Wheat-rye yeast pancakes

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Wheat-rye yeast pancakes


Wheat flour 200 g
Rye flour 200 g
Warm water 800 ml
Eggs 3 pcs.
Salt 1.3 tsp
Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Butter 100 g
Dry yeast 1 tsp
For filler:
Red onion
Salt, vinegar taste

Cooking method

  • Cooking pancakes
  • Pour 500 ml warm water into a bowl, sift all the flour, add 1/3 tsp. salt, yeast, stir with a jelly, put in a warm place for proofing.
  • Sediment the dough, add melted (not hot!) Butter, water 300 ml., The rest of the salt, sugar, eggs, - mix everything well with a jelly, so that there are no lumps, and put on a proofer, until the dough increases by 2-2.5 times ... Pay attention, the dough rises quickly.
  • We knead the dough and you can bake pancakes. But, if you are adjusting the thickness of the dough by adding flour or water, then you need to let the dough move a little more until bubbles appear so that the yeast dissolves in the dough and takes a new portion of the dough components. The consistency of the dough is like "liquid kefir".
  • Wheat-rye yeast pancakes
  • We heat the frying pan to a very hot, grease the bottom with a brush (silicone) with a thin layer of vegetable oil.
  • Pour the dough into the pan with a small (or large !?) ladle, let it spread over the pan, tilting the pan in different directions.
  • The dough will continue to bubble in the bowl as we bake the pancakes.
  • We bake pancakes on both sides until blush. Do not overdry the pancakes, as the dough contains rye flour and the pancakes can be dry and brittle around the edges.
  • Wheat-rye yeast pancakes
  • Put the finished pancakes on a plate, grease a drop on top with butter, cover with a lid on top so that the pancakes do not dry out.
  • Wheat-rye yeast pancakes
  • Wheat-rye yeast pancakes
  • Preparing filler for pancakes.
  • Cut the red onion, a drop of salt, vinegar into thin strips, grind it with your hands a little, leave it to brew.
  • Fillet the herring. Transfer to the herring, add pickled onions (without liquid, squeeze), garnish with thin slices of pickled cucumber.
  • Serve pancakes can be separately from the herring or just with sour cream. Or you can wrap the herring and onions in a pancake with a tube.
  • Wheat-rye yeast pancakes


Oh, how tasteful !!!!

Today everything has intertwined and worked out for me: the continuation of the anniversary, guests, a completely new frying pan, a recipe for rye pancakes, read overnight, the herring is good, large and fat as it should be, and which they did not manage to cut and eat the day before, and ... .. in general, everything went to baking another portion of pancakes! And now when everyone is full and crawled out to digest sweets, you can write a recipe!

That's it, there won't be more pancakes for a long time ... Shrovetide is over, otherwise you can crack!

Bon appetit, everyone!Wheat-rye yeast pancakes

Tatyana, here I bring my thanks and pancakes Very, very unexpectedly tasty. Such a combination, class A, the dough was so airy and foamy, ah! I highly recommend everyone Wheat-rye yeast pancakesWheat-rye yeast pancakes

Tanya, the pancakes turned out to be delicate, beautiful! And delicious!
Here, too, I think to repeat again, there is a herring

I am glad that I liked this version of pancakes with rye flour!
Thank you very much for the recipe! The pancakes turned out very tasty. True, I added a little ground coriander to the dough. Well, incredibly tasty! With a herring, with a cucumber! Men's snack! Thanks again from me, from my husband and his friend, from my children! Everyone loved the pancakes! And they bake wonderfully!

Larissa, to your health!
And a big hello and THANKS to her husband and friend for eating pancakes, and really TASTY!

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