress !!! you have everything on SUPER! keep it up, we young people have a lot to learn
Oh, Katyushenka, hello !!! Haven't heard you for a long time! I subscribe to your every word! Doppleta has all the recipes of the highest class !!!
Oh, my dears! Your words are a stimulus! I will try !
Dopletochka, how happy I am for you! I always knew that you were a pro, and now there is also SUCH proof! Although, to be honest, although I like to look at their foreign decorations-desserts, it seems to me that our homemade, albeit not so chicly decorated, is much better and more sincere, or something ..... Although the taste and color .. ..
It turns out that this yummy is easy to prepare))
Thanks for the recipe! I did half a portion) I'm happy)
True, I have large pieces - in a hurry))
Quote: Cartoon

It turns out that this yummy is easy to prepare))
Thanks for the recipe! I did half a portion) I'm happy)
Thanks for the report! It turned out very nicely!

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