Red bean lobio with mchadi

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Red bean lobio with mchadi


Canned red beans 2 cans of 400 gr
walnuts 200 g
bulb onions 1-2 pcs
garlic 3-4 tooth
cilantro, parsley 5-10 branches
hops-suneli 1 tsp
salt pepper taste
rast. oil 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • There are many lobio recipes. This one - one of the most primitive, is prepared in a hurry. The onion is chopped finely and simmered in vegetable oil. At the end, add suneli hops to it, then the seasoning will be more aromatic. Finely chop the greens too. Drain the broth from the jars of beans and combine the beans with onions and all other ingredients, except for garlic. Then, if you prefer a very delicate lobio, then it is better to pass it through a meat grinder twice. We love to "chew", so I grind everything in a blender. Now you can add garlic pressed through a press and mix everything well.

The dish is designed for

10 servings

Time for preparing:

20 minutes


It is very tasty to serve lobio with mchadi - corn tortillas. They are also very easy to cook. Only cornmeal is needed, cereal is not good. Flour is mixed with warm water in a ratio of 2: 1, cakes are sculpted, which are fried in vegetable oil, in a preheated pan, first until browning, and then, under the lid, are brought to readiness over low heat. Ideally, a slice of suluguni is placed in a cut hot tortilla, but, of course, not in fasting.

Oh, Georgians are always offended when their favorite national lobby is made from canned food. They recognize beans only fresh, boiled with cilantro. Delicious, of course and nutritious
Quote: Asteria

Oh, Georgians are always offended when their favorite national lobby is made from canned food.

That is why I wrote in the line "national cuisine" that the recipe for this loBio is adapted. I myself often make both loBio and pkhali from "live" beans, but then I noticed that this recipe for loBio was in a hurry.
Whipping up is sometimes good! And if there is time, then we will soak and cook the beans.
Uppsss ... How much more unknown is stored in the bowels of this forum?
The recipe is great for its speed and ease of preparation. Larochka, another thank you! You are a genius!
Quote: dopleta
Flour is mixed with warm water in a 2: 1 ratio

By weight or by volume?

Quote: dopleta
cereal is not good

Can you try to grind in a coffee grinder?

The flour, alas, as usual, ended at the wrong time ...

Quote: dopleta
cakes are made, which are fried in vegetable oil

Larochka, what if in a dry frying pan?
Forgive me, Innochka, I just got home and ran here before going to sleep. I take voluminous parts, you can grind in a coffee grinder, and you can also fry in a dry frying pan. I wrote a little in the recipe there, but I should take into account that they are baked in a frying pan over low heat for quite a long time. and then they are not cut to the very end, they are opened with a "book", a slice of a real market suluguni is put into the "covers", and - mmm! And under the red Georgian wine, and so! There are definitely hot ones!
dopleta, Larissa, it's very simple and very tempting! Thank you!!!

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