Rustic breakfast

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Kitchen: Russian
Rustic breakfast


Raw small potatoes 4 things.
Cottage cheese 300 g
Chicken egg 2 pcs.
Raw onions 1 PC.
Kefir 100 g
Sour cream 100 g
Salt, spices taste

Cooking method

  • Boil the potatoes in their skins, rinse with cold water to make it easier to peel, cool and cut into slices.
  • Boil eggs, chop finely, chop the onion thinly along the slices.
  • Combine everything with cottage cheese, kefir and sour cream, salt and pepper, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs on top

you have a cool village, straight Tsarskoe Selo! I’ve come from the regional spring, Duc breakfast consisted of a cup of tea and boiled sausage for 30 hryvnia. I tried it purely for the sake of experiment. toilet paper mixed with galina blank cubes. horror.
but I would definitely not refuse such a breakfast.
Well, really, cartoons with eggs and kefir are you dumb there? !!!!

Lazy .........
Believe it or not, the village is a truly pathetic sight. They dug up the potatoes the size of a pigeon's egg - the largest, the chickens almost do not rush, since the heat was unbelievable, but there was no cow, because there was nothing to feed it in winter. I gave them pearl and sour cream and kefir from the city. I am not saying that it is the same everywhere. but where I went it was such a sad picture. the village is dying out. everyone wants to be either bosses or deputies ...
But I'll take your recipe at the end of September anyway! let them have a real country breakfast at least once.
And kada UTB in the villages they had breakfast with shop boiled sausage?
Yes, read twenty years as breakfast. how nezalezhnist came, and collective farms and social. the benefits, respectively, are gone, and they have breakfast. yes, and they keep exclusively Vietnamese pigs - because they are herbivores, because there is nothing to feed an ordinary pig either. in short, some kind of Vietnamese branch, not a Ukrainian village.
It's sad to hear
Brightwing! My sister is leaving for the Poltava region for the whole summer, until November. Everything is growing, it does not even water, as we are here in the suburbs. During the season, they manage to grow up smoking. Grows vegetables for three families.
I, by my natural laziness, do not kill myself on my hundred square meters - and then everything grows!
Well, I buy cottage cheese, sour cream and kefir from the presidential farm - fortunately, there is a sanatorium next to the President's administrative department; they are brought from Nepetsino; what remains is sold to local residents.
so the same Poltava region is a blessed land ...
And what about us - the Northern Black Sea region - steeeeeep yes steeeeeep krugoooooo. Our first yellow grass appears in mid-May. Everything burns without watering. And water is only a couple of hours a day, and even then not every day. that's how they have fun: they will plant a bag of potatoes, and collect a bucket of peas.
With my habit of constantly washing my hands in general, what a saboteur looked like there :)
and Poltava region yeah, Poltava region is very good, beautiful and ... delicious!
not, Chersonesos is far away. Ovidiopol is closer to us. in the summer they were at the site of an ancient Greek settlement, so there are these clay amphorae, as in a modern pottery factory. really broken. you can, of course, look for whole ones, but that's already an article.

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