Roll with salmon

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Roll with salmon


Thin sheets of lavash
Melted cheese in a jar
Lightly salted salmon
Lettuce leaves
Lemon, herbs (optional)

Cooking method

  • Spread lavash with Viola type melted cheese in a jar, you can Druzhba, you can Shrimp. Put lettuce leaves on top, on it slices of lightly salted salmon. Roll into a roll, wrap in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator. There is the next day.

  • You can put a thin slice of lemon and sprigs of your favorite greens on top of the fish before rolling.

  • There is also a variant of such a roll, more a favorite in my family. We call this dish twisted... The principle is the same, but instead of lavash, lettuce leaves are used, a platter of melted cheese is placed on them (you know?), Then fish, lemon, greens, rolled into a roll and sent to your mouth!

  • PS Salmon, of course, is not a cheap fish ... Before the holidays, I buy a whole carcass in the Metro, weighing about 2 kg, and immediately divide it into parts. Head, fins and tail - on aspic. (For aspic, I buy more goose, also entirely). Four good steaks (according to the number of family members) - for fish with a creamy sauce, according to Daria Dontsova's recipe - very tasty! About half of the fish remains. And here I also salt it for such rolls. Although not cheap, but waste-free production. And three sumptuous dishes.

Gasha, I already want to visit you for the next holiday!
Lyusenka, for YOU, okay? And then you can visit !!!
Gasha, and the recipe for fish with a creamy sauce and salting hde ??? Maybe I don't need it, but Schaub Boulo
Natus, I can put recipes, but without photos ... I can't run around with a cameraman on holidays ...

1. About salting... we have a whole topic on our site HERE

My family likes the proportion - for 1 kg of fish 2 tbsp. l. coarse salt for 2 tbsp. l. Sahara. I make fillets (I separate the ridge, ribs, then remove small bones with tweezers). Two layers of skin are obtained. The fish is rubbed on both sides with a mixture of salt and sugar and placed in a bowl under slight pressure on the lift ... in the evening I put it in the refrigerator, in the morning you can eat. You can add pepper, davrovy leaf, cognac, coriander ... but it's all individually, who likes what.

2. Jellied fish.

This means that we have two heads, two tails and fins from salmon and pike perch. This is in this case, or you can just buy a fish soup set (there are huge heads of good fish species, sometimes sturgeon happens). We cut out the gills from the heads. If the head is very large, then we chop it in half. And now we fill this whole thing with water, boil, remove the foam, and cook on low heat for about three hours. Twenty minutes before the end of cooking, add the onion and carrots to the pan - this is for taste. And for decoration, we will cook the carrots separately. Together with the vegetables, put the zander, cut in half. I buy for a small aspic (about a kilogram), exclusively for meat. And then the aspic looks beautiful: pink salmon meat and white pike perch. Pike perch is cooked quickly. Twenty minutes is enough. We turn off, filter, disassemble into pieces. We put pieces of meat in trays, there are also circles (you can make flowers) of carrots, thin slices of lemon, greens. For aspic, I specifically buy two packages - that's what it's called: "For fish aspic." There's gelatin and spices. But I did it just with gelatin, and added spices myself. In my opinion, add there to the broth, bring to a boil and strain. But everything is written on the pack. We must try about the salt. Well, that's all. Carefully, so as not to disturb the beauty, pour from a ladle into trays for fish. When it cools down, put in the refrigerator. You can eat in the morning.You can immediately cut the zander into thin plates and cook in separate water for about five minutes. Then the pieces are more beautiful and the broth is more transparent. Well, it is quite transparent in the first way.

3. Salmon in Cypriot (Dontsova's recipe)

Take a piece (steak) of fish 4 cm thick, wash it and put it in a frying pan. Then gently, not from above, but from the side, start pouring very fatty, at least 30 percent cream. The fish should protrude from them by half. Place two slices of lemon on top of the steak, one for each piece. Having arranged the citrus, immediately slide the pan into the oven. Prepares quickly, maximum thirty to forty minutes.
Gashunya, thank you !!! And someone else can insert pictures, well, who has an extra fish lying around on the farm, and wants to try the recipes
PS Although I imagined this jellied salmon and perch without pictures, but in thin plates, but in a transparent broth ...
To your health! Natus, if you find out who has the salmon lying around, whistle ... although ... you have to ask Omeloka ...
God! It looks so appetizing that there is no strength
vusya, Thank you!

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