Cake a la tiramisu

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Cake a la tiramisu


For the test
flour - 1 glass of multicooker (I have 160 ml)
sugar - 1 glass of multicooker (I have 160 ml)
eggs - 2 pcs.
For cream
cottage cheese 150 g
whipping cream 33% - 200 ml
condensed milk - 150 ml
For impregnating cakes
black coffee, sweet - 200 ml
cognac - taste

Cooking method

  • We make the simplest sponge cake: beat the eggs white with sugar, mix with flour and bake in any form until tender. When it cools down, cut into two cakes.
  • We brew strong black coffee with sugar (to taste). Mix the cooled coffee with cognac. Pour coffee into a flat bowl, lower the bottom crust there with the crumb down, and the top crust down. It is necessary to remove from the impregnation very quickly so that the cakes do not get too wet immediately.
  • For the cream, beat the curd cheese with condensed milk (I beat it with my hands, with a simple whisk, until smooth,
  • minutes 3). Whisk the cream separately until firm foam, combine both components, and beat lightly until smooth.
  • Spread the bottom cake, put the second on top, spread the top. Decorate with grated chocolate, cocoa, berries.
  • We put it in the refrigerator for several hours (preferably overnight) to soak.
  • Cake a la tiramisu

The dish is designed for

1 cake or several cakes, optional

Time for preparing:

1 hour to cook, overnight to soak


The cake is simple, I like the result. For tiramisu, she adapted to take not only mascarpone, but any
unsalted curd cream without additives, which is in the store - "Cream-bonjour", "Almette".
And instead of a biscuit, I somehow used dried gingerbread, cut into slices. And it was delicious too! Coffee with
cognac and delicious cream will make "tiramisu"!

The Tiramisu recipe was originally taken from the Pie Blog by Shushundra and slightly modified.

I have been wanting to try taramisu for a long time, but I can't get myself together. Took your prescription. Then I will unsubscribe.
strawberry, try it! At least with a biscuit, at least with real savoyards, at least with dried gingerbread. I don’t like raw eggs in cream ... And I like that this cream without eggs is done in 5 minutes, and the result has never disappointed me. Hope you like it too
oh what a beautiful valentine heart
: flowers: Oh, thank you, they reminded me. Instead of mascarpone, I often use sweet curd masses. Also, the whole technology with cream and condensed milk. And it turns out no worse, it's true. And in a similar cake I take cookies "Ladies finger" (biscuit fingers), often sold in Metro stores, I just quickly dip these "fingers" into a bowl of unsweetened strong coffee. I spread several layers and smear with cream. I crush the top with cocoa. It comes out great.
Alexandra , well, yes, it was necessary to please your men. And we know the way to their hearts
Grypana, I was also very happy when I learned that mascarpone is perfectly substituted by other curd cheeses. You can do it in any place where there is at least some store, and not only in Moscow. And ladies' fingers are not always there, unfortunately. But I had dried gingerbread. It was with them that my tiramisu began!
: girl_red: Well, here! Made like a-la-la-la ... tiramisu. In the nearest O "Kei, there was no mascarpone, savoyardi ... My daughter brought ready-made cakes, and I decided to bake these sticks, although Seleznev recommended separately knocking down the whites and yolks, but ... In short, delicious cakes turned out, they could not be deposited. I whipped cream. Separately, butter cream with condensed milk, it turned out to be watery. In general, I moistened the cakes with coffee with amaretto, poured it with cream, and put it in the cold room. In the evening with my granddaughter, we will try: girl_cray: Yes, that was real amaretto, Italy.
I hope it’s not yet evening. It’s okay that the cream seemed thin to you - it will solidify in the fridge, and the excess liquid will go to soften the biscuits. In any case, it will be delicious, I'm sure!
Quote: Ikra

I hope it’s not over yet. It’s okay that the cream seemed thin to you - it will solidify in the refrigerator, and the excess liquid will go to soften the biscuits. In any case, it will be delicious, I'm sure!
Yes! And so it happened. Dare everything in 5 minutes! But still, I want a real tiramisu, although my granddaughter asked me to write down the recipe. Thanks again!
Well, the question of the "authenticity" of tiramisu is a moot point.
This recipe, which I slightly modified (that is, tiramisu without eggs), was found by the author in an old Italian cookbook, Napoli Consiglio, from 1899, although of course the cookies were savoyardi.
So, if you liked it, then you can quite calmly consider this tiramisu
I don't really believe in 100% accurate folk recipes, because every Italian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Russian, etc. hostess still has her own home secrets and deviations from the recipe, and her dish (if it succeeded), and will be the most real - tiramisu, borscht, pilaf or lasagne
I am glad that I liked the dessert!
Quote: Ikra

every Italian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Russian, etc. hostess still has her own home secrets and deviations from the recipe, and her dish (if it succeeded) will be the real one - tiramisu, borscht, pilaf or lasagne
How accurately noticed! You should always remember that recipes are created and then reproduced by ordinary or extraordinary people, and everyone has their own style, like handwriting, like fingerprints - there are similar ones, no identical ones!

