Delicate sour cream cake

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Delicate sour cream cake


Wheat flour 190 g
Sour cream 200 g
Sugar 175 g
Chicken eggs 3 pcs = 175 g
Creamy margarine 25 g
Soda 1.5 tsp. in dimensional
* condensed milk, nuts, raisins, vanilla, cocoa, jam taste
** vegetable oil for lubricating molds
** molds D = 8 cm 16-18 pieces

Cooking method

  • By ingredients:
  • Eggs come in from 50 to 85 grams, and for a small amount of dough it will be better to focus on their mass, rather than pieces. The amount of flour is indicated precisely for such a mass of eggs (peeled from the shell), which is recorded in the recipe. Reduce / add flour to learn the consistency of thick sour cream. I took sour cream 20% fat, baking flour of the highest grade, did not extinguish soda with vinegar. It is desirable that all products are at room temperature, especially margarine - I do not melt it, but break it into small pieces with a mixer. If necessary, margarine softens in 30 seconds on a saucer in the microwave. The amount of margarine determines the type of crumb in the cake:
  • 0 g = finely porous foam rubber crumb (really, what is the touch, what is the color),
  • about 25 g = loose, moist crumb,
  • 60g or more = fatty, crumbly, wet crumb.
  • Preparation:
  • 1) Mix sugar, sour cream, eggs and margarine with a mixer until a more or less homogeneous mass, add flour in several steps, so as not to pour too much.
  • * at this stage, if desired, add nuts, raisins, vanilla, cocoa ...
  • 2) Prepare baking dishes, oil them if necessary.
  • 3) Now divide the dough into 2 parts, pour baking soda into one of them - 3/4 of a small measuring container from a bread machine (3/4 teaspoon), mix and arrange in tins. You can put a drop of jam on top of the dough, it will sink and you will get a juicy filling. Immediately place them in a cold airfryer and turn it on at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. The cupcakes are done when the top crust changes from orange to brownish - it won't burn, just crispy like a waffle.
  • 4) While the first batch is baking, add soda to the second part of the dough, mix and lay out on the remaining molds to quickly put them in the AG in the place of the first ones. It is convenient to use forceps for this.
  • Ready-made muffins can be eaten hot, or you can spread them with condensed milk and give them time to soak.

The dish is designed for

16-18 small muffins D = 7cm

Time for preparing:

45 minutes

Cooking program:

Single-speed airfryer 12L with an expansion ring, without warming up, put on the lower grill at 200 degrees for 13-15 minutes.


The same recipe applied to the oven:
Preheat the oven, grease the baking dish (s). Pour everything except flour and soda into one container and try to stir with a mixer until a homogeneous bubbling mass (3-5 minutes). Mix flour with baking soda and add to the dough in 2-3 doses. Here, if you wish, you can add: nuts, raisins, vanilla, cocoa, etc. Do not beat for a long time - when there are no flour lumps left, pour the dough into molds and into the oven for 30 * minutes at 180C ** (parameters for the amount of ingredients specified in the recipe + see asterisk below). Check readiness with a stick, by this time it should just be baked.

The cupcake in the oven turns out to be large and sweet in itself, but a sweet tooth can do the following with it: cut it into "cakes", take condensed milk (not boiled) and sour cream, mix them 50/50 (more condensed milk !!!) and spread on "cakes" as well as on top. After a while, the cake will soak and become damp, like a mini-cake.
But the most delicious optionwhen cocoa is added to the dough, and the resulting chocolate cakes are smeared with condensed milk mixed with coconut "sawdust" from a freshly cut nut. It tastes like Raffaello + Chocolate, and the longer it is soaked in the refrigerator, the juicier it becomes!
* The prepared dough was poured into three glass molds 15x15 cm, with a layer of about 2 cm each.
** Since the oven is old, the temperature of 180C was determined according to the instructions, this is the position of the knob number "3" out of 10 possible.

My first recipe on this site I will add detailed photos of the whole process soon! What will be the proposals for the time and temperature of baking in the AG?
I was looking for just such a recipe .. I took it to the bookmarks: girl_cleanglasses:
I will bake tomorrow, because the cheesecake dough is almost ready, and there are only two of us
I'll be back with a report
Oca, so this is how we will try to bake in AG, so we will immediately share the mode on which it is convenient to bake !! I don’t know yet !! But the recipe is interesting.
WaspThank you very much for the recipe! : rose: I just thought that I needed to make a cupcake in AG and here they are, handsome!
Maria, thanks for the recipe! Something lately my airfryer has been idle, I need to give it a new job.
Thanks for the recipe !!! Today, according to this recipe, I only added 4 eggs, and put rhubarb in the dough. I added baking powder instead of soda. Delicious !!!! I just didn't bake it a little bit, I had to leave the house, it was baked at 180 ° C for 40 minutes, swelled a lot, but I turned off the oven and ran away. When I came he was a donkey and was moist inside, but still very tasty. Thanks again.Delicate sour cream cake
Quote: Nyurochka_29

Thanks for the recipe !!! ... When I came he was a donkey and was moist inside, but still very tasty.
You are welcome! Help yourself!
Just a couple of notes on the recipe? When baking, the dough rises 2-2.5 times. It is not perforated in the photo ... or there is not enough baking powder, or the dough is too "heavy" (a lot of butter or eggs). It usually comes out more airy. Try not to pour a lot of dough into the mold, the smaller the mold, the fluffier the cake is. Here, I found old photos, cupcakes were baked in Delongy's gas oven:
Delicate sour cream cake Delicate sour cream cake Delicate sour cream cake
Just a sour cream cake:
Delicate sour cream cake

Sour cream cake with cocoa:
Delicate sour cream cake

There are even more holes in the 8cm airfryer, very similar to Orange cupcake
A few days ago I baked these muffins for my child in new tins, they really turn out fluffy and still low-fat, but not dry either (but apparently you need to store it in a bag, otherwise they dry out after a few days (if they survive)
Delicate sour cream cake

I slightly reduced sugar, up to 150 grams, 33 grams of butter (so it turned out), soda 1 tsp. Added raisins.
Oh yes, I baked in the oven.

Thanks for the recipe!

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