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Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

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Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)


Flour 150 g
Cocoa 40 g
Eggs 6 pcs.
Granulated sugar 150 g
Vanilla essence 2 g
Granulated sugar 190 g
Milk 190 g
Starch 30g
Oil 200 g
Cognac or liquor 40 g
Granulated sugar 200 g
Water 60 g
Molasses or vinegar 60 g / 1/3 h. L.
Nuts 100 g

Cooking method

  • Biscuit.
  • Combine eggs with sugar, put in a water bath and beat with a mixer until the volume increases by 3 times. Beat until the mass thickens and there is no distinct trace of the brooms. Whoever has a thermometer - the mass should heat up to 450S. I don't have it, so I don't know what my temperature was.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • After thickening, remove the mass from the water bath and cool to 200C. I just put it in cold water and cooled to room temperature (approximately)
  • Mix the flour with cocoa and pour into the egg mass. Mix quickly and gently. I did it with a mixer at the lowest speed. Those who are accustomed to kneading by hand can do so.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • We bake in the form or covered with paper or oiled. I just grease the mold with oil.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • We bake at 180-1900C, 30-35 minutes.
  • We take it out of the form and let it rest for at least 6 hours. The weight of the biscuit is 650g.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • Cream:.
  • Boil milk with sugar. Add starch to the part of the milk provided for in the recipe and mix well so that there are no lumps.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • Add starch to the milk-sugar mixture, mix thoroughly.
  • We put on fire and brew until thick, constantly stirring. The mass becomes thick enough, so you need to mix well so that it does not burn to the bottom and walls.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST) Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • Remove and cool. After cooling, the mass becomes thick, so that it holds its shape if it is collected in a pile.
  • Beat the butter and add the brewed mass to it. Beat everything again, adding alcohol and vanilla.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST) Wenceslas cake (according to GOST) Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • Grilled crumb (caramel):
  • We put water and sugar on the fire. Let them boil. Cook the caramel until a soft ball. After that, add the molasses and cook the caramel, boiling it down to test it on a hard ball. The caramel should be slightly brown.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • When it’s ready, it’s better to pour the caramel into not a continuous mass (it will be very difficult to break it into small pieces), but put it in a spoon and pour it into a baking sheet with string-strips. They are very easy to remove and break by hand.
  • Add nuts and mix.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST) Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • Assembly:
  • Cut the biscuit into two (I into 3 parts). We coat with cream, to which we added canned pineapples cut into pieces.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST) Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
  • We also coat the top with cream. Sprinkle with caramel chips and some nuts. We decorate at our discretion. You can add candied fruits, fruits, chocolate.
  • Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

The dish is designed for

16 servings

Cooking program:



This recipe is taken from the cookie site. RU. Recipes in accordance with GOST. 🔗
But this is just the first recipe I came across. It turned out that now many manufacturers each sees this recipe differently. Sometimes it comes with chocolate cakes. Sometimes with condensed milk cream. Someone makes it with fruit added to the cream. But one thing is invariable in this cake - it is a sprinkle of nuts with roasted nuts (caramel crumb).
The recipe for the number of products has been altered to fit a mold with a diameter of 26cm.
Almost everything in this cake was my first time.
Hot sponge cake.
Custard cream on starch.

Biscuit... I did not notice much difference in hot sponge cake from the classic one. I would replace it with a recipe for honey biscuit without soda, but with the addition of cocoa. Prepared without problems, always a positive result.
Cream... According to the recipe, 438 grams of butter should be put in such a small amount of custard. This is a lot.I put 200 grams. The cream came out so dense that I had to dilute it with pineapple syrup and add more alcohol than in the recipe for 20 grams.
And I didn't have enough cream. I would make another half of the serving as given in the recipe.
Caramel... I have molasses, so I did it as written in the recipe. If not. then just when sugar and water boil, you need to add 1/3 teaspoon of vinegar. Then cook in the same way until a test on a hard ball.
But all the same, the caramel turns out to be harsh. I didn't manage to break it all very small. There must be some other way to do it, to cover the cake.