Great recipe, Caviar! And how beautifully served!
: rose: The recipe deserves attention, no doubt! Ikra-well done! But you want a thick layer of cream - can you use gelatin, as is also advised? What do you think? The taste of the cream will likely change? In some cafe I tried tiramisu, but did not get much pleasure. There are different molds and I want to cook something unusual. Tell me please.
It seems to me that you can just use sugar powder instead of condensed milk, because condensed milk itself is liquid.
The caviar will come and tell you how to achieve greater density, and it hits me on the neck that I'm interfering, but I, it seems to me, perfectly disguised myself
: girl_haha: While she's gone, we'll make some jokes. It also seemed to me that after adding condensed milk to the butter cream, it became liquid. The cream itself in the jar was strong. I've already read so much about tiramisu ... I broke those cookies that turned out instead of savoyardi and stupidly poured cream into the bowls. It was tasty too.
Oh and pile on me ...
Well, listen to another option, namesake ...
If you add melted chocolate to the cream, and soak the cookies in orange juice, slightly boiled with sugar, zest and strong aromatic alcohol (cognac, brandy, whiskey, Calvados ...), then you also get a crazy combination of tastes, such a tiramisu-moor
Well, this is sadism! : girl_cray: Will it add another kilogram ?!
Arch, yes, you are a gourmet !!! The combination of chocolate and orange - mmmmmmmm, magically Great idea, take note.
Quote: Rita

Arch, yes, you are a gourmet !!! The combination of chocolate and orange - mmmmmmmm, magically Great idea, take note.
Quote: strawberry

Well, this is sadism! : girl_cray: Will it add another kilogram ?!
So I am firmly convinced that desserts are not in kilograms, but all in the brain. And when you really believe, materialization is inevitable!
In the section I laughed ... I read: a person grows up to 25 years old, but only ... and the stomach does not know about it. Everything is like mine. But I always eat sweets with pleasure ...
Here is the recipe for savoyardi, and, by the way, in molds and make blanks "lady's finger", and will go to tiramasu.
Take this only as a recipe addition or option,
Well, you dreamed here while I was fixing the computer))))
Yes, I don’t know ... I like liquid cream in tiramisu, but I don’t like gelatin. If the cream is not enough, you can simply make it larger
In general, I love that even a biscuit was soaked in a zyuzu To scoop such tender from a bowl with a spoon ...
By the way, instead of savoyardi, you can use biscuit cookies like "Leningrad".
From these cookies, I made tiramisu in bowls with cream, which is in the recipe. But the biscuit was pouring over the coffee and cognac as it should. I don’t practice amaretto, but I like the cognac note in this dessert.
Awesome recipe! I did it three times already, it eats up instantly, I don't even have time to take a picture.
And how had I not guessed to soak the cakes earlier? this is it - simply ingenious. I was always tormented with spoons, brushes, sprinkles ... Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The cream was made with mascarpone, and with curd cheese, and just with homemade tender curd. I took condensed milk both ordinary and boiled. The cream turns out wonderful!
For the 8th March cake I made a "drunk cherry" on cognac and used it for impregnation and decoration.

In general, delight and a lot of thanks!

cvt , how glad I am! Even the lack of photos is forgiven
Aha !!!! Without me, they discussed it, it turns out! I rushed to the last answer, but did not guess to look at the previous page.
This is what I will say about gelatin: it is probably possible with it. But then soak the biscuits or savoyards right away so that they are directly wet. After all, coffee with alcohol (or juice, as they said here - I already want to do this too), only moistens the biscuit, and it takes the rest of the liquid and softness from the cream. And with gelatin, the cream will give nothing, greedy
In stores, a certain dry substance for tiramisu from Dr. Etker is sold - that's where, it seems to me, just such a cream turns out. Honestly, with all due respect to this company, I didn't like this tiramisu at all. Precisely because the cakes were not soaked, not soaked, and did not "make friends", as they say on the forum, with cream.
I soak biscuits by mixing part of the cream from Qween (not the cream itself, or rather, the liquid from the cream) with the juice of squeezed cranberries, for example. The options are countless. Playing with the consistency of cream, you can achieve completely different results.
If you try, you can easily get what you call "a spoon from a bowl, mmm"
Sasha, I didn't understand anything about the "liquid from cream" And the rest is there?
Qween cream - what is it?

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