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Ashi in Greek


mashed potatoes, whipped with hot milk, butter, one raw egg about 1 kg of finished
Any minced meat, I make with pork (whatever you like, fish will do too) a pound
Bryndza or feta, you can use just grained cottage cheese, not sweet 300 g
Onion garlic 2 large onions and 4 large cloves
For minced meat, it is MANDATORY oregano (I take dried) and fresh mint leaves, for fish it is better to take dried oregano and marjoram, just do not regret, they contain all the cimus
medium zucchini (at this time of the year I use mine from the garden, frozen, without seeds, chop into pieces) one

Cooking method

  • 1. Make mashed potatoes. Beat everything into a fluffy mass.
  • 2. In a skillet, bring the onion and garlic to transparency (I take two large onions and 4 large cloves of garlic for a pound of minced meat). Add the zucchini, simmer until the liquid evaporates, salt at the very end, otherwise we risk getting a smear instead of slices of zucchini. Add minced meat. We bring it almost to readiness with the addition of dry oregano.
  • 3. Take a heat-resistant form. Lubricate with vegetable oil. We spread the minced meat on the bottom, after adding fresh mint leaves. On it with a loose layer of cottage cheese, or feta, or feta cheese. Distribute puree on top.
  • 4. Sprinkle the same cottage cheese on top (or whatever we managed to buy there). You can add grated Gouda cheese.
  • 5. We send to the oven until browning, at 200 degrees.
  • Important: if the minced meat is pork, put the dish on a baking sheet, not on the wire rack, otherwise you will make the bottom of the oven, it will gurgle and splatter when baked.


I completely forgot to add that the recipe of Y. Vysotskaya.

It seems to me that this recipe can be made in a multicooker, but I'm not sure in which mode Thanks for the recipe magari and Julia Vysotskaya (I love her recipes)

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