Cannelloni with meat are lazy!

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Cannelloni with meat are lazy!


Cannelloni 200 g
Minced pork and beef with onions 600 g
Cream 150 ml
Hard cheese 100 g
Black pepper pinch
Grill spices 0.5 tsp
Salt taste
Boiling water 330 ml
Tomato sauce optional
Butter 10-20 gr

Cooking method

  • The beauty of this recipe is that we take everything raw - fry minced meat with onions not necessary and preliminary to cook cannelloni too not necessary!

  • 1.Mix the minced meat with onions with cream, spices and salt (add cream - how much it will take)

  • 2. Transfer the minced meat into a tight bag or syringe and fill the cannelloni with it.

  • 3. Place them on the bottom of the saucepan, put pieces of butter on top.

  • 4. Pour salted boiling water over and sprinkle with grated cheese.

  • 5. If desired, drip tomato sauce on top.

  • 6. Run the program "Low pressure"

The dish is designed for

25 pieces

Time for preparing:

25 minutes

Cooking program:

Pressure cooker -


1. The main thing is not to undersalt!
2. Very similar to lasagna, count the bechamel sauce already inside the minced meat.
3. Minced meat can be used with mushrooms, spinach, as you like.
4. Cannelloni (cannelloni, other name manicotti) I took such - what are they good for - they are flattened at one end, when you stuff with minced meat, nothing falls out.

Cannelloni with meat are lazy!

5. It is better to put them in a saucepan not on the tummy (back), but on the side - then as many as 25 pieces will fit.
6. Water in the amount of 330 grams - will cover them just before 1 cm to the tops.
7. If at the end of the program to drive away the starving Volga region, then you can not open for another 10-15 minutes, so that the broth is better absorbed into the cannelloni.

julifera, Yul, and that we have nobody lazy? Has anyone cooked lazy cannelloni until now? That means I am the laziest - I put a party in the cuckoo. The family sits, waits.But I will drive away this hungry Volga region, as you ordered
What a charm, this is just for me. And if you cook in a multicooker, how long will it take? And what program should I put up?
I want to do it the next day
I love cannelloni! I will definitely do it!
kubanochka, Lena, is it time for you to be lazy? I do not believe
As a result, did you like it? I have not done them for a long time, well I reminded them, otherwise I have boxes with cannellons lying in a heap in the pantry, waiting in the wings

Marina22 - I have not cooked in multicooker for a very long time, I do everything only in pressure cookers.
In Kuku-1010, the "Low pressure" program lasts 27 minutes, inside it is bubbling, but not much, this is a moderate mode, perhaps a program like Plov is suitable in the cartoon.

Loya, as a quick option, it really takes place, I used to stuff them and freeze them, lay in the arms in case of a hunger strike like dumplings
And I liked the recipe. And I thought, what if I make the same lazy lasagna? Until I bought the cannelloni, sheets of lasagna have been lying around in the closet for a long time. It will be great soon. I have Shteba, the pressure is low, but I need to think about the regime. Don't even know, vegetables or porridge?
Florichka, nope, low pressure in Shteba is not at all like in Kuku! It is too low in Shtebe.
Better Vegetables 0.7
Only in time I can’t orientate, Shteba has a different principle.
Well, you can try 30 minutes and at 07. There is something to think about.
30 minutes seems a bit too much to me - this will also add time to build up pressure plus the time to descend, and in Kuku I have everything for all 27 minutes. It may be better to start with 20 minutes
So many times I looked at them in the store and I don’t dare to buy everything. Perhaps it's time to try to make such a tasty treat.

Thanks for the recipe.
And I won't tell you how delicious it is! I will not tell you what a dummy it is! I myself will quietly eat and enjoy. As long as you're all just going here ...
And there is no low pressure in my cuckoo. And what to do?
Yulechka, as the recipe came across in time. I made minced meat, but I don't have the strength to make cutlets, I got sick, and I need to feed my family, I decided to be lazy. She took out of the bins the boots, which were not very large, and filled them with a syringe very quickly. Staged is being prepared at the Panasonic MV on PLOV. The beauty! They are already preparing ...
Thanks for the recipe!
Quote: Elenka
I made minced meat, but I don't have the strength to make cutlets

Elenka - yes, I also know this feeling))))
I'm glad the cannellon idea came in handy

Quote: kirch

And there is no low pressure in my cuckoo. And what to do?
kirch, Luda - you can try at 110 C on a multi-cooker for 20 minutes
Quote: julifera
you can try at 110 C on a multi-cooker for 20 minutes
Thank you. I will definitely try. Julia, should the liquid cover the macaroons?
liquid - not reaching 1 cm to the tops!
put horizontally on a side
I am reporting. I had medium boots, I just poured them stuffed into the MV pan. The filling did not fall out, the boots turned out to be the size of dumplings and to taste too. I poured some water as Julia ordered 1 cm below the top of the pasta.
It turned out very tasty, the family asked to repeat it more often.
Julifera, I'm already going for minced meat !!! Painfully they are beautiful!
Only I will do it in the oven! I don’t love all these modern units!
julifera, thanks a lot for the recipe! She licked her lips on the cannelloni for a long time, but was afraid to cook them. And here is such a wonderful recipe. In the store, as luck would have it, the cannelloni ran out, I bought large shells - conciglioni. It turned out very tasty. The family is happy, the son ate the whole plate, the husband said that it was not enough, it was necessary to cook more.
The question is, do you put them in one row? Or multiple layers? And you put the egg in the minced meat? I put in and the finished minced meat looks different from yours in the photo.
I cooked in the Unit1020 pressure cooker on the meat / poultry mode (20 minutes). That is, the total time was 40-45 minutes. I think it might be better on Rice mode (12 minutes)? Unfortunately, there is no pressure selection function. I can only change the time.
Quote: Marina22
And if you cook in a slow cooker, how long will it take? And what program should I put up?
on the program spaghetti or 20-30 minutes, depending on the amount put in the multicooker, on any program with boiling, or 45-50 minutes on stewing.Lazy dumplings in the store version, cooking speed.

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