Choux pastry cake

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Choux pastry cake


Water 250 gr.
Margarine (oil) 180 g
A pinch of salt
Flour 1.5 cups
Eggs 5-6 pcs.
Butter 250 g
Condensed milk 1 can

Cooking method

  • Put a pinch of salt, margarine for baking in the water, bring to a boil and as soon as the margarine melts, reduce the heat to a minimum and add all the flour (measure in advance) and quickly knead the dough until a homogeneous, plastic mass is obtained, without turning off the heat. Flour, unlike the dough for cakes, lays down more - otherwise it will be very difficult to roll out the dough, but no more than 1.5 glasses, a little less is possible. Remove the dough from heat, let it cool slightly and beat in eggs one at a time, stirring each time until smooth. It took me 5 eggs. Make sure that the dough is not too runny.
  • The finished dough should be placed in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours - it should cool well and become harder. It will make 6-7 cakes for the whole leaf.
  • We make cakes: take the dough out of the refrigerator, dip the spoon in flour and pry the dough with a very large slide. Pour the dough back into the refrigerator. Put the dough from a spoon into flour on the table (everything must be done quickly enough so that the dough does not "melt"), form a cake and roll it out.
  • Choux pastry cake Choux pastry cake Choux pastry cake
  • Transfer the rolled dough to a baking sheet (I don't grease it with anything) using a rolling pin - see photo. When winding on a rolling pin, shake off excess flour.
  • Choux pastry cake Choux pastry cake Choux pastry cake
  • Bake at 1800C minutes 15. I look when ready, if the cakes are overdried, then they will crumble when cutting. And so 6 times.
  • Choux pastry cake
  • It remains to collect the cake.
  • Cream: 250 gr. beat butter with a mixer + can of condensed milk - beat with a mixer.
  • Take a plate or lid of a suitable diameter and cut out round pancakes from the cakes. Do not be discouraged if it crumbles a little. We lay and coat each layer with cream. Several layers of not whole pancakes, but a mosaic of scraps.
  • Choux pastry cake Choux pastry cake
  • We leave the whole pancake on top. Until it is smeared, press down the cake evenly (without fanaticism), and then coat the whole cake.
  • Choux pastry cake Choux pastry cake
  • We make crumbs from small scraps and sprinkle the sides and top with it. You can decorate as you like.
  • Choux pastry cake
  • The cake is almost ready, but it would be better for him to stand a little.


My family's favorite cake. It is always popular with guests. In manufacturing, it is not as scary as it seems. Try it - you might like it too.

Pira, thanks for the recipe! It looks like Napoleon, but what taste is it? Maybe there is a cutaway photo?
In the context, no - I did it for my daughter's birthday, they cut it at her work. He really looks like Napaleon, but only outwardly. Taste - custard cakes with cream. Delicious!
Thanks for the recipe, it got me interested.
There were questions: it is obvious that the cakes are dry, should they be soaked? And can you advise any other cream, I don't like cream with condensed milk.
I got the recipe from my mother more than 20 years ago. In those days, condensed milk was in great shortage and the cream was made custard. So you can apply the cream to your liking. Custard can make the cake even softer - it will soak better. To make the cakes less dry, you can significantly reduce the oils and flours, but the less of them, the more difficult it is to roll the dough. When baking, you need to take out the cakes on time, trying not to dry them out.
Summer resident
Even circles are easier to cut on the sheet when the dough is raw. Using the same lid or plate.
Reasonable offer !!! But several layers are still not whole cakes, but are assembled from pieces.
Thanks for the recipe. Pira , eclairs usually swell, forming voids inside. And the cakes do not behave this way when baking?
Judging by the photographs, they swell well in places.
Quite right, as izumka noted, they swell like eclairs. Therefore, at the end of the sculpting and press down slightly the cake - so that it "blows away".
Thank you so much for the recipe !!!
Everyone in my family is very fond of eclairs and I have been baking them for years ... tsat, but I just could not guess to make a cake from choux pastry ...
And now - voila
Choux pastry cake
I did everything strictly according to the recipe, but I didn't manage to transfer the donuts on the rolling pin. After try number five, she rolled it out on baking paper right away and everything worked out great. The cream was made with custard. Everyone liked it very much!
Thanks again
Thank you for thank you very much. Glad you liked it. It is probably easier to roll out and transfer to a sheet with baking paper, but I'm not bad at it even without paper (years of training probably affect it). I roll out flour in a large enough volume (so that it sticks less) and shake off the excess flour when winding it on a rolling pin.
Did half the portion. It turned out 4 cakes with a diameter of 25. But I laid 3 eggs and the dough turned out not for rolling. It didn't get very thick in the refrigerator, so I had to roll it out and spread it with a lot of flour. Custard cream. The homemade cake liked it! Just like a big choux pastry!

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