husky, order! And a medal! And another order !!! I adore Wenceslas, but I was too lazy to do it, but here it is so on the shelves, so detailed, but such a beauty !!! Yes, I will kiss you !!!
Husky, very nice! And on top of fruit from jars? Or ? We are waiting for the offline cut!
And on top, in my opinion, marmalade, right, Huska? We bought this in a set, it was very tasty and beautiful!
Wow, all the cakes-cake !!! That's a master class !!! Awesome, bravo !!!
: bravo: There are simply no words! Delight alone !!!
Thank you thank you thank you!! Oh, and I have no time to look! And here are the questions !!
Yes, all the fruits are marmalade from the set. They look beautiful, but I have no idea how delicious they are !! Have not tried
We'll find out from Shpili !!
Husky, the cake is a miracle !!!! The master class is detailed, thank you!
What a nice cake and a wonderful MK !!!
Luda! We are waiting for a story about taste sensations !!!
husky, the ingredients indicate 20 g oil in a cream. So 20 or 200?
Thanks for the recipe!
Lozja, thanks for your attention !! This is me all in my thoughts already at the Spire !!
And I think I'm not the only one to share my feelings! Hope Spire doesn't bury the whole cake
They've already said everything with a plus sign!
Husky !!! I drag the cutters. As I took it off, I took it off ... Don't be angry at this point. Maybe it makes sense to drag them higher?

I won't say anything about the taste now, because I'm going to try it on a sober head now. Still, I stubbornly suspect that the biscuit is a little dry ... And I have nothing to compare with, I didn't eat it ...

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST) Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

Actually ... I haven't tried green yet. I also really liked him in appearance. And the baskets in general were taken apart ...

So you are separate

Well, in short, grab the cutters, and I went to taste ... or start with green ... damn it ... freedom of choice will definitely ruin me ...
What a beauty!! Zhamknula "thank you"
Wenceslas - is this something good?
I associate it with Wenceslas Square. in Prague
HasochkaAfter waiting for the cut, I was finally convinced that this is it, my favorite cake. Fat to you +... I think that you are such a master that we have something to learn, which is great
Me ate! Delicious! Not sweet! Crunch on the outside and smear on the inside! In short, then sho you need! Husochka, pasibki, children grunt with delight!
I didn't get Wenceslas with me, but I grunt at the Hairpin - yummy! I didn't see anything wrong! everything is just super !!!!
And pralno, what was needed! There was no need to hamster Shpilko-Zvezdny BTSh (BTSh) and not share with Leva!

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
Girls, I also ate it at the Hairpin! But I don't remember the taste! But I ate a piece. I remember that. I remember crunching caramel and I would like it to be softer. Everything else is cut off! She was sober. I swear !!
fugaska, this cake was correct, it was not correct was different, that green one. But more on that in another topic.
SchuMakher, good health! To you and your kids !!
Girls thank you very much !!
Milda, what did you want to know about caramel?
By the way, prompted me Likathat you can replace caramel with nuts in caramel, which are sold in METRO in the departments where flour and all baking powder, creams, etc.
Try it !! Bon Appetit!!
Quote: husky

not correct was the other, the green one. But more on that in another topic.

And more specifically, which one?
Spire, in this one !! https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=24001.0
Only I don't have time! I’m thinking where to report to the air fryer or offline in Moscow, write why the cake is not correct !!
Quote: husky

Spire, in this one !! https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=24001.0

Why did you send me to me again to share the guts?
Quote: husky

fugaska, this cake was correct, it was not correct was different, that green one.

nifigasse! I even ate the green one !!! where is it wrong? poke your nose, I ate two pieces, but I still didn't understand about the wrong ...
Lyud, I brought a huge gratitude from my family and from me too. Megavous and mega-beautiful !!! And I really liked the baskets. My son said - here's the aunt as best she can, beautiful and tasty. But I don't know how
I also did not understand why the green cake is wrong, I really liked it.
But I generally liked everything, I understand that I can never do this, and the child still vaccinates complexes
Explanations why a green cake is wrong HERE
And his recipe, this is the one that I always make, gave him HERE
Quote: tanya1962

I also did not understand why the green cake is wrong, I really liked it.

It is wrong because I did not agree on it !!!
Husky, after all, the biscuit is not dry. Either he then seemed to me to be drunk, or he became saturated with something later ...
Well, I'm taking him to my place!
Hairpin and how you have just two words to clarify the situation.
Quote: Hairpin

It is wrong because I did not agree on it !!!
And I have a hundred of them and it's all wasted !!
Husky, I do not understand. "Wrong" green is part of a three-tiered one?
Panevg1943, yes you understood correctly. If you take one tier completely, there is a biscuit for 4 eggs. This was the very cake.

