Lean pie with potato buckwheat filling

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Lean pie with potato buckwheat filling


water 240 g
sugar 4 tbsp. l.
salt 1 tsp
margarine 50-60 gr
vegetable oil 4 tbsp. l.
yeast SAF Moment 1 tsp or 1.5
flour 450 g
buckwheat 1 m. St. or 3 / 4st
water 1 tbsp.
salt 0.5 tsp
mashed potatoes 1 lunch serving or 1-1.5 st
black pepper 1 chain
dry garlic 1 tsp
frozen dill 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • I bring to your attention a simple but delicious pie. This recipe was shared by my friend who lives in western Ukraine, such pies are served with Ukrainian borsch
  • We make the dough in a bread maker on the dough mode 1:30 h. The dough should be tender and initially smears a little near the knife, but with further kneading, an excellent dough is obtained
  • Cooking the filling. Boil buckwheat until loose, add fried onions and mashed potatoes and spices to your taste, I had dry garlic, black pepper and dill. Mix everything well. You can add more or less potatoes, adjust to your taste.
  • From the resulting dough we form a rectangular layer on one half, spread the filling with a thick layer and cover with the second half, pinch the edges well. The top can be greased with an egg and pierced in several places with a fork. This time I put it in a silicone mold for the beauty of the result. We put in the oven and bake until tender, but do not overdry, you should get a soft bottom and a rosy top. Cover the finished cake with a towel and put a small load on top, so that the crust does not leave the filling. When the pie has cooled, cut and mince it with sour cream and sweet tea, or simply serve instead of bread to the first.

The dish is designed for

1430 g

Time for preparing:

1.5 h

Cooking program:



Here's a cutaway pie Lean pie with potato buckwheat filling
Still, it is better to bake the cake on a pan to a slight blush and not dry it out as I did in a silicone mold. It turns out a cake half the size of the Dream stove. You can take any of your favorite pastry dough

Interesting filling! I must try Thank you!
Does the dough include both margarine and butter?
Quote: Olga78

Interesting filling! I must try Thank you!
Does the dough include both margarine and butter?
Yes, margarine and butter go into the dough, but you can simply replace 70-80 gr. margarine will be better. I usually make the dough by eye and I can put in more margarine next time, the main thing is that the dough is soft. Any pie dough goes with this filling.
And how much flour?
Quote: Forta

And how much flour?
Sorry, I missed 450 gr. But look at your flour, the dough should be slightly sticky and soft, the bun is softer than for bread and will slightly grease from below.

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