Wheat-rye bread with milk thistle and cucumber sourdough

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Wheat-rye bread with milk thistle and cucumber sourdough


fermented malt 1 tbsp. l.
Rye wallpaper flour 2 tbsp. l.
water 150 ml
boiling water 80 ml
salt 1 tsp
Cucumber pickle sourdough 200 gr.
flower honey 16 gr.
Peeled rye flour 100 g
Milk thistle meal 15 gr.
wheat germ 1 tsp
mashed potatoes 30 gr.
wheat flour 1 grade 200 gr.

Cooking method

  • For brewing, all dry ingredients were diluted with cold water so that there were no lumps. Brewed with boiling water and warmed up, stirring constantly on the stove, for a short time.

  • They cooled it down, put it in a bucket of HP, put 200 gr on top of it. sourdough and other ingredients for the dough.

  • We put the dumplings program in the HP for 20 minutes. In the process, we drop in from time to time, add, if necessary, either flour or liquid. Flour a little bit so that it doesn't spray and get on the HP heating element. Also water.
  • At the end, put the dough on the rye program - this is 2 hours.
  • We spread the dough on a sheet dusted with flour, divide by the number of forms, beat in a circle and put in greased forms.

  • We remove the forms for proofing with cans of boiling water, add boiling water to the cans from time to time, proofing - from 3 hours to 5.
  • I bake in the oven on the thermocirculation mode, 180 T., until cooked - this is when the temperature probe shows 95 degrees.
  • Wheat-rye bread with milk thistle and cucumber sourdough

The dish is designed for

675 gr.

Cooking program:

In HP - dumplings; in the Kaiser oven - thermocirculation.


"Milk thistle meal
It is used for the prevention of various diseases
Milk thistle seeds and flour (meal) belong to the group of plant hepatoprotectors that have a protective and restorative effect on the liver. Among the people, the milk thistle (the official name) is called the same: spicy-motley, Maryin tartar, frog, grass of the Virgin Mary, etc.

Meal or milk thistle flour is ground milk thistle seeds, after cold pressing of vegetable oil from them (milk thistle oil). The milk thistle powder obtained in this way is rich in fiber, which, like a "brush", cleans the intestines, stimulating its work, and favors the development of its beneficial microflora.

All products based on milk thistle seeds provide comprehensive care for liver health. They contain a unique flavonoid complex - silymarin, capable of changing the membranes of liver cells in such a way that even dangerous poisons, including alcohol, cannot penetrate the cells and destroy them.

Milk thistle seed flour cleanses, strengthens and restores liver cells, normalizes its functions, thereby protecting the liver from destruction. Essential fatty acids, phospholipids and vitamins contained in milk thistle help to protect and restore not only the liver, but also other organs and tissues. "
Meals, embryos, bran, etc. I do not buy special lotions for baking bread. At first, when I see it in the store, I will buy it, and then I painfully think - where to adapt it.

My respect is excellent bread, I just fired up to bake. I will look for milk thistle meal with us, I have not seen it yet, but maybe I just didn’t look for it.
And do not tell me how to taste like bread. It's a pity the Internet still does not transmit smells and taste. but it looks great
Milk thistle did not change the taste of wheat-rye bread with sourdough; Milk thistle grains on the teeth creak, but not much.

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