Girls, now I'll blurt out ........ just don't hit on the head. And if instead of caramel, you crush takeoff sweets? Aaaaa?
Quote: Cook

Girls, now I'll blurt out ........ just don't hit on the head. And if instead of caramel, you crumble take-off sweets? Aaaaa?
Takeoff, as young people say, do not ice-do not ride. These are suckers with a completely different taste. Yes, it’s better to make burnt sugar and pour it in a mortar.
Eh, yes, you can do it in a mortar, or you can just knock on a towel with a hammer (I'll post such pictures a little later), but the appearance is completely lost. All the sparkle of caramel disappears completely. The mash becomes white and opaque.
And takeoffs will not work either! The taste will not be right at all - not caramel.
Quote: husky

Eh, yes, you can do it in a mortar, or you can just knock on a towel with a hammer (I'll post such pictures a little later), but the appearance is completely lost. All the sparkle of caramel disappears completely. The mash becomes white and opaque.
Just now I remembered that the blender had an ice pick. Luda, and if you use it, maybe the shine will not be lost? The ice is so beautiful after the blender, it already plays!
Perhaps, if there is a special attachment, then it will do. I have a Blender from socialist times. Almost the same as that of the Hairpin. Only she has our domestic, and I have production - the GDR.
Therefore, I got cloudy sugar in it too !!
Initially, I tried to make caramel like this.
She poured it straight out onto a greased tray.
Poured nuts into it.
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
Then, when it froze, she broke it into pieces and let it go in the mill.
And I got this very opaque mass.
And before that I tried to break the same piece of caramel, and then in a towel and beat it with a hammer.
As a result, the same opaque crumb, only of different caliber.
The best way I did it, as I showed here in the recipe. But still there are big pieces.
One more try, I reduced the Cognac.
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
Husky, thank you very much for MK! Thanks to you everything was easy and smooth
I already wrote that we do not like butter creams, but oddly enough, I went with a bang in this cake
Husky, thank you so much for the cake recipe. All according to the recipe, just put more nuts. The biscuit is delicious. The cream is very tasty and keeps its shape well
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
Very beautiful besides being delicious. : flowers: I will definitely do it.
Lyudmila, baked a cake "Wenceslas" according to the book "Baking according to GOST" I. Chadeeva. The recipe is slightly different, but not fundamentally. Fruit from compote (blackthorn) was added to the cream.

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

I suffered a little with caramel. I did it my way. Melted sugar in a frying pan without water and mixed with chopped roasted nuts. After cooling, I broke it and chopped it with a blender. It turned out to be a real brittle.

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

This is the final version. I am not a craftswoman to decorate, as it happened, it happened.

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

And here is the cut. The main highlight of this cake is the crumb of crumb.

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

Aprelevna, the cake was created in the famous confectionery restaurant "Prague", therefore it has a Czech name.
I’m with a question, do not beat eggs immediately with sugar in the bath? Whip a little first?
How long does it take to cook?
Do not whisk after removing from the bath?

Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

True, I also used the recipe from I. Chadeeva.

I remember this cake very well when it first appeared on the counters of Soviet cookery. They were chocolate cakes and a light, unusual cream, and the decor was not flashy with chocolate figures. By the way, when I myself embodied this cream, it seemed to me too complicated to decorate. Sticky or something ... I can't convey the sensations, but not like Charlotte.

Chadeeva's recipe seems to me to be more verified and convenient to implement. And I trust her more in terms of sources.

And a little secret. It is difficult to decorate the cake with cream because of the crumbly crumb. Therefore, I first planted the decor on parchment, froze it, and then laid it out on the cake
Sima, pour sugar into eggs, put in a water bath and start beating. After heats up to the desired temperature, remove and cool, continuing to beat.
I can't remember the time now. But it doesn't matter. External signs are important if there is no thermometer and you cannot determine the temperature, which should reach 450
Sima, I on the first page in the task on the Wenceslas cake, made a link to whipping a biscuit with heating. Read it.
I made it
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
And the cutter
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

It turned out beautifully
Lyudmila thank you so much for the cake recipe. We liked it very much.
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
Well, I will also report my abstraction)))
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

REPORT "Wenceslas cake"
Food norm according to Chadeyka, technology according to Lyudmila Haska.
4 eggs (220g), flour 85g, starch 15g, cocoa 25g, sugar 125g
In view of the tail, I do not paint the details.
Form 22 cm, baked at 170 degrees 20 minutes with convection.
The height of the cake is 5.5 cm.
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
The biscuit is very tender, so I cut it into 2 cakes
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
Cream according to the recipe of Lyudmila Husky, only brewed in the microwave, added canned pineapples
Grill: 1 glass of sugar, 1 tbsp. l butter with a slide, about 200 grams of hazelnuts. I melted sugar and butter in a frying pan, added warm nuts, mixed and piled everything on a Teflon mat. When it got cold, I broke it into pieces, covered it with parchment and rolled it into crumbs with a rolling pin.
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)
There was not enough time or imagination for decorating ... It did not affect the taste, help yourself!
Wenceslas cake (according to GOST)

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