Marzipan log

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Marzipan log


Almond 200gr
Granulated sugar 200gr
Dried apricots 300gr
Seedless grapes 200-300gr
Walnuts or quiches 100
Honey 50gr

Cooking method

  • 1. Dip the almonds in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Throw in a colander, remove the skin. Rinse the kernels and fry in a dry hot frying pan for 10-15 stirring. Grind the nuts in a blender until puree.
  • 2. From sugar and 2 tbsp. l of water boil the syrup over low heat, add almonds (puree) to the syrup and heat for 3-4 minutes, stirring. Put the mass on a flat dish, cool. Pass through a meat grinder.
  • 3. Grind 200 g of steamed dried apricots in a blender, chop the walnuts with a knife. Mix nuts and dried apricots, add honey and heat for 3-4 minutes.
  • 4. Cover the rectangular shape with cling film. Put whole dried apricots on the bottom, then 1/3 of the marzipan mass. Put half of the dried apricots and nuts puree on it.
  • Put the grapes in a dense layer, on it the second third of the marzipan. Then add the remaining puree (dried apricots and nuts) and the remaining marzipan. Cover the mold with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 4-5 hours.
  • Remove the marzipan from the mold, turn it over onto a dish.

  • Marzipan log

  • Recipe from the magazine School of Gastronome, 2006


Everything turned out to be not so simple. The recipe is lean, and marzipan, in my understanding, asked for gelatin or something binder. And it would be nice to add 50 grams of amaretto to moisturize.
And it so happened that I could not buy seedless grapes. There was no way to get to the market, and the store was only large, but, as I was assured, it was pitted. It was pointless to carry those grapes back. However, be that as it may, the dessert turned out to be very tasty. And how could he get with such a set of products?

celfh , a gorgeous piece of wood! I can imagine how delicious it is. I’ll take it to the tabs for now.
Take away, take away
Oh, and beauty! Want !
Quote: Kalmykova

Oh, and beauty! Want !
After the post we will make a quick version, I think it will be even better
And what is the difference between the modest?
Actually, the marzipan log is made entirely according to the recipe. But the product is very fragile. I’m thinking, if I prepare marzipan filling for a marzipan log, as in an almond log. It will be great, I think so.
Celfh, Tanyusha, what a beauty aaa And what is delicious - there is no doubt at all

And about marzipan - can I tell you about my negative (for now!) Experience
As I understand it, in order for marzipan to turn out right - very plastic, like plasticine, you need almond flour, and not even finely ground nuts.

I periodically for 2 !!! for years I have been trying to do this at home from nuts (I even got hold of bitter myindal!), and not from purchased almond flour (there seems to be such a thing ...). On what I tried to grind nuts into flour, even through a fine sieve, rubbed it with a pestle (after grinding in a mortar)
Of all the possible, I have not tried only the electric coffee grinder - well, I have not ...

So to modernize the recipe, as you suggest - with the addition of a thickener - the very thing. Only I instead of gelatin (for obvious reasons) use pectin plus agar everywhere. Need to try!

celfh , die not get up !!!!!!! Straight work of art !!!
Olga from Voronezh

No words, there are letters.
Quote: Nagira

Celfh, Tanyusha, what a beauty aaa And what is delicious - there is no doubt at all

And about marzipan - can I tell you about my negative (for now!) Experience
Of course it is possible, we are here for this and have gathered to share experience, and not only positive.Irina, I also have a negative experience, I didn't think of working with a pestle, but I broke one coffee grinder, After that I decided not to mess with it anymore. But time passed, the experience was forgotten, and I bought a bleder, but the miracle did not happen

Omela, Olga from Voronezh, thanks girls
Celfh, it's great! Unusually beautiful! And delicious, I love marzipan!
Nice, no doubt, but it will crumble ... Maybe add cookies, ground into crumbs? Halved almonds with cookies. A little jelly or lean semolina porridge can be a binder ... It is necessary to conduct experiments ...
The result is just awesome! Svetlana, a hotel plus for your patience in working with marzipan! I always pray in a coffee grinder, the nut is soft. If you take the classic marzipan recipe - nuts, powdered sugar, water or alcohol, and without boiling, just combine everything. You can sculpt from plasticine and roll it out. Did the almonds lose their stickiness due to roasting?